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Dater’s Daily: Jets Strip C From Wheeler, Kadri Home Up For Sale, NHL News And Rumors



Kadri shirt

A good Saturday morning to all. Another picture-perfect day here in T-Town, truly not a cloud in the sky as I sip coffee from the deck. My view is somewhat spoiled, however, by the sight of browning leaves on the four new aspen trees I spent good money on for the backyard last year. These are the second set of trees that seem to maybe be going bad on me and, no, I’m not happy about it at all. I water the hell out of them, do seemingly all the things I’m supposed to do and yet I seem to have wilting, half-dead trees. Here’s a picture:

Any aspen tree experts out there? Help!

OK, some hockey notes and links:

  • The Winnipeg Jets made a rather stunning announcement: Blake Wheeler, who had been the team’s captain the past six years, had the C stripped off his sweater. The Jets called it a “leadership restructure.” No new captain has been named yet. This rarely happens. Wheeler didn’t seem too thrilled either (Winnipeg Sun)
  • Nazem Kadri’s Wash Park home is on the market for a cool $4 million (Denver Post)
  • David Pastrnak wants to stay long-term with the Boston Bruins. There had been uncertainty about that (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Two rabbits just chased each other in my backyard, scurrying under the deck. Great, now I have to worry about a snake. I had a GIANT bull snake in my yard a few years ago. Had to call animal control. Person said they sniff out rabbits like that. Snakes scare the bleep out of me.
  • Dan Kingerski doesn’t understand why the Pittsburgh Penguins would choose to keep Kasperi Kapanen over new Avalanche center Evan Rodrigues (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Trade rumors still rumbling with the Flyers (Philly Hockey Now)
  • Darcy Kuemper played some soccer in full goalie gear the other day (Washington Hockey Now)
  • New Flames D-man MacKenzie Weegar says Calgary is a better team than the Florida Panthers Presidents’ Trophy club he played for last season (Calgary Hockey Now)
  • I’m not so sure about that.
  • Bruce Boudreau is optimistic about his Canucks this year (Vancouver Hockey Now)

No sign of any snake yet. Enjoy the day my good citizens.

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Glendon Gulliver
Aaron Rud

Of course Weeger would say that. Fans eat that drivel up.

Glendon Gulliver

I have not seen anyone say that signing Rodrigues for $2 million was a bad deal. Reading what is being said out of Pittsburgh, people wish the Pens had re-signed Rodrigues over Kapanen, especially for the price. Just like last year, everyone was astonished that the Avs were able to get Lehkonen and how could the Canadians give him up. Hopefully it will be another great move by the Avs management to get a great utility player who can put up over 40 points. I think too often in sports, and life in general, too much benefit of the doubt… Read more »

Thomas Wilgus

Adrian, According to some arborists I’ve had in my yard, aspen trees do not do well at our lower altitudes. They prefer the foothills and mountains with the higher altitudes providing cooler temperatures.. They told me aspen trees that survive the higher temps down here usually last about 20 years.

Luke Waggoner

That’s interesting. My parents live at around 6500ft, and have had aspens and aspen shoots in their yard for 20+ years where they live. I know I don’t see aspens down here in anything approaching the same amounts that I see when I go into the mountains.


Hey my friend. Some tips about Aspen trees. I had some mature Aspens when I had a nice home on Prairie View Drive in Highlands Ranch, but they too, were ailing. I had an Arborist come and inspect them. The tree is really more of a high-altitude tree, and they are hard to keep healthy for some reason. You have to feed them and spray them regularly to keep beetles and other stuff from getting into the trunk. You can drive the Hwy 82 scenic byway from Twin Lakes to Aspen – a recommended drive in the fall, bring a… Read more »


The Thornton City Forester (who is in charge of all trees, shrubs and grass on Thornton public lands) once told me very pointedly that Aspens are a poor choice for anywhere along the Front Range below about 7,200 feet. Aspens are high altitude trees that thrive ONLY in loose soil (think forest floor), not clay soil like we have all along the Front Range. He acknowledges that everyone wants Aspens in their yards, but says they are highly stressed and therefore prone to insect damage and disease, and short lived. But, of course, the nurseries and landscape companies don’t care;… Read more »

Kirk W Drotar

Aspens are bad…… in town around here very tough to have any guarantee of success. Nurserys should not sell them at all in my opinion.
Get some “Autumn Maples” Beeutiful when they change in the Fall……… God I love Fall around here,Means Hockey is here Yay !! Enjoy your articles……….. Really everybodys on the site !!
Where’s Kelsey been lately ??
Take care,Kirk in Arvada


Aspens don’t do well down here, Dater. Replace them with something that does. 🙂


Hey Dater, always good to have a bull snake around. Might give you a startle when you see it, but they keep the rodents down and maybe even the rattlers away.

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