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Dater’s Daily: What Will Georgiev’s New Mask Look Like, and Kessel Vows Rebound In Vegas



Alexandar Georgiev mask

A good Friday to all. Overcast skies, cooler temps today in Thornton as I sit on the deck, ever-present coffee mug to my left. August, and its slower hockey news cycles, is nearing an end. I always hated August as a kid, because I always felt like the clock was ticking on the end of a cherished summer vacation from school. You know what sports event I really hated? The U.S. Open tennis tourney, around Labor Day in early September. The Finals of the U.S. Open were always the Sunday before the start of school the next day. Just thinking about it gives me the willies. Needless to say, I hated most of high school.

Let’s do some quick hockey links:

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  • I checked in with the guy, Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, who designs many NHL goalie masks, including the one of new Avalanche goalie Alexandar Georgiev. He said he has finished Georgiev’s new Avalanche mask and shipped it to Denver. But until the Avalanche give the OK, he can’t post any pictures of it yet. You can see his gallery of work here (DaveArt)
  • Who had the most unique goalie mask in Avalanche history to this point? I’ll still go with the “Simpsons” mask of Peter Budaj. (
  • Phil Kessel is vowing a comeback year in Vegas (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • Elliotte Friedman said Paul Stastny rejected an offer to return to the Golden Knights (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • The Flyers suck. At least that’s what head coach John Tortorella is telling his team that’s what other people think. Torts says they should be motivated by that. Philadelphia Flyers.
  • Washington Hockey Now: The NHL has tiptoed around the problem, but if the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, they’ll face the political reality of denying a Russian team in the 2024 World Cup of Hockey.
  • I’m cycling through many of the seasons of “Bar Rescue.” I love shows like that and “Kitchen Nightmares.” Jon Taffer is my new idol. No nonsense, tells it like it is.
  • Documentary recommendation: I watched one on the late celebrity and entertainment writer, Dominick Dunne. Absolutely fascinating. It’s called “After the Party”, on Prime Video.
  • Is Mike Babcock secretly planning an NHL coaching comeback? (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Bon voyage to Mike Chambers, who is departing the Denver Post after 27 years. Back in my earlier days, Mike and I closed down quite a few bars after Avalanche games. Always a good time. (Yes, it was almost always at the hotel we were staying at, or we got a cab. No driving. I’m 57 and never had a DUI, which…OK, never mind).
  • Peter Forsberg wants a revamp of the World Junior tourney (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Vancouver Hockey Now’s Rob Simpson thinks the Canucks should stack the middle of the ice this season. Vancouver Canucks
  • Want $5 off, a 20% savings, on a new Colorado Hockey Now 12-month subscription? By all means, use the promo code word 5off in the quick and easy CHN checkout box here. Your price will be $24.99 instead of $29.99 (Checkout box)

Have a pleasant Friday night please.

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I never knew that the WC was an NHL thing. I always assumed it was the IIHF.

Juan Rivero

Will need to renew my subscription in OCT. Do you know if I use the promo code to renew early? Can’t figure it from the Subscriber page.


Who will replace Mike Chambers? I didn’t always agree with him but I always enjoyed his coverage of the Avs. Somewhat off topic but if you get a chance to watch Black Bird on AppleTV – do so. A tough subject but one of the finest acting jobs I’ve ever seen. Paul Walter Hauser is incredible as a serial killer with uncanny creepiness and he should win a ton of awards. 97%/96% on Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Last edited 1 month ago by ricoflashback

Stephane Fiset’s igloo mask is still the best mask in the Nordiques/Avalanche history


And it’s not even close! It is among the all-time top masks league wide.

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