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Are These The New Colorado Avalanche Third Jerseys?



Colorado Avalanche 2022-23 third jerseys

OK, so I’m not the big jersey/merch/logo expert. I have a hard enough time covering the hockey team to keep up with jersey stuff. My son is the true expert on that stuff. But, apparently, Fanatics posted a pic of  many NHL third jerseys for the coming season, then deleted it. Of course, some hockey fanatic took a screenshot of it and posted it. These, maybe anyway, are the Colorado Avalanche third jersey design for 2022-23. They were first posted by, and our San Jose Hockey Now correspondent, Sheng Peng, also spotted them quickly and wrote a story yesterday about the cool Sharks design, which riffs off the old California Golden Seals colors.

Colorado Avalanche 2022-23 third jerseys

That looks an awful lot like the Colorado Rockies’ old logo – the hockey team, not the baseball team. That’s a different shade of red that I have ever seen on an Avalanche uniform, but maybe I’m wrong on that.

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There had been rumors the next third jersey would have a Colorado Rockies theme. That team was not exactly a raving success, with one best-of-three playoff round appearance in their six-year history (1976-82). But the uniforms were always cool.

No doubt, whatever the third jersey design is, they will sell like hotcakes. Just about anything with a Colorado Avalanche logo on it sells these days. Personally, I wish the team had kept the Quebec Nordiques third jerseys longer. A lot of people never got a chance to get one, because of pandemic supply chain issues. They were only used during the 56-game season of a couple years ago. I still get the occasional email or DM asking if they can be found anywhere.

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I thought I had read somewhere that the KC Scouts colors, which were the same colors for the Colo Rockies after they moved from KC, will be used on the NJ Devils 3rd jerseys this year. If that’s true, it would be a head scratcher for the Devils and Avs to have the same theme/color palette but this is the NHL so …

Matt Briggle

I’ll take a hard pass on that as a jersey. T-shirt fine, jersey no.

Aaron Rud

^^^ This

John Hansen

Are These The New Colorado Avalanche Third Jerseys? Yuck, I hope not!

Dwayne Hall

This is not the jersey. It’s only a shirt with the logo that will be prominently used that Fanatics let out. How the Avs will actually incorporate it is still somewhat unknown.

Neil Bergin

The rumors I’ve seen say that they will be based on the Rockies. 🤮

Matt Briggle

I always liked the old Rockies jerseys. That being said, I think those colors are being used in the Devils throwbacks this time.


That’s it? Not much thought went into it…




Boring. Better put the mountain back in if they are serious. This looks like a knock-off T-shirt to be sold at a roadside stand.

Laurie Mullen

Found this CO Rockies pennant in my parents garage

Demetris Gray

When they left Denver I was a boy and man did it hurt!


Based in the t-shirt, I’d guess that maybe it’s going to be the first stadium series jersey in Rockies colours.


Aren’t they doing another round of Reverse Retro jerseys? I feel like this would be it based on the other images leaked


No one said these are Third Jerseys. No one. What they said was these are T-Shirts that probably give a clue to the theme and color scheme that will be used for the Third Jerseys of the various teams that were accidentally leaked.

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