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Thoughts on Avalanche Game 6 Tonight



Don’t think. Just play. That would be my advice to the Avalanche if I were Jared Bednar. But, can Avs players put Game 5 out of their minds, not to mention not think about the gorilla on their backs that is the second-round results of the last three years? We’ll find out, starting in about five and a half hours.

I think the Avs will lose tonight and win Game 7. That’s what I think. But I’ve been known to be … wrong … before.

I just don’t like the vibes for tonight. I just think that loss the other night, that utterly inexplicable loss, is still too fresh in their minds. Enterprise Center is going to be loud, and the Blues now have to feel like they are playing with house money. I’m sure not even they can believe they won that game Wednesday night, so now they’re going to be loose. The Avs are saying all the right things about having a short memory and putting it behind them, etc. etc. etc. But that was such a bad loss, I think the carryover effect will be real. Again: I think Avs win the series in seven.

Expect Andre Burakovsky to replace Alex Newhook in the lineup tonight. There might be another lineup change as well, but Bednar isn’t tipping his hand.

The pressure on Darcy Kuemper will be big tonight, and even bigger if there’s a Game 7. He has to bring his A-Game tonight. It seems like he’s playing pretty deep in his net right now, and kind of flinching on shots. Gotta get squarer to the puck and try to keep any rebounds right in front of him.

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If the Avs get a lead, they can’t sit back. Attack the puck every inch of the ice. No more casual line changes while nursing a lead. Safe is death. The fact that the Avs still don’t seem to believe that, in the biggest of games, remains an unsolved mystery that not even Robert Stack could solve.

Avs are -165 favorites to beat the Blues tonight, at SuperBook Colorado.

We’ll know soon if that was a bad bet or not.

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peter martin

Last game Bednar said he didnt instruct his players to play like they did. My question: did you remind them to play correctly tho? Avs gave up for basically a whole half a game. Coach’s job to recognize the trend and say something!


I thought the same thing, Peter. Bednar needs to be more than an X’s and O’s tactician in the playoffs. Need more emotional intelligence in the moment and fiery leadership. It’s do or die obviously.

John Klingenstein

It’s hockey. The coach has very little effect on the game.


I think that’s what the team meeting was about as they were picking up all the hats. He was clearly trying to drill something into their heads. “OK guys, you got a mulligan, no more of this shit.” Didn’t work.


I can’t disagree with your take, AD. Love the Robert Stack reference. And for an old guy reference, let’s hope Kemps renders the Avs net “untouchable”.

Go Avs!!!

Nathan In Michigan

Well I can’t imagine there isn’t anyone else who is pretty disgusted Kuemper blew that game 5 by himself and let Nate Dawg down. With that said, I do feel he has it in him to be able to make a few clutch saves when the Avs really need him to. If they lose in 7 games, no way I am resigning him to big money. Trade Girard and resign Kadri if he is even interested. I would certainly show a ton of character if they win game 6 and finally get this 2nd round monkey off of their dang… Read more »


What a big game tonight! We’ll see if the Avs can handle the pressure cooker or not. A few things that I’d love to see the Avs do tonight that they haven’t necessarily been doing this entire playoffs: First the Avs need to realize what it takes to win these kinds of games in the Stanley Cup playoffs. If they’ve watched any games of other series, they would notice the sacrifice other players make that the Avs are not. First, and foremost, they need to block shots. And not by just poking their stick into a shooting lane. Get the… Read more »

John Klingenstein

Totally disagree. I think the Avs are winning this game decisively. They just simply have a superior team at every position. To me they’ve shown that if they play their game, the Blues just have no ability to keep up…and that is even without a big game from Mikko or Cale etc. And I thinknits coming. Sure game 5 sucked, but that was more on on the the Avs than the Blues. I’ll call it luck. If Landys shot in OT gets to the net, the series would be over. I expect them to tighten things up and shut the… Read more »

Charlie Anderson

I just don’t see us winning 3 in St. Luis. Or game 7 or any other other series unless we find a Cup winning goalie. Maybe Kemps can turn into that real fast or maybe Frankie can save us but Goalies win Cups. Goalie > any other factor. It’s why Tampa’s going for 3 and we got sweet nuthin.

Chris Krauss

Maybe it’s wook science but I don’t like the vibes tonight either. I know it’s one game at a time, but I don’t like the odds of the Blues going 0-3 on home ice this series. That said, I initially bet Avs in 6 so either way I’m right. And wrong. Here we go!


The scary thing with playoff hockey is that you can utterly dominate a game, get one unfortunate bounce going for your opponent and that’s the end of that story. Other than that…I don’t really care if the Avs are the superior team. It’s all mental at this point and about whether the team can harness its superior skill set. On the mental side of things, what gives me confidence is that this team has been in this exact same place the last 3 years. In other words, they have faced these demons before, they haven’t overcome them yet, but none… Read