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Dater’s Daily: Will The Devils Ever Lose Again? Who Should Start For Avalanche In Dallas?




A good Monday to all. Kind of a quiet weekend in the Dater household. Might be a touch of the flu going around that nipped all of us. But feeling better now, mostly Always nice to write on a morning when you know the Avalanche will be playing later that night, so let’s do some links, notes and whatnot in the meantime.

Superstreak Bonus!
  • Who should start in goal for the Avalanche tonight against Dallas? Georgie or Frankie? Listen, we know Georgie is the No. 1 guy. But I can see Jared Bednar going with Frankie here, after that unbelievable performance against Carolina. We’ll see who is first off the ice at morning skate today.
  • Twelve wins in a row for the New Jersey Devils. My goodness, what’s going on in Newark? I think the streak ends tonight against Edmonton though. Connor McDavid will break some hearts at the Prudential Center I think.
  • Boston Hockey Now: The GM meetings in Toronto were a springboard. There are officially Patrick Kane rumors, and Boston appears to be first in line. Get the latest NHL trade chatter.
  • I watched the latest Rock and Roll induction ceremony on HBO last night. Nice to see Judas Priest get in. Priest made my ears bleed with their heavy metal sound, but I loved it. Rob Halford had some of the greatest pipes in rock history. He looks a bit like Grandpa Munster now though.
  • Sportsnet: Ryan Reynolds is meeting with potential Ottawa Senators ownership groups. It would be pretty cool to have Deadpool on board in the NHL.
  • Gotta say, I’ve been in hog heaven since getting the Kiss Creatures of the Night deluxe box set the other day.
  • Evgeni Malkin showed some emotion after playing his 1,000th game last night (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • An unnamed NHL exec says Patrick Kane and the Boston Bruins “make a lot of sense” (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Jonas Johansson has won five in a row for the Eagles.
  • A new podcast about the history of the late, great Hartford Whalers (
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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Kane to Boston? Ugh. Disgusting…

When they win with him it will only make Boston sports fans more intolerable, as if it were possible.

Doug Heinzer

With googling it AD, where did Judas Priest get the name for their band?

Doug Heinzer

Well done AD

Adam Manter

Any word on the availability of Bo Byram or Sam Girard for tonight’s game in Dallas?

Aaron Rud

Kane to Boston with Marchand? Puke. Two “meh” human beings.

Casey Newman

If Boston gets Kaner, they will be the finals.

Andrew Thornberry

JP represents the worst live performance I’ve ever seen. After the highly rehearsed and choreographed Turbo Lover, most of the rest of the songs were largely indecipherable. This was at Big Mac, probably 1986.

Bob Dylan going Heavy Metal with his songs at a show in Pueblo was arguably worse, but it’s hard to say.

Love me some recorded JP. They definitely earned the nod.


The two Alive from the 70s, Lick it up and Creatures of the night are my fave Kiss Albums. I ordered the 2-discs 40th anniversary package of Creatures of the night for $20. It’s good enough for me. I didn’t care much for the extras on the Deluxe version. I’d rather keep that $300 in my pocket… I need that money more than Gene Simmons would! Ahaha


How much damage did all that heavy metal do to your ears, A.D? I graduated “Sigma Cum Lager” in a kinder and gentler music era. Many times at Red Rocks when you could throw a frisbee all day long while waiting for the concert to begin.

Matt Briggle

Congrats to Judas Priest. AD have you heard of The Warning? Given your musical tastes I think you would probably enjoy their sound. Their first ever live performance was when they were in elementary school and played a cover of God Gave Rock and Roll to you by Kiss at a school Christmas party.

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