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Avalanche Mailbag: Is Evan Rodrigues The Next 2C? Do Players Get Their Own Rooms On Road?



Colorado Avalanche

Haven’t done a Colorado Avalanche Mailbag in a while, so let’s do one now. First question, about newly-acquired Evan Rodrigues:

I think ERod will be the new 2C. At least, I expect him to be given the best chance at getting it and keeping it.

He’s coming off a 19-goal, 43-point season. He’s at an age (29) where his experience should be an asset for the next year, especially over a youngster like Newhook. There will be injuries and Jared Bednar has certainly been known to mix up his lines a fair bit, but I think the point of getting Rodrigues was to better fill that 2C spot vacated by Nazem Kadri. I also think it’s just a better thing if guys like Mikko Rantanen and Gabe Landeskog play their natural wing positions.

Well, I won’t use the word “weirdest”, but maybe most eclectic or unique personality? Greg Zanon, I recall, was a bit of a different bird. He once screamed at a fellow media member for stepping on the Avalanche logo in the dressing room. That didn’t go down too well. (It wasn’t me).

I remember Dean McAmmond being an interesting interview. He was a deeper thinker than your average player probably. He had a routine with his skates that was different too. They had to stand up on their own before he could finish his locker-room routine, or something like that.

Claude Lemieux used to sit and read the stock market charts with a real newspaper in the locker room.

I had a funny interview with Patrick Roy when he first came to the Avalanche in 1995, but the laughs were at my expense. One of his idols was Jacques Plante, the first goalie to ever wear a mask. I asked him if he still talked to Plante for advice or whatever. Roy looked at me like I had two heads. Jacques Plante left us in 1986.


Man, was I ticked off by that ending the other night, just like the rest of you. I may or may not have had a wager on the game. Let Russ cook, dammit!

Most players get their own rooms on the road now. Only players on their entry-level contracts have to have a roommate. But if they are the only guy on the team on an entry-level deal? I believe they get their own room too.

It used to be that the only players who got their own rooms were ones with 600 games (or 10 years) experience. That got revised down to any player out of their entry-level deal. Roommates in hockey were a long, proud tradition. Even in the Avalanche glory days of 1996 and 2001, everybody had a roommate. Adam Foote and Patrick Roy were longtime roommates. Joe Sakic roomed with Chris Drury. (Sakic also roomed with the late, great Guy Lafleur when they played in Quebec).

$20 Dollar Bonus Voucher!

Hmmm. Tough, especially with no Kiss. But I’d probably say “Magical Mystery Tour” by the Beatles.

Good question, and that’s something I’ve been thinking about as well. I think it’s human nature to just get a little more complacent after a championship. They used to call that the Cup Hangover. I don’t think anybody like Nathan MacKinnon or Gabe Landeskog is ever going to get “complacent.” But maybe they’ll consciously or sub-consciously try to pace themselves a bit more, especially after such a short summer.

Let’s get real: the playoffs are what it’s all about, not the regular season. Remember when we all got a bit worried when Florida won best record in the NHL regular season, thanks to some Colorado Avalanche stumbling down the stretch? The Presidents’ Trophy Jinx struck again.

I think players are smart, and if they feel like they’re burning themselves out too much on a thing like the Presidents Trophy, they’ll dial it back. Because, it’s all about who wins that last game.

Good questions. Best coach would be Andrew Cogliano I think. Best GM? Gabe Landeskog.

Three Colorado Avalanche, current or past, over for dinner? Patrick Roy, Peter Forsberg and Landeskog.

Hart Trophy winner, no question.


Thanks for the questions people.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Can’t say I understand the Kiss fascination. I can’t think of one song of theirs that I remember or like. Gene Simmons is a hoot, though. Funny TV series. AD – you must have been a metal head when you were younger. It would explain a lot of things. Just kidding. To each his own as to musical tastes. Back to hockey – – I really think Evan Rodrigues is a great pickup. I don’t believe moving Rantanen or Landeskog off their normal winger positions makes any sense. I had to watch the YouTube last playoff game again when the… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by ricoflashback
Bob Neal

I’m with Rico regarding Kiss. AD, our 10 year age difference has resulted in much different tastes in music but I still greatly appreciate your writing. It would be great to hear some of the “roommate” stories from the old guys. I just can’t see Foote rooming with Patrick. Who got control of the remote in that relationship?

Donald Victory

Patty Roy hangs with you? Cool!

Bob Neal


Glendon Gulliver

I was a huge KISS fan, but of makeup KISS, not the unmasked stuff. I have seen the live twice and both were fantastic shows. I agree that leaving Landeskog and Rantanen on the wings is best for the team, but we may see Bednar do some experimenting with the lines. Rodrigues is a great addition, as they needed some extra scoring and depth. If he is the 2C, he will have some good wingers to help him and if he is on the 3rd line, as either center or wing, he will help the younger line mates. My first… Read more »


Honestly, I had to do a little reading/watching to know much about Rodriguez. Not a Kadri, but not an overpay for a waning star, either, and he buys Newhook and the youngsters time to grow.

Kiss… meh. Black Sabbath, Rush? Yes.

Glendon Gulliver

AD, you did a great article on the five rookies who need to impress in camp, but what about the guys in between those rookies and the team. We haven’t seen much talk about guys like Bowers, Kaut, Maltsev, and MacDonald. Who do you see as making the team as an extra forward or defenseman to go along with MacDermid? Also, with the addition of Rodrigues, what do you envision the Avs lines will be?

Glendon Gulliver

I understand they will not be in rookie camp, but they seem to be the guys on the bubble. The guys you would expect to be first in line for the team, but have not gotten there yet, except for MacDonald who played well prior to getting hurt.

Robert Sparandera

Interesting, I remember hearing Brian Burke felt that Landeskog had that GM feel to him, even in his draft year. Cogs gave a “rally the troops” speech before their Cup clinching game, so that definitely makes sense.
You picked two of my dinner party choices in Forsberg and Landy, but I’d want a Chris, either Simon or Drury.

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