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Avalanche Room: More Traffic Needed, Another ‘Stubborn’ Third



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You can’t always be chasing a game and expect to have success. Through three games of this series, the Colorado Avalanche have yet to find themselves in a position where they hold a lead against the Dallas Stars. Yes, they’re very good at coming from behind, but this isn’t the way you want to go about things in the postseason.

The Avalanche had opportunities to take control of this game, but some ugly powerplays gave them no momentum. Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar commented on those powerplays, as well as the team falling back into the habit of getting “stubborn” when the opposition wants to slow the game down in the third.

Blink and you might miss Nathan MacKinnon’s availability, but it can be watched below, as well as Avalanche goaltender Alexandar Georgiev. Read what Jared Bednar had to say as well.

Avalanche Forward Nathan MacKinnon

Avalanche Goaltender Alexandar Georgiev

Avalanche Head Coach Jared Bednar


“Probably the same reason why we didn’t get them earlier on in the game. They’re checking hard and they were above everything. Obviously very disciplined in their structure in the third period, especially when they didn’t need any more to win. Kind of waited for us to force some stuff and make some mistakes to create their scoring chances. But I think the story is earlier in the game. I felt like we carried some long stretches of the game for the first 40 minutes. My one take would be we’ve got to make it a little bit tougher and Oettinger, getting traffic there. We were there at times, tough to track down some of those rebounds, shots were blocked, but we were skating, competing, earning power plays. Would have been nice to capitalize on one of those early power plays and take the lead. We were unable to do that. And then second (period), I felt like we had some stretches again that were really good, but got to find a way to put one in the back of the net.

We had a couple of really good looks in the first and didn’t do it. We had a couple of really good looks in the second and next thing you know, we’re down by one. Just kind of feels like we push push, push and then we make one mistake and then ended up in the back of the net in the second. It was unfortunate, but you can make those mistakes against Dallas because they have the ability to … you don’t need to give them a bunch of rush chances to put it in the back of the net with their skill.”


“Yeah, I think it’s the same thing. The penalty kill has gotten more aggressive, but they’re always super aggressive in the d-zone coming at you. You’ve got to be able to sort of get your eyes up, make a play with some poise and support in order to create the scoring chances. But again, through 40 minutes, I think we did that. You’ve got to find a way to solve Oettinger tonight earlier on in the game and part of it I think is trying to get a little bit more traffic. We made some plays, broke them and had some really clean looks but we misfired on a few, we had a few blocked, he made some saves. That’s the difference in the hockey game.”


“I thought we worked hard the whole night. I didn’t sense any frustration. We were competitive. We were skating. I think the third period our execution wasn’t great. Part of that was probably (being) a little bit stubborn with some plays instead of working in the red and putting it in behind him and trying to get forecheck going. We turned some pucks over and they came back our way. A little sloppy with the puck coming out of our end too. But again, you’re working through five guys there. We did a better job a bit earlier in the game though.”


“Yep, could have been a difference maker for us, especially early in the game. Not that we didn’t create any looks. I think MacK had one blocked with an empty net. You bypass their pressure once off a face-off and we’re alone down low and threw it back into traffic. Like I saw, I think the powerplay, that last little bit of execution and recognition earlier on in the game, if it was a little better, we probably get a few better looks there. But you have to work for support, and try to break them through the middle of the ice a bit when they’re going to pressure like that. You know, but they do a nice job with their sticks and the pressure is coming at you quickly, so you got to be crisp with the puck, and I just felt like we just weren’t quite there tonight with it.”


“I think it’s probably a little bit of both. The windows are narrower. You’re playing second round of the playoffs. The pressure’s coming, sticks are better, everyone’s dialed into the details, but there’s still plays to be made there, I feel like, in a handful of instances that might have led to some good looks.”


“Yeah, no question. I thought MacK was really good tonight. I thought he was working both sides of the puck, he had jump early in the game, obviously to make a great play on our goal. So yeah, I thought he was dangerous and controlling play.”

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Mark Messier

It’s going to be very sad that we are stuck with Nathan MacKinnon for another seven seasons. It will be intelligent not to sign MiAkko to along your term with a major cap hit. This lame excuse of a hockey team has roots of decline directly correlated to albatross contracts. If players like Nathan MacKinnon are supposed to be top flight players but they vanish in the playoffs when it matters most and the only time it really matters. That is unfortunate. You play 82 games to position yourself for a playoff seeding that will afford you the greatest success.… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Mark Messier
Brad Jacobs

No defense? The Stars had 23 shots and 2 goals last night until the empty netters at the end…that should be good enough to win most nights. What seemed to be missing was the execution on zone entry/exits and offense end passing. The second line is awful because Parise isn’t a top 6 guy anymore and Mittelstadt has been horrendous last 2 games. Also their 4th line is kicking our arse. Hopefully Drouin can inject some life into the offense, because shooting at Otter from the perimeter with not much net-front traffic surely won’t get it done. IMO Nate was… Read more »

Last edited 8 days ago by Brad Jacobs

You DO realize that MacKinnon has the 5th highest PPG all-time for players who’ve played at least 50 playoff games, right? And Mikko is 6th? The only guys ahead of them are Gretzky, Draisaitl, McDavid, and Lemieux. Your “vanish in the playoffs” comment couldn’t make you look any more clueless. Yes, it feels like both of them could be playing better right now… but that’s a reflection of just how good they are. Our ONLY goal was from Mikko on a play set up by MacKinnon, and all you can do is whine about how bad these guys are? Really?… Read more »


Dumb hockey players don’t understand but you do? There is some not so intelligent analysis for you

Dave North

This lame excuse of a post has roots of complete nonsense directly correlated to an inability to understand statistics and facts.

AxJx MacReady

Piss off troll

Thomas Wilgus

You’re really a Stars fan trolling Avs fans, right? That’s the only way your post makes any sense.

Joshua Canfield

So, I can see your frustration as a fan but when it comes down to it, Mack & Mikko are both playoff performers. I believe the stat is; out of players who’ve played at least 50 playoff games, Mack is #5 (and Rantanen is #6) when it comes to points-per-game. While I would like to see better performances from MacKinnon & Rantanen, this last game was a team issue. The Stars were simply the better team, they were more physical, they capitalized on their chances and their depth showed. I’m a pretty understanding guy, esp when it comes to sports.… Read more »

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