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What Hockey-themed Games Are Popular In Canada Right Now



Up to 55% of the total population of Canada are NHL (National Hockey League) fans. In addition to this, over 19 million Canadians are active gamblers. Hockey is the most played sport in Canada. Thus, it is only natural for hockey-themed games to receive wide acceptance. One major method the casinos with these hockey games use to attract players is via bonus rewards like free spins. Even as we speak, the well-known free spins no deposit casino Canada provides to players is completely packed with these slot games. As a result, players can use these free spin offers and other rewards on hockey-themed slots.

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in Canada. Thus, there is always a wide range of titles available for new players. These games are often themed after movies, sports, stories, etc. Also, most offer instant withdrawal, as they are usually from reputable game providers. As typical of most Canadian Hockey-themed games, withdrawing your earnings is simple and fast. Moreover, even the fastest payout online casino Canada features these hockey games. With that, players troop in to enjoy all the goodies that come with these games. 

In this article, we will explain why Hockey-themed slot games are popular in Canada. We will also take you through a quick list of some of the most popular hockey-themed slots in the region.

The popularity of Hockey-themed Games In Canada

There is no doubt that Hockey originated in Canada. Thus, Canadians play Hockey more than any other sport. The history of hockey in Canada is traceable to the 1800s, when the game came into existence at McGill. Though this was the start point, records have it that the game’s history dates far back to earlier centuries. 

Fast-forward to today; hockey is already one of Canada’s most played and widely accepted sports. Just like Hockey, gambling has also always been a part of Canada. According to the history books, gambling traces have been in the region since the 14th century. Thus, both gambling and Hockey are widely accepted activities in Canada.

Of course, earlier casinos had fewer games, as there were a lot of limitations regarding game production. Today, players can freely access their favorite games, even from their personal devices. This move has seen the overall buzz in online gambling. Due to this, companies keep producing eye-catching games with cool graphics to attract players continuously. 

Talking of attracting players, some of these casinos were smart enough to partner with game providers to feature Hockey-themed slots. Unfortunately, hockey-themed slots did not completely break into the international market. Moreover, Hockey is not popular in some world regions. However, these slot titles made it big in Canada and other hockey-oriented areas.

Major Hockey-themed Casino Games In Canada

Below are some of the most popular hockey-themed games in Canada.

Break Away Deluxe (Microgaming)

Break Away Deluxe is one of the reasons why hockey-themed casino games are popular in Canada today. Developed by Microgaming, Break Away Deluxe is the deluxe edition of the original Break Away Slot. The game completely mimics the theme of Ice hockey and often displays ice hockey players and teams as well as jerseys.

The logo of Break Away is the wild symbol of the whole slot and other symbols except the scatter. Break Away Deluxe is a 5-reel slot with numerous features and hockey-related symbols. 

As expected, this game is similar to some other Microgaming titles. However, the overall hockey theme of the game makes it unique, especially for Canadian fans. New players also stand a chance of bagging free spins, as up to 50 claimable free spins are available for each gamer playing this game.

Hockey League (Pragmatic Play)

One of the primary reasons why the Hockey League is popular is that it is easy to understand. As a result, even newbies can grasp the overall concept of straightforward gameplay. Also, this game has a demo edition, just as in most casino slots. With this demo, players can test out the overall concept of this hockey-themed slot before placing real money wagers. In addition, the game offers 15 pay lines and many sound effects and graphics that will captivate hockey fans.

Ice Hockey (Playtech)

Discussing hockey-themed games in Canada is almost impossible without mentioning Ice Hockey by Playtech. This game is a 5-reel slot with 15 pay lines and three rows. The game often creates a setting similar to two NFL teams playing against each other. You get the chance to bag rewards via correct reel combinations.

The goal symbol is the wild in the Ice Hockey slot, and a double of this icon is the highest-winning result. 

Players can enjoy instant withdrawals in this superb Ice Hockey game. Also, the bonus offers and optimization are other key factors that saw to the popularity of this game in the hockey world.

Jagr’s Super Slot (Inspired Gaming)

Jagr’s is one of the foremost hockey-themed slot games after the legendary Jaromir Jagr. The game comes packed with a bonus purchase functionality. Thus, players with sufficient bankroll can improve their gameplay experience by hitting up bonuses. 

You have to earn three or more scatters to get direct in-game rewards. Though not as popular as some titles, Jagr’s Super Slot is one of the best ice hockey games in the casino world. Thus, even gamblers in other regions fancy this game in casinos.

Hockey Hero (Push Gaming)

Hockey Hero is another popular Hockey slot in Canada and worldwide. Developed by Push Gaming, this game ranks as one of the best and most optimized titles, which allows players to enjoy high-end graphics with smooth animations and stunning sound effects. Push Gaming is popular for its awesome slot games, so it is no surprise that Hockey Hero is a masterpiece. 

The game features a wide range of features, from free spins to bonus coins and jackpots. Also, this slot is available on almost all online gambling sites in Canada, and players have the option to place both small and huge wagers. Thus, the game is suitable for both low and high rollers. Like most other casino games featured here, many Canadian gamblers visit casino sites to get the hockey vibe with this game. 

As said already, Hockey Hero is a popular Hockey game worldwide. However, due to the high amount of hockey fans in Canada, there is a wider fan base for this game in the region.

Dominance Of Hockey-Themed Video Games

Other than the hockey slots we have today, game companies have gone ahead to develop video game adaptations of the sport in numerous ways. Today, major game companies like EA Sports and many other companies have games in the NHL Series. 

With the latest releases like the NHL 21 and a host of other hockey games, players turn to them for the virtual satisfaction of their love for the sport. Hockey video games have always been a significant part of Canada’s history, as several retro titles made waves in the old era. 

Of course, hockey-related games have become popular in Canada due to the widespread love for the game. With that in mind, you can confirm why all hockey-themed video games and casino slots make waves in the country.

Future Of Hockey-themed Games In Canada

Undoubtedly, trends come and go. Thus, some speculations that the overall buzz of Hockey-themed Games might come to a halt at some point. However, Hockey as a game has always been a part of the history of Canada. As a result, there will always be a large fan base for the sport in the country. With that in mind, Hockey-themed games will continue to thrive in the region, as most hockey fans are die-hard players of these games.

From slots to video games, more technologies keep emerging worldwide. The advent of technologies like Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and a host of other sensors have made it even more fun. Today, players can transform real-life moves and actions into the games they play, creating an even more thrilling experience. Also, modern online casino security systems have made online gambling safer, so players can enjoy casino games without cyber threats.

New casino titles feature advanced graphics and sound effects that captivate players and lure them into indulging in exciting gaming sessions. In addition, of course, there are now complimentary responsible gambling tools available today. Thus, players can now maintain safe gambling practices while enjoying all the latest gaming technologies available in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Hockey-themed games have always been popular in Canada, and it is not about to change anytime soon. Moreover, there are over 20 million active hockey fans in Canada. Thus, the demand for Hockey-themed games is very high both in video games and casinos. Canada is also a dynamic gambling destination, so an ever-ready audience is waiting to consume the latest games. These Hockey-themed slot games often come with free spins and other juicy bonus rewards to attract players.

Due to this high demand for hockey games in the Canadian region, game providers keep developing new and improved editions of these games. With this move, the market keeps surging high and thus the increasing popularity of Hockey-themed Games in Canada.

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