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Darcy Kuemper To Move On; Avalanche Acquire Rangers goalie Georgiev




Things change quick in this business, right? Just now, the Colorado Avalanche acquired New York Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev for a third- and fifth-round pick in this weekend’s NHL draft, and a fifth-rounder in 2023. Colorado Hockey Now can also firmly report: Darcy Kuemper’s time with the Avalanche is over.

There just wasn’t enough cap space for a deal to work out with Kuemper, my sources said. Kuemper’s agent and Joe Sakic had talked as recently as Wednesday, but it became clear then that a new contract wasn’t going to work out.

So, Sakic has quickly pivoted to getting Georgiev, a 26-year-old who posted a 15-10-2 record and .898 save percentage this past season and a 2.92 goals-against. He had a very strong finish to the season, however, going 8-1-0 in his last nine starts with two shutouts. With the emergence of Igor Shesterkin, Georgiev was slated to be a backup moving forward.

His career record, all with the Rangers, is 58-49-11, with a .909 save percentage. He has no contract for the coming season, but is a restricted free agent. He can become UFA next year. His last salary carried a $2.4 million cap hit.

Superstreak Bonus!

Kuemper? Hey, the Avalanche got what they wanted out of him – a Stanley Cup. But with so many other UFAs on the Avalanche roster still, he had to be sacrificed.

I’ll weigh in more on this later…

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Didn’t see this coming but I understand the move. And Joe moved quickly this time instead of waiting out any goalie demands by acquiring Georgiev. He and Frankie look like the tandem for next year. I suspect that Sakic will move more quickly on the UFA’s the Avs have and if they can’t agree to agree – – he’ll move in a different direction. Maximum effort to retain the core players and make another run at Lord Stanley.

Casey Pond

Kuemper wasn’t that good. He didn’t deserve a big large payday


Reminds me of the Grubauer trade. I liked Keumps but not enough for what the market will push him to. Add in how solid Francouz was last season, I’m ok with this.

Spencer Bradshaw

With Darcy reportedly wanting 6 years and close to $6 million AAV, I’m glad he’s walking. The Avs don’t need to pay that much for the second worst goalie of the playoffs by GSAx.


So does this mean we have a 1B/1C goalie tandem?

I’m NOT choked up to see Kuemper go. Last year we won with a pretty good goalie and a great team out front. Maybe a year of starting games for Frankie readies him for a stout playoff run?

I vote for spending Kuemper’s money on Nuke and Manson!

Last edited 5 months ago by slowpokeczech

Another friend of Mikko Rantanen, is the Moose calling the shots now?! Well it’s been working so far..

Was hoping Frankie and Annunen would have been the tandem next season but guess Annunen will have to wait another year. Or for another injury.

I really didn’t understand why people wanted Kuemps back. I mean wasn’t he the only guy we were afraid of to ruin it for us in the finals/playoffs?


I wonder how this affects Annunen’s psyche, does he feel overlooked or motivated to excel with Eagles…?


Annunen is an exceptionally level headed guy, especially for a goalie. I think he’ll be ok and get some more games with the Avs this season. It wouldn’t surprise me if he plays himself into the lineup next season regardles of Frankien and Georgiev. Goalie coach Parkkila said he’s ready in many ways.

Matt Briggle

Annunen isn’t ready for a full time NHL job yet. This was his first year in North America and he split time in the AHL with Miska. He is likely slated to be the #1 for the Eagles this year and next to get used to the starter’s workload while also getting injury call ups with the Avs. The way I see things progressing for him is two years as the starter for the Eagles, then likely replace Frankie as NHL backup in year 3 and start pushing for the starter’s job that year. Georgiev is likely in line for… Read more »


Kuemper was obviously not motivated by the prospect of staying with the SC winning AVs. Without all the talent Sakic put in front of him on defense, Darcy is going to be exposed as the good but not great goalie he is. Enjoy those greenbacks Kuemps.


You can’t blame any player for trying to max the money they make out of the sport. Especially near the end of one’s career. If the numbers were close on Darcy’s contract and he still decided to move on (like Grubby Grubauer) then winning really isn’t what they’re about. But Darcy has his name on a Cup so maximizing his earning potential is understandable. Grubauer will never have a sniff at a Stanley Cup and will be lit up like a Christmas tree for the rest of his time in Seattle. It was a no brainer for Gru since he… Read more »

Aaron Grady

What I liked about DK was his size, and Georgiev seems like a similar goalie to Pavel F. But he has a solid reputation and numbers on a defensively suspect team. Also apparently the AVS don’t need a clone of Patrick Roy in net to win the Cup….

Casey Pond

Abs can focus on a shutdown defense with their amazing offense and the goalie won’t be such a big deal. I wouldn’t mind seeing them sign somebody for a longer term so maybe gorgy up will be the guy


Great move by Super Joe! Every NHL goalie should be so lucky as to play behind the NHL’s best defenders


Kudos to Kuemper for a job…done? He was adequate for the task. I think this will be the best move for the team. There is decent potential for Georgiev to be another adequate starter. Let us hope he is that at the very least.


This team is already worse than it was only days ago. Brought in a postseason unknown to replace the guy who beat TGGITHOH (The Greatest Goalie In The History Of History). The position is far too important to pinch pennies. #GoodLuck

Last edited 5 months ago by Paul
Demetris Gray

LOL! The team now knows how to win. Teams learned how to beat Kuemper down low constantly. Below average with the puck in the danger zone. Average with longer shots. Good move. Let Kuemper be a Stanley Cup winning goalie for another team where he will dissapoint!

