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Can't Hear What Jeremy Says

New Podcast: Would you trade Kuemper (and more) for Fleury or Price?



Can't Hear What Jeremy Says

New podcast here, with my old pal Terry Frei. We have a “civil” discussion about Darcy Kuemper, and whether he should really be the playoff goalie for this team, moving forward. Or, if Carey Price or Marc-Andre Fleury were available, would you trade Kuemper to get either one?

I apologize for some of the poor audio quality on this. Terry can’t be heard very well at times, and I sound TOO LOUD at times. I thought I had the audio all set up nice and perfect, but I guess not. I will get it perfect next time.

We also talk about…Why this team is better than last year, and why the defense is probably the best it’s ever been.

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Wow -talk about timely discussion! Yikes…c’mon Frankie!

Roger Hutton

I’m go for Fleury. With the Av’s defense, he would b the missing link.


Absolutely. The more I see of Darcy Dumpster, the more I’d like to trade for Fleury. Darcy and Jost for Fleury. Throw in a draft choice if needed. Get this done.

Bob Neal

Rico (I already know Yan’s position) but the Av’s defense can’t handle heavy forecheck pressure. I can’t understand why and they looked terrible running around in the first period. The two Mak’s lost their defensive assignments and boom three quick point blank goals and Kuemper becomes the goat. BTW, Matthews is quite a stud that peopled seem to overlook. Being a goalie sucks because you always get the finger pointed at you when the team gets scored on. The announcers on EPSN were saying MAF will only go to one team, but I didn’t pick up on who that was,… Read more »

Yan Girard

If the goalie isn’t the problem currently, the goalie will be a problem in playoffs. Kuemper demonstrates clearly that isn’t able to manage the pressure. In playoffs, the opponent is better and the goalie must be able to make the difference. You aren’t convinced? Look the square ace of the last playoffs. Who were the goalies? Vasilevskiy, Price, Fleury and Varlamov (former candidate at Vezina). The evidence floods the eyes. Everything can be… but I believe that Fleury at Colorado is possible. With the bad treatment that Fleury had at Vegas and Pittsburgh, Fleury wants really lives that again? No… Read more »

Yan Girard

Kuemper is an inexperienced goalie. He has only one season over 30 games played in NHL and is already 31 years old. Kuemper has no accomplishment in playoffs either. He demonstrated already signs of instability (technical, equipment, injury, performance). In a hockey team, the goalie is the one who has the most pressure. In playoffs, the pressure is very higher. And when you are the goalie of a team that is contender to Stanley Cup, the pressure is again higher. Are there any chances that Kuemper can perform well in playoffs? Yes, it’s possible. However, it remains risky, even very… Read more »


Fleury or Quick. Price has a hefty contract that would require major financial gymnastics to fit under the cap. With a $10.5 million cap hit through 2025-2026, there is no way this would ever happen. It can’t happen. It would be sheer insanity for the Avs to acquire Price. Montreal isn’t going to eat $20 million of his contract. Besides, Price is injury prone and is a terrible risk.

Yan Girard

I understand your point. My point is only to say that Price could be potentially available and that he could make the job. My analyze stops there. What the Montreal Canadian accepts or not to eat salary, I cann’t come forward on that. I am not Nostradamus. However, don’t forget that a trade at three teams is always possible to eat more salary.

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Jeffrey Zucker

Don’t trade Keumper. Get one of those guys and keep Kemps as insurance. Fleury or Quick.

Last edited 10 months ago by Jeffrey Zucker
Jeff Paxton

Francouz should get a shot in game 6. Kuemper needs to sit after that epic letdown. I know he was the best we could get, but he’s not good enough. We can’t face Vasilevsky with this guy. I personally believe Francouz is better.

Last edited 6 months ago by Jeff Paxton

Keep your overpriced fossils. Gimme Kuemps and Frankie. Period. End of conversation. Don’t insult my intelligence like this ever again, OK?

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