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Life on the Road

Life on the Road: Another season, another trip



The first in an occasional series about life on the road, working for your own website

WASHINGTON – I can’t believe it, but everything was right on time today.

No flight delays, fast drive from the airport to the hotel, aka the Airbnb. I write to you from the basement apartment of my Airbnb in Washington, still before midnight.

A few years ago, I wrote a long, long diary of what life is like on the road in a blog for the Denver Post. Most of the same things still apply.

I just want to give something of a diary here. Nothing too long, just little things about the day and maybe give you a peek into the world of a traveling sports writer. Even when I had a fancy corporate credit card, I always treated it like it came out of my own pocket. Just the way I am probably, I do like some nice, fancy things, but now that I’m in business for myself now, I am definitely an even more frugal traveler.

My accommodations for the next two nights are right here in this Airbnb, and here’s the tour:

The total cost for these two nights will be about five dollars. It’s because I had roughly $175 in Airbnb credit, much of it from people who use my referral code when they stay places. Want my code too? Well, click here then. Use it, get credit for your first stay and I”ll get referral credit too. Win-win.

I have had a couple of bad stays with Airbnbs, as some of you know, but usually it’s a good experience. And so is this one. I gave up HBO recently, but right now I’m watching a Diego Maradona documentary on the HBO that is part of this place.

My flight, Frontier from Denver to Dulles, went off without a hitch. Thank you to Frontier for that, hope it continues. Some pretty rough turbulence getting off the ground in Denver, but smooth sailing after that. I had row 27D, three rows from the back of the plane. Anytime I can get an aisle seat, I’m happy.

I recently have had a recurrence of back troubles, bad enough that I had to see a doctor Friday. I got an oral steroid, prednisone. The medication has definitely helped, as have a bunch of new stretches I’m trying. I really have to stay on top of this. I vow to get in better shape as the season progresses.  No more nights eating and drinking later than I should.

So, speaking of that, time to wind down here. The Maradona doc isn’t all that good, so I think it’s time to turn it off, turn off the computer and hit the hay.

Game is at 3 p.m. MST tomorrow. More then. Thanks for reading and your support. Hey, if you want to hit the Travel Tip Jar on this page, don’t let me stop you. As you can see, I’m trying not to waste anything.

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