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Evan’s Daily: Shortened NHL Draft; LTIR Changes; Ontario Wants Markstrom



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Over the years, the NHL has shortened the draft more and more. It used to be 12 rounds, then it went down to nine rounds, and eventually down to seven, where it currently stands. So what would happen if the NHL shortened the draft even more? Apparently that’s something agents and the NHLPA might be interested in doing in the future.

The idea that the NHL has no issue with how teams are taking advantage of LTIR for the playoffs? That might have been overblown, as Bill Daly announced that there is a desire to tweak the current rules in the future. If they do change it, it has to be named after Vegas, right?

It really does feel like there will be some movement on the goaltender market this summer. Of course, right now it’s all talk and no action, but at some point, things will pick up. Jakob Markstrom was rumored to be available at the deadline, but he holds all the cards with his no-trade clause. Would he accept a trade to…Ontario? Because apparently both teams want him.

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You never draft based on need. Ever. You could have a need one day and then a week later make a move that completely changes the organization. But right now, the Avalanche don’t have a big defenseman in their system with upside. I spoke to a scout about two that might be available at 24 in the NHL Draft. (+)


News From Around The League

It wouldn’t happen until the new CBA, which would be 2026 at the earliest, but apparently agents and the NHLPA are potentially interested in shortening the NHL Draft.

There are pros and cons to a move like this, and I’ll probably have something up later today with both, but I’m intrigued by this option. If you’re not a top 100 pick, wouldn’t you like a chance to maybe develop a little bit more and see if you can pick where you want to go? I have my doubts this will happen, but I do tend to lose interest in the draft after a few rounds.

Remember when we were told that some teams aren’t too worried about the current LTIR rules. Well, apparently that’s not entirely true, as there is some interest in tweaking them. Another rule that can’t be changed until the new CBA, but it certainly has to be named after Vegas.

Probably not a great look after signing Joonas Korpisalo to a long-term deal last summer, but Ottawa is allegedly interested in the services of Jakob Markstrom. They’re not alone, as their provincial rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, might also be interested in his services. You can read about that and other trade chatter here.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins will make changes this summer after missing the playoffs yet again, but what are their veterans worth in a trade?

Florida Hockey Now: Another story on the one that got away. He scored in Game One, and is loving life in Florida. Times are good right now for Evan Rodrigues.

Montreal Hockey Now: CapFriendly will soon be no more, as the Capitals are buying them (for some reason). A huge loss for hockey fans everywhere, but it’s a business and if you can get paid for your hard work, you have to do it. That means someone will have to step up in their absence. Why not PuckPedia?

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Jim Stick

Hey Evan, I just want to give you big props for all you do on this site. Year round you are always on top of everything about the Avs and young prospects around the globe. I also agree with most of your opinions (that should bother you lol). Just wanted to let you know your consistent hard work is appreciated. Stick tap.


Really odd to me that Caps are acquiring CapFriendly to make it proprietary. I suppose it saves the cost of building out their own infrastructure but from what I understand teams can currently purchase licenses to features that aren’t publicly shown. Maybe it happened but curious that if a team showed interest in acquiring CF that the company didn’t pitch it to the league. Seems they could get a higher sales price from from the league than from just 1 team. Armchair GMs will have to wait for another good to come along 🙂


I imagine PuckPedia will see an opportunity here and will build out some more features. The great thing about CapFriendly was that it was free to the public. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s “replacement” becomes subscription based

Aaron Grady

Why draft at all? Seems like a restraint of trade that favors the corporation (the team). What would that really look like? Wouldn’t a team like Utah with almost no one signed, have the biggest cap leverage? Id also like to see all NCAA restrictions on training camp participation lifted. Another labor unfriendly rule.

Ryan white

Can the avalanche terminate nuke once he’s reinstated. I read that they can send nuke to minors but if he voids it they can terminate him?

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