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CapFriendly Perishes; Where Avalanche Fans Can Get Cap Info



avalanche Colton mackinnon

The dreaded day has finally come. CapFriendly has said goodbye to the world, and NHL fans everywhere, including fans of the Colorado Avalanche, have lost out on one of the greatest resources available on the internet.

Fear not, though. There is another website that has been around for a while and is looking to fill the void left by CapFriendly.

PuckPedia is another valuable resource available to fans, and since it was announced the CapFriendly was being purchased by the Washington Capitals, they’ve been making improvements to the site. You may have noticed them breaking signings on July 1 with free agency, so it’s clear they have sources within the league to get them information.

They’ve also improved the UI of the site and recently introduced their interactive Roster Management Suite called PuckGM, where fans can build teams and see if they fit in under the salary cap. Seeing as how it was just introduced, they’re continuing to make changes and upgrades to the page based on the feedback of everyone who uses it. Now is the time to mess around with it, because business in the NHL and with the Avalanche has essentially slowed to a crawl. It’ll likely stay that way until September, when players return for training camp.

So yes, it’s a sad day for everyone that CapFriendly is no more. You can include media among those that are bummed, as we use these sites just as much as you, but it’s not the end of the world. PuckPedia is here, and I’m sure other sites will start popping up in the near future.

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How does a website like that just get abandoned? Isn’t there substantial commercial value there?

Go avs

I would imagine being bought out by an actual NHL team to be their exclusive tool is both an example of it not being abandoned as well as recognizing the site’s commercial value

John H

From the story … “it was announced the CapFriendly was being purchased by the Washington Capitals.”


Thanks for pointing that out. I completely skipped over that line!


Must of been an offer to good to refuse. Hope the folks at CF have a nice vacation. Good business.

Karl Keen

Thanks for the update Evan! Spotrac is another one that is ok. Hope Disney Land was fun!

John H

Please delete me.

Last edited 13 days ago by John Hansen
Glendon Gulliver

CapFriendly was my go to site. It was just so easy to use and navigate. I will give PuckPedia a shot, but for now, it is just not as easy to navigate.

Kelly Clifton

The site was purchased by the Washington Capitals to use in house. Puckpedia has a long way to go in terms of user friendliness. It was very easy to compare players with CF and I used it all the time around all the deadlines when researching players and trde ideas. PP not nearly as easy and takes a lot more steps than the concise Xcel type pages on CF.

Sasha landprecht

Do you have any updates on Lekhonen,landy and LOC status for training camp?

Will they be ready or start on IR


This info has been reported already. LOC is good to go for camp, Lehkonen is more iffy and they don’t want to push it, Landy is doing well but still no timeline. I imagine he misses camp and probably at least the first 10-20 games of the season as he gears up to return.

Ryan white

I hope avs sign lorentz. With nukes prorated cap hit when he comes back and if he comes back on Nov 13. They will be able to afford him.

I assume Ritchie will take over 3rd line center while colton moves to wing.
Lorentz would be solid to full 4th line position

Ryan white

Let’s go

Drouin mack rantenen
Lekhonen Mittlestadt colton
LOC Ritchie kiviranta
Wood wagner kovalenko

Toews makar
Girard manson
Brannstrom dehaan


Once nuke and landy come back wagner and kiviranta be pushed out

Landy Ritchie colton
Wood Kovalenko LOC


I stumbled upon last night. It’s not as robust as PuckPedia, but they’re doing their best to copy the look and feel of CapFriendly. The biggest complaint I’ve heard about PuckPedia so far is that their user interface isn’t very readable or user friendly.


I don’t expect anything as in depth as capfriendly to pop up overnight. We just need a resource for teams & their cap situations more than anything in the immediate. (I say need as in it’s life or death, but y’all know what I mean!)

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