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Dater’s Daily: Vegas Loses Goalie Lehner For Season, Makar’s Day With Cup



Robin Lehner

Tough news for the Vegas Golden Knights today (don’t look so sad, Avalanche fans): Goalie Robin Lehner, the team announced, will miss the entire 2022-23 season because of hip surgery. Oh, and the Knights won’t get much cap relief, either. Lehner has a $5 million cap hit, but entering today VGK was more than $6.5 million over the cap. Even with Lehner’s money off the books from LTIR, Bill Foley’s team still needs to clear space by opening night.

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  • Won’t surprise me if Vegas is a lottery team this year. There’s still some real high-end talent there, but morale can’t be too high among those still left there, considering all the guys they’ve lost in the last year or two.
  • Here’s more of the story from our Owen Krepps in Vegas (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • Cale Makar gets his personal day with the Stanley Cup today. Teammate and fellow Calgary native Logan O’Connor just had his day.
  • Nathan MacKinnon’s day with the Cup is Aug. 20. Among other things, there will be a one-hour parade in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the Cup.
  • News of the death of 6-year-old Ben Stelter, the superfan kid in Edmonton and good-luck charm to the Oilers who had a rare form of brain cancer, hit the hockey community hard yesterday. It hit the world hard. It rattled me pretty good. What a great kid who who battled hard in an unfair fight and did it with courage and gave joy to so many others. Life isn’t fair. May he be in a better place now. (Edmonton Sun)
  • NHL sources tell MHN that goalie Jake Allen is on the NHL trade block, and the Dallas Stars are poking around. Montreal Canadiens trade talk. Maybe Vegas is now too?
  • John Tortorella would say otherwise, but it looks like it’s going to be another long year in Philly (Philly Hockey Now)
  • NHL insider Kevin Weekes hinted that things are about to go down with the New York Islanders (NYI Hockey Now)
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Now is the time, strike while the iron is hot!

If I can play armchair GM for a sec… Chandler Stephenson would be an ideal candidate for the empty 2C spot on the Avalanche. So let’s pry him away from VGK with a couple of draft picks. He is currently signed through 2023-24 at $2.75m AAV. He is worth a whole lot more than that.

Otherwise, schadenfreude is one of life’s sweetest treats.

Yan Girard

Chandler Stevenson is a very bad idea. The Avalanche will have to offer something (draft pick, prospects, players) in return in order to get it. He has only 2 years left on his contract. By playing with Rantanen, his numbers will increase significantly and the team may lose him later in the free agent market. Also, the addition of Stevenson takes away opportunities for Newhook, Meyers and Sedlak to stand out. And why would Vegas want to trade Stevenson? Vegas have thrown in the towel for the next season? The best solution to occupy the position of center on the… Read more »


I don’t have time in my day, or the patience, to read any of your bullshit “reference” manifestos, Yan. They aren’t references and YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT.

Last edited 1 month ago by dk
Yan Girard

Do you have an expert to offer me?


Anybody beside yourself.

Yan Girard

That’s what I thought, you don’t know what an expert is.


Stop bothering me. Don’t you have another 5000 word comment section essay to write? I would think you were too busy being an expert to engage with a plebian like me…

Last edited 1 month ago by dk
Yan Girard

Whether you think I’m an expert or not, I’m completely indifferent. Whether you think my comments are bullshit or too long, I’m completely indifferent to it as well. You are totally free to think and read what you want. And if my comments bore you, don’t just read them. I am free to write what I want and people are free to read what they want. Know that even if I respond to one of your comments, I do not expect a response from you. I write for people who want to read me and want to understand why certain… Read more »

Victory Donald

You two get a room!


All I can say is opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. None of us are experts although we may be more knowledgeable than the average fan. We are emotionally connected to this game and team.


Agreed. And I am no expert either. That’s why I qualify posts with things like, “If I can play armchair GM for a sec…”

Bob Neal

That’s an intriguing thought. Rants is not going to be a 2C. VGK are in big financial trouble (it is sad to see AD) and they still need a goalie so will need to move some people. I believe Joe/Chris have something up their sleeve when they can’t resign Kadri beside let’s see how the season goes. Great comment DK.


Much appreciated, Bob.

Jared Moss

Oh Dater why dont you make your “sale” price your normal price, you keep offering it over and over and really all your doing is pissing the people off that paid the normal price… and yes I’m home sick with the kids and have nothing better to do right now lol


Remember A.D. – there’s no going back from “two pizzas for the price of one” marketing strategy. But CHN is well worth the regular price and even better discounted. After all, as that famous Senator Everett Dirksen once said – “You gotta eat and I gotta eat.” : > )

Aaron Rud

And politicians eat quite well at our expense. Not slamming AD. I’m slamming politicians.

Donald Victory

Haha if people cannot afford $25 then they need to stop going to happyendng massagie places. The site is worth it.


Tell that to Robert Kraft.

David Zarrick

Didn’t know they still existed. DM me. 🤣😂


Dirksen was old school. I’m sure you’ve never heard of him. He was a straight shooter and very funny. Comments like “a billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking about serious money.”

Aaron Rud

Yeah, I know he was. I believe he was from that hotbed of political purity of……Illinois!

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