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Nathan MacKinnon out three weeks



Nathan MacKinnon throws helmet at Conor Garland

Nathan MacKinnon? Out roughly three weeks, coach Jared Bednar said today.

Oh, and Sam Girard is now questionable for tomorrow’s game with Vancouver too, Bednar added. Some kind of possible new injury.

Are we having fun yet, Avs fans?

It is starting to feel like this season might have a curse on it. Just too many sudden, shocking injuries to their best players. But, it is what it is.

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Nathan MacKinnon apparently suffered the injury Saturday in Columbus. It’s a lower-body injury, one that required “tests” to diagnose. I’m not going to speculate what it is, because anytime I do, it’s wrong.

J.T. Compher is your new No. 1 center for now. Valeri Nichushkin will be back tomorrow at least, and skate at second-line left wing with Nazem Kadri and Andre Burakovsky. Cale Makar will return tomorrow.

So, there’s some good news, Avs fans.

Are we having fun yet?

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Bob Neal



If Girard is going to be out I would hope the Avs call up MacDonald and not play McDermind


So much for that 125 point season…

Jared Moss

I’m gonna go ahead and start a comment war.. is it time to move on from McKinnon.. and find a different culture in this room. When’s the last time he played 82 games.. yes he scores 80+ points but why not trade when the value is the highest on that great contract before he wants 12+ which to me is not worth the investment/ will destroy the team even further with the cap. With the nhl finally figuring out how to cover him he gets more and more frustrated and its obvious to the naked eye, and when he’s frustrated… Read more »


We’ll be trading for that iron man, Jack Eichel. Oh, wait a minute, he’s already with Vegas and in Denver for surgery later this week. Not many players (like one in a ga-zillion) like Connor McDavid. A sure fire “Hall of Famer” and he is incredibly consistent. MacKinnon takes care of himself and I don’t think he’s the problem. Nate has taken less salary to stay with the Avs, as well. I think Sakic will stay put except for his usual mid-season, trading/acquisition flop in acquiring assorted “Flotsam & Jetsam” for the stretch run.

Jared Moss

Everyone thinks mac took less to stay which is wrong, when he signed he just wasn’t that good yet

Last edited 7 months ago by Jared Moss

I stopped reading when you said we need to move on from MacKinnon..
✌️ out!


I want whatever you are on.


Girard is injury prone? He was the only Avs player to play all games in the previous 82 game season.

And move on from MacK? He’s been a top-3 player in the league the past years and even if this season start hasn’t been bomb, I believe the best is yet to come. I predict that because he creates his own chances and shoots a lot but misses the net way too much. When those shots start to hit the target he will put up crazy numbers.


Won’t happen, Mack is a franchise piece. I do, however, feel that we hockey fans tend to put too much stock in that one great player. Teams win championships, not individual players. That is why McDavid has no Boats.

I also agree that to pay for Mack, Girard should be trimmed off the end of this team. I suggest we deal him to Buffalo for Alex Tuch. Save a couple mil plus have a solid scoring threat for the POs this season. Wishful thinking though, I know.

Last edited 7 months ago by dk
Yan Girard

You don’t trade Girard against Tuch. Tuch is a very good player. But Tuch has the time on ice of a player of 3rd line. He was 8th in the time on ice with the Vegas forwards in season and 7th in playoffs. Girard is rated about 30th among the best defensemen in NHL. This means that Girard is a top pair defenseman. You don’t trade a top pair defenseman to get a forward of 2th or 3th line. You’re screwed.


Obviously there would have to be something in addition to Tuch involved in a trade as he worth about $2m AAV less than Girard. And Girard will never be a top pair D on this team…unless two of either Byram, Makar, or Toews are injured or off the roster. Two of those three will ALWAYS make the top pair as long as they are Avs.

Yan Girard

Toews is 27 years old and Girard is 23 years old. Despite this, Girard is more experienced than Toews in NHL. Toews achieved probably already his full potential. Better time if Toews improves again. Girard can improve again no doubt. The defensemen achieve usually their full potential about 27-30 years old. At only 23 years old, Girard is already in the best defensemen NHL. Byram is again very young. The young players are often inconstant. We cann’t evaluate a player on some games only. Byram has huge potential and demonstrates already of great things. Cross the fingers that Byram keeps… Read more »


We already know about your back issues, A.D. (wishing you the best) and we don’t want to see you on the injured list as well. So the way this season is going for the Avs, please stay away from anything sharp that will affect your typing skills.


no, we are not having fun yet… 🙁


This is beginning to look like a “phoenix” season. We will have to rise from the ashes of this injury-ridden start to make the playoffs. Looking through a glass half full, this could be an exciting second half of the season. Just trying to be positive.




For those MacKinnon critics, maybe you can go back and check Gabe Landescog’s numbers since he has been with the team, and then check Nate’s numbers. Gabe is a very good player, even better than the over rated $8M/per Matt Duchene .. but Nathan MacKinnon is a superstar. If McDavid is so good, how is it that he hasn’t made his team better? All those well-“oiled” years of FIRST ROUND PICKS, Mcjesus being just one in a LONG line of them (Oilers 1st rounder hogs were the reason the “lottery” was created). Yeah, they may have a shot at the… Read more »

Yan Girard

Joe Sakic has never won 10M a year. The highest cap hit has been about 7,3M a year for 5 years.

Yan Girard

Ok. In year 1997, an offer sheet of New York Rangers of 21M for 3 years. I have 7.9M in salary for 2000-2001. After that, cap hit about 7.3 a year for 5 years from season 2001-2002. Source : capfriendly. What is your source?

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Nick Chapman

This team has the defensive core, the goaltender, and enough remaining scoring threats to win consistently without Mackinnon. The biggest problem is the coaching..and I’m not starting a beat up on Bednar fest. I’m talking about the entire philosophy. The run and gun, always pinch, all out offense that “brings exciting hockey” and occasionally wins games 5-4 is a recipe for president’s trophy regular seasons and 2nd round playoff defeats. Championship teams win on the back of strong, team-wide commitment to defense. This team has to change its entire identity if it wants to win playoff hockey. The Avs need… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Nick Chapman
Yan Girard

The game system is excellent. How can you call into question this game system. The last year, the Avs was the 3rd best team NHL in the goals against with 2.36 goals/game and the best team NHL in the goals for with 3.52 goals/game. The Avs was the best team NHL in the shots against with 25.4 shots/game. It was an exceptional performance. When you have an allstars team, you don’t play a trap system. That’s not at the advantage of an allstars team to play a trap system as New Jersey Devils 90s. The reason is that it can… Read more »

[…] Colorado: Nathan MacKinnon is out for three weeks with an lower body injury. A tough start to the season just got a lot tougher for the Avalanche. […]

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