Bob Neal

I don’t think it’s the money but more the term. Of course my interpretation is everyone is deferring to the Grubhauer offer. Joe met with Darcy’s agent Wednesday night and what was ever presented wasn’t even worth negotiating over to Joe.


Why do we suddenly have two back-up goalies on the team? This almost feels like building a cache for a bigger move… He’s a RFA and he made 2.5 last year… SSSSSooooo… is he going to take a pay cut to match Frankie’s contract at 2? I’ll be honest though he is the prototype Jussi P. kind of goalie. So maybe the Avs think he just needs to see more ice to develop into the guy? It’s weird to think the Rangers were looking to upgrade at the back-up position and goalie trying to move on from could be the… Read more »

Cal G

I thought Kuemper was good enough. He now has a cup on his resume, and I guess the money as well. I just thought he could have been better? It almost makes no difference, unless the Avs should have gone 16-0 in the playoffs. He had some shaky games, but does it even matter now? Weird when your cup-winning goalie is expendable, but that he was. Good luck to him.

Demetris Gray

He cost too much. Mikko’s albatross contract does not help.

Ari Gould

It’s absolutely the right move, if DK wanted 6 years at $6mill per. This year’s Cup run proved that you don’t need stellar goaltending to win it if your skaters are stellar. Gotta keep as many as the core skaters as we can, keeping in mind the long-term deal that Mac will demand and receive (rightfully so), as of next year.

Yan Girard

During the playoffs, Kuemper’s poor performance must have given Bednar and Sakic a lot of gray hair. Fortunately, it all ended well. Last summer, I was very confident with the acquisition of Kuemper in goals. I thought he was a good bet and there were chances that he would be better than Grubauer. Some statistics seemed to demonstrate this. However, statistics are not everything. A goaltender who plays for the Arizona Coyotes versus the Avalanche, a Stanley Cup contender, you don’t have the same pressure at all. Especially since this was the last year of contract before being UFA which… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Alexander A.
Demetris Gray

Well said Sammy!

Bob Neal

But The Johnson brothers still don’t have a combined weight of 900 lbs!

Yan Girard

Agreed, it’s a mistake. The weight is in pounds (LBS) and not in kilograms (kg) 😀

Karl Keen

Yan, your back! How is the sternum?

Karl Keen

Like the rest of the commentators, I am ok with this. I was a bit disappointed to hear two days ago that Sakic was meeting with Keumper’s agent, rather that Nichuskin or Kadri’s agent. This allows Joe to focus on them and/or also on Manson and potentially trading Girard (for a top 15 pick today or solid defenseman with half the cap hit for two/three years). I just never felt confident with Keumper the last 15 games of the season going into he playoffs. His eye injury was bad, but I just felt he was a bit of a headcase… Read more »

Bob Neal

Karl, I want to thank you for your kind words previously about inclusion in the group of people you like to read. I’ve been on vacation and my previous thank you’s we’re not getting through. As you can see Yan is back. We had some long exchanges on the article about the Sakics getting their citizenship if you need to get some yucks. Most of it is now irrelevant since Darcy’s not coming back. I’m still trying to find if the request was actually $6 mil and 6 years. Who in their right mind would want to lock up a… Read more »

Michael Connelly

Is Franky toast, too? He stays as back-up? He was undefeated 6-0 in playoffs … but Bednar stuck with Darcy.

Ari Gould

I suspect the no.1 goalie slot will be up for grabs. Why would you think Franky is toast? He has played well and recently signed a multi-year deal.

Karl Keen

Sakic very blunt last night that Frankie is a back-up. Kind of surprised he was so blunt to say that particularly with the fact he still has to sign Georgie, who will now be able to use that as some leverage.

Glendon Gulliver

I think Franky knows his role and that is as a backup. The Avs know that too and appreciate him being a team player. If Franky wanted to start, why would he re-sign, instead of looking to get traded?

Kurt Scherer

I understand not wanting to invest in Kuemps.

But I do not understand this trade. So, now you have two back-up goalies. Maybe Frankie or Georgie are part of a package for a legitimate #1? In Joe I trust. But as of now, I don’t get it.

Casey Pond

I like this move. I hope the 26-year-old pans out. And Darcy goes on to sign for a crappy team that never makes the playoffs again. He had his chance and he blew it all for the sake of the greenback. Good riddance.

Matthew Liden

Lol. That seems a little harsh.


Another year, another goalie packing his bags, but this has a totally different feel. What Grubauer did in the series against Vegas the previous season, is what we all feared Kuemper would do against the Lightning-that is, help to lose a series. So with Groobs it was “give me the money!” and the Avs basically said “not after what happened in the playoffs!” With Kuemper, who was one of the top goalies throughout the regular season and did win a Stanley cup, despite all the fans & pundits fears, he can demand top dollar and the term he wants and… Read more »

Demetris Gray

Georgiev is better than Kuemper. The Avalanche defense saved Kuemper. Yes, signing Val and Josh would be good, and add a few veteran forwards or defensemen for depth who want to win a Cup. I am excited to see how Joe does it. Many good, hungry free agent forwards out there. Girard is a wild card. I’d rather have Chariot and they cap hit around the same.

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