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Dater’s Daily: Avalanche Cup Days Almost Over, Another MacKinnon Leading Halifax



Nathan MacKinnon Stanley Cup parade

A good Wednesday to all. Hot and sunny here in Thornton. Most mornings, I sit out on my deck drinking coffee and noodling on this here laptop, under an umbrella. It’s too hot today though, for more than a few minutes. Did I mention I’m red-headed and hate the heat? True story: As a little kid, living on a commune in Vermont, I got so sunburned working outside, shirtless, on the farm that – after putting a t-shirt on later – it hurt too much to try to take off. My dad had to cut the shirt off with a pair of scissors and I had to be put into a ice bath to get the skin calmed down. Let’s do some NHL notes for a Tuesday in August, on this 23rd day in the Year of Our Lord, 2022, starting with one on the Avalanche:

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  • The “days with the Cup” are almost over for the Avalanche (an earlier version of this story said they were fully up. Woops, nope). The team website did a nice job of wrapping it all up to this point (Colorado Avalanche)
  • There is another kid named MacKinnon who is on the ascent with the Halifax Mooseheads (Halifax Herald)
  • Sam Girard is fully healed from his broken sternum. He’s been skating regularly in Denver these days.
  • Speaking of the other MacKinnon in Denver: I definitely do not think there will be any new contract extension with the Avalanche before the start of the season. Just sayin’.
  • Limited tickets for the 2023 Winter Classic between the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins will go on sale Wednesday at 10 AM ET.
  • It turns out, Canucks coach Bruce Boudreau was an amazing softball player (Vancouver Hockey Now)
  • The injury woes for Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ryan Ellis just won’t go away.
  • Jim Montgomery has a plan for the Boston Bruins (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Lou Lamoriello finally spoke to the media. He brushed off any disappointment in the offseason. He also dangled a carrot, or put the boots to Noah Dobson, depending on your point of view. New York Islanders.
  • The new name for the college arena the Arizona Coyotes will play in this season: Mullet Arena (Hockey News)
  • I had a mullet for a while in the ’80s.
  • The daughter of former Avalanche coach Marc Crawford is doing a lot of work in the mental health area, for hockey players (Vancouver Sun)
  • The Red Wings believe they’ll make the playoffs again, starting this season (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Is this the new San Jose Sharks third jersey for the season? (San Jose Hockey Now)
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Karl Keen

No extension? Why wait until season to start to figure out?


The league has not announced the the 23-24 season cap ceiling. Would it not be wise to wait until you know how much you can spend?

Karl Keen

So you mean wait until next June? They announced the cap ceiling this year in June of 2022.


Yeah, maybe. If I were Nate’s agent, that is what I would be encouraging him to do as he could get a more favorable contract. Either way, MacKinnon will be signed before he is a free agent.


Serious question… I thought you thought there’d be an extension signed this current offseason. Now you don’t think it’ll be done. Did something change or happen to change your thinking (other than the fact it just hasn’t happened yet)? Or, am I just wrong in thinking what I initially thought?


I don’t know about THIS season for the Wings lol, but I do think they’ll make a push.


The Avalanche days with the Cup cannot be over. Kadri, Ej & Cogliano still have there days coming up.


Wish I could buy tickets to see the Avs play the Yotes in Hockey Hair Arena. Camaro-Crash-Helmet Arena. Tennessee Top Hat Arena. Kentucky Waterfall Arena. Joe Dirt Memorial Arena…

Not sure why home game tickets for the Coyotes aren’t on sale yet…


I really don’t want the same thing happening to MacKinnon that happened to Landeskog. The Avs just waited and Landy almost signed elsewhere during free agency. When does Kadri have the Cup?

Last edited 1 month ago by Marie
Laurie Mullen

Thinking AD should set up summer shop in the much cooler mountains where he can still cover CO Hockey and chill a bit before we get the regular season started.

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