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Five Thoughts on the 2022 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Film




The Stanley Cup film for the Colorado Avalanche finally became available on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, the only way to watch it is on ESPN+. That makes it difficult for anyone outside of the country to have access to it. It also doesn’t sound like the NHL is planning a larger scale release, which is very disappointing.

I watched it late Wednesday night, and did enjoy it quite a bit. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s always good to re-live special moments like this.

I don’t want to fully spoil the film, but if you haven’t been able to watch it yet, you might want to skip the rest of this article until you do.



Doesn’t it make you miss Landeskog?

This was my first real takeaway from the film. Gabriel Landeskog sets the tone for the team and you could see it all throughout the film.

I’ve said it before that I don’t think this team can win it all again without their Captain, and watching this film only seemed that. Big goals, huge locker room presence, and will do anything to win.

The plan is for him to start skating again soon, and hopefully that leads to his eventual return.

And That Kadri Guy

Speaking of missing players.

The swagger and confidence of Nazem Kadri was fun to watch again. I probably wouldn’t have signed him to the contract Calgary gave him, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss the player. He added an element the organization really needed and has missed a little this year.

Avalanche fans will always have that game five overtime goal.

Completely Avoiding the Kadri/Binnington Incident

Who made that decision?

The Binnington/Kadri drama in the second round was one of the biggest moments of the run, and they glossed over it completely. No behind the scenes drama, no conversations with either of them, nothing.

How can you recap the Stanley Cup run for the Avalanche and not touch on that? To me, this was inexcusable and really took me out of the film.

Lack of Individual Player Interviews

I love the behind the scenes stuff in the locker rooms, but one thing I loved about the ’96 and ’01 championship videos was the individual interviews with players. There was very little of that in this thing, which was pretty disappointing. Certainly made the film seem less “personal”. The Byram moment on the ice at the end was something the film needed more of.

If there were no player interviews, why did it take so long for this thing to come out?

The Avalanche Were Locked In All Year

From the start of the regular season to the final buzzer of game six, this team was on a mission. And the one thing the film did really well was show that.

After every playoff win, it was “on to the next one”. They were not satisfied until the job was complete.

And they finished the job.

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