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Why We Wanted the Blues and Why We Didn’t Want the Blues



As we patiently wait the schedule release for the second round, there are a few things we do know. We know the Colorado Avalanche will take on the St. Louis Blues in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Avs have had plenty of time to do a deep dive into their opponent. They last played May 9th, wrapping up the series in Nashville and have been home since. The Blues however wrapped up their series a little bit later, on May 12th. Both teams will have had some rest before the series starts on Monday or Tuesday.
Let’s do a deep dive ourselves into “why the Avs wanted the Blues” and “why they didn’t”

First up why the Avs didn’t want the Blues…

-The Blues have plenty of playoff experience. This is definitely a team that won’t let a bad goal or a bad game get to them. They were down 2-1 in the series against the Wild and came back to win three in a row. They are a mentally tougher team.

They can score. In three out of their four wins, the team scored five goals. David Perron leads the team with nine points and is tied with Ryan O’Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko for goals at five. Perron and Tarasenko each had hat tricks last round.

– The Avs goalie friend Jordan Binnington is back in net for the Blues after getting start in Game 4. Avs will remember his close when he swung his stick right at Nazem Kadri’s head earlier this season. In three games against the Wild he had a 1.67 GAA and .943 save percentage. I don’t necessarily see the Avs scoring seven goals in a game this series. But who knows, I’m wrong a lot.

Why the Avs did want the Blues…

– The Avs were 2-1 against the Blues in the regular season this year and obviously they were successful against them last year in the playoffs, sweeping them in round one. Avs fans don’t like to bring up the Vegas series last year, so I won’t bring up round one either. Gotta keep it fair. But a 6-1 record in the last seven games is pretty good. The Avs’ all-time playoff record against the Blues is 9-1 (there was one game in the bubble in Edmonton in 2020).

Superstreak Bonus!

– The Avs themselves, can also score as well. They scored 21 goals in four games including a couple of touchdown games. Cale Makar leads the team with 10 points and Nathan MacKinnon leads the way with five goals.

– The Avs are facing Jordan Binnington. Now hear me out, Binnington is a good goalie but as we saw earlier this year, it’s easy to get into his head. When the team plays physically and starts peppering him with shots, you can get him off his game.

  • One of the Blues’ top D-men, Torey Krug, seems very doubtful for the series with a left knee injury.

The Avs will practice tomorrow in preparation for the Blues. Stay tuned for updates and news.

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Ray Bussard

But you’re also right a lot as well, so don’t forget that!

Karl Keen

Good write up Kelsey! The Blues are deeper this year and have some renewed focus. They can score as Kelsey pointed out scoring only one less goal than the Avs at the end of the year, but they gave up like 16 more goals too. It will not be an easy time and the games will have to be grinded out and the Avs have to show composure, particularly when the games are close in the third. We tend to come out and dominate the Blues in the first period and then slowly have the game change to the Blues… Read more »


But….you said 6

Karl Keen

Yeah meant to say 6 above!

Matt Briggle

Great write up Kelsey, I can find no fault in your thinking. I think the big wild card in this series will be Binnington. The guy has a long history of being a complete head case and the Avs have plenty of guys very capable of getting under his skin. Especially early in the series I would not be opposed to them risking a couple of penalties just getting all up in his face and try to get him rattled. Heck even have Naz skate by him just to say “hi” every chance he gets. When he does go out… Read more »

Cal G

I agree. Personally, I think the second-round losses were the Avs just finding their way. Even though the window opens, it does not equal a pass-through. I know there are folks on here demanding series wins in the past, but the present is here and now. Blah blah. Avs simply outmatch the Blues, and this series should show exactly that.


The Av’s dont need to take penalties to get in a Goalies head just put people in front of the net,shoot,score to dominate and Win one game at a time to 4 and move to next round healthy.

Aaron Rud

So dumb that it takes this long to release the playoff schedule. Yes, I realize that the last game isn’t wrapped up, but it’s on the east coast. They can still release the west.


Huh? The last game of the round is in the western conference.


I wanted the Wild mainly because of the rivalry aspect and the fact that we have unfinished business with them. I think the Blues, as an underdog, won’t generate the same kind of fury among our fans or perhaps even Avs. But I am also not worried about a second round meltdown again. Mentally, the Avs look a lot tougher and resilient than before and unlike in past years, we have a real killer instinct. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blues will prove a tough hurdle to clear. But come on, the Avs are the better… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by dp10
Karl Keen

Blues fans on message boards saying they are deeper and better. Cmon Avs let’s show them up!

Todd Thrasher

Most Blues fans, like myself, know how good Colorado is and know this is a very tough hill to climb. Hoping it goes to seven games and is a good series. This Blues team is a much different team than last year, and has played really well in the last month or so. I am just hoping we get good Binnington, not head case Binnington. He was exceptional in the last 3 games vs. Wild (3-0).

Last edited 6 months ago by Todd Thrasher
Tom Roberts

Blues fan here! We are hot! Don’t count us out. We may just up and pull the upset. By the way, your owner, Kroenke sucks! St Louis hates him! He and Roger Goodell are liars , and screwed us out of an NFL franchise!

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