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Sunday Notes: More Thoughts On Kadri, Girard; Sacco Interviewing with SJS



Sam Girard

A good Sunday to all. The dog days of the hockey season are soon to be upon us, though there are still some loose ends to resolve, starting with the Nazem Kadri situation of course. Let’s do some notes in the meantime:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • If the Avalanche are trying to clear cap room to re-sign Kadri, Sam Girard and his $5 million cap hit remains the most logical move to get that done. There are still five years left on Girard’s contract, all with a $5 million hit.
  • Girards’ final three years of the deal will see a nine-team no-trade clause kick in. So, if the Avalanche want to trade him, they’d have no restrictions for the next two years.
  • Nice to see old friend A.J. Greer sign a new two-year contract with the Boston Bruins (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Speaking of old friends, former Avalanche coach Joe Sacco is interviewing for the coaching job in San Jose (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Larry Brooks says people should stop questioning how and why Johnny Gaudreau chose to play in Columbus (NY Post)
  • If the Avalanche want Kadri back – but are letting other teams clear cap space to steal him away – then they will deserve criticism. Get the thing done now before some other team can lure him away. That’s why I don’t think the Avalanche believe they’re going to lose him and are just trying to go the best deal they can to clear the space. But, yeah, get the thing done if you really want him.
  • One reason why the Islanders could still be a possibility for Kadri is because he had a good relationship, I’m told, with Lou Lamoriello from their time in Toronto together.
  • The Islanders’ best strength still as a team, though, is their depth at center.
  • Eric Staal and brother Marc will try to resurrect their careers with the Panthers (Florida Hockey Now)
  • Avalanche will have a redone Ball Arena locker room when they resume training camp.
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Gary Battman
  • Speaking of old friends, former Avalanche coach Joe Sacco is interviewing for the coaching job in San Jose (Boston Hockey Now)
Yan Girard

Adrian Dater :

“Girards’ final three years of the deal will see a nine-team no-trade clause kick in. So, if the Avalanche want to trade him, they’d have no restrictions for the next two years.”

I want to believe you but I can’t see where we mention this on Capfriendly:
What is your source?

Matt Briggle

It is listed in Capfriendly as well, just click on the player’s name on the roster and it will open a page with contract details.

Glendon Gulliver

At what point do the Avs do something to prepare for the possible loss of Kadri? Compher may indeed be slated to fill the 2C role if Kadri leaves. Right now that would leave Newhook and Meyers to fill his role as 3C. An option is to sign a forward who can play on the 3rd line. Evan Rodrigues scored 43 points for the Pens last year. His cap was $1 million. He can play RW and is a right shot. He could provide a good scoring threat to the 3rd line and add his right shot to the PP.… Read more »

Gary Battman

Good write!

Jeffrey Anderson

I still can’t believe that the Avs WON THE STANLEY CUP!! It’s been 21 years. Whooooop whoooop!!

Ryan Krueger

Even if they lose Kadri you can’t criticize them. This is a guy who will turn 32 this fall and giving him a long term contract could be an anchor in a couple years. I would like to see him back but 4 years/$7 million max. You can’t pay him more than Landy.


I think that’s the issue! As much as the two parties are definitely fond of each other, their individual interests seem to diverge a bit.

Liam Sandborn

Kadri was a big part of the Avs success on the way and in the playoffs. They can pay the guy whatever they want in my opinion.


Dater – either way why is this decision taking so long? Any ideas on a possible fallback if Kadri decides to go elsewhere?


Trading EJ is a viable option… would not be fun though.


Sounds like Joe’s in the same cap hell Lou was in when he had to let go of Toews for a couple of second round draft choices.


Not even close. Toews was 26 while Kadri starts next season at 32, and the Avs can still easily make room for him if he signs for $7m. Lou was in a much bigger bind.

Neil Bergin

I’m wondering if we’d be better served keeping Girard and bringing Paul Stastny back. I love Nazem, but this is taking good long and Stastny is a great faceoff guy and has obviously been here before and would be much cheaper.

Scott Groginsky

Adrian, what’s your understanding of the Sakic-Stastny relationship since Stas left in free agency in 2014?

Scott Groginsky

My question is in the context of Neil’s suggestion and any potential of the Avs considering signing Stastny.

Neil Bergin

But no one actually knows, right? Were you in the room, Scott?

Scott Groginsky

I don’t know anything about it, which is why I asked AD if he had any scoop.


Stastny is too slow for this team.


Look how good the defense got after Girard got hurt. That’s how you win cups with strong D. I wish no ill will on an injured guy but Sammy needs to go. The Avs now have other D whohavd speed and can generate offense and still actually hit someone in front of their own net.

Last edited 4 months ago by Scooty
Andrzej Kubis

Our Cup-winning window is open now and probably it will not last till end of the new Kadri’s contract. He gives us better chance to win than Compher at 2C. Also at least now than Newhook. We don’t know if Alex can be at least 60 points Center. Maybe he won’t be that good or maybe he’ll end up as winger. With Mason signed and Byram emergence, Girard is moving down in a depth chart. He was liability in series against Vegas last year, we won the Cup without him now. So it’s make sense to trade him and sign… Read more »



Glendon Gulliver

Could the Islanders trade for Girard?

“Per Adrian Dater, who covers the Avalanche for Colorado Hockey Now, he believes that the asking price for Girard might be a first, but given their Kadri situation, they cannot afford to be too picky.”


Adrian: Really hate to ask this because of the situation but could there be reluctance to trade Girard until Colorado knows what Makar’s exposure to the Hockey Canada situation is? Only two of the 22 players have put out official statements, Makar has a few months ago put out a bit through his agent. But it has gone from the names are unknown, to she isn’t going to name names to Hockey Canada now has a list of names and I’d assume the NHL would in that case as well.

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