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Avalanche Reverse Retro 2.0 Jerseys Are Here!



Avalanche retro

Do you remember those really cool Nordiques jerseys that the Colorado Avalanche wore a couple of years ago during the Tahoe game? The original Avalanche Reverse Retro jersey was based off the Quebec Nordiques with a touch of Avalanche in the coloring. They sold out in minutes and were extremely popular with the fans.  Many fans are still on the hunt for the original Reverse Retro and are not able to find them, or have to pay a steep price to get them.

Well we have some great news! The NHL has decided to go with another round of Reverse Retros. This one for the Avalanche will based off of the Colorado Rockies that were in Denver in the late 70’s to early 80’s before moving to New Jersey. There will also be an Avalanche element in the number font on the back as they will be the same as when the Avalanche moved to Denver in 1995. This line also features more embroidered and raised elements on the team logos, which is something that arrived when adidas started making jerseys with 50% recycled materials.

Superstreak Bonus!

As you see the jersey will be doing presales that start today on the Altitude Authentics website and will be shipped out on November 15th. Expect these to sell out in minutes as well, so grab yours quick, or may never get a chance to get one again.

What do you think of them, folks?

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Brennan is an aspiring sports writer just getting started in the industry. He is also an intern writer for Full Press Coverage. Brennan has lived in Colorado his whole life and is a graduate in History at Colorado State University. He loves rock and metal music, especially the band Papa Roach.

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Not even in the same league as the 1st retro jersey – the colors look awful

Fritz Kerr

I like the new sweaters pretty well, but I think the previous one’s were better.

Glendon Gulliver

Well it is better than I expected, but still not great. The burgundy Nordiques retro sweater is still the greatest and what I wish would still be used. The fans would buy just as many of them, or more, than this one.

Adam Manter

I saw the Avalanche put this picture out with a caption that read, “History never repeats”! I sure hope they are wrong since we are trying for a repeat of the Stanley Cup!!!

Dwayne Hall

That was the tag line the NHL put out for this round of Reverse Retros for all teams.


Not a huge fan at all, but I will pony up thousands for a game worn jersey when they are available as I will need it for my Avs game worn jersey collection… My collection holds a game worn jersey from every style the Avs have worn…

Brett Rainboth

Cool, who’s d’you have?


Don’t like them. Don’t like alternative jersey either. What are the Avalanche Jersey going to be? Stick to home/away with Burgandy/Blue, those are supposed to be our uniforms and logo! Those other jerseys are just BS marketing ploys someone thinks up. They start getting away from original Avalanche stuff, count me out!!!!




Minimal, Colorado, love it!


Bring back the Foot(e) logo for a Reverse Retro shield! Bring out Howler for the game they use it in, too. And while they’re at it, how about offering away jerseys for sale? This jersey gets a “Meh” from me.

Last edited 1 month ago by tele_mon
Casey Newman

Simply put, I don’t like it.

If they wanted to recreate the magic that was the old Colorado Rockies hockey jersey, they should have done a more faithful adaptation. Because those jerseys are sweet.


Does New Jersey still own that trademark?


As Colorado native, who was alive when the Rockies Hockey was here, I like them. I bought a Makar and a MacKinnon. Simple and a little kiss of the past, from a Colorado hockey standpoint. Not as much as from a franchise standpoint. I know the old Quebec better captures the franchises history, this captures some of the NHL history in the state.


I think these would’ve look A LOT better if they were reversed (blue body, white shoulders and bottom). That C just looks so out of place here. Whereas it didn’t on the stadium series.


This one is great. Plus anything is better than the worn-out rivalry jersey they keep trotting out there,


What do you all think of this?

Screenshot 2022-10-20 161541.jpg
Golden Boy

First, can we acknowledge that “reverse retro” makes no sense whatsoever? Second, the jerseys are ugly. The Nord’s sweater that the first one was based on was cartoonishly ’70s and ugly, and the updated version was the same. And the new one? Even if I hated my child, I would not dress him like that on a dare. That is beyond ugly. What are you people thinking?


Do I agree that very few sports jerseys make the cut when it comes to high fashion? Absolutely. With the exception of maybe the classic Brazil shirt or the Yankees pinstripe uniform, I can’t really think of a single sports jersey in hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer that doesn’t look a bit garish or cartoonish. Then again, when I am walking the streets of Denver, I have hard time spotting anyone who dresses particularly well.




Eh, the Calgary Flames South? Hideous red color. Hard pass.

Al Rittenhouse

They kinda look like the Eagles regular jerseys. Im not liking these to much at all and I would not pay the asking price

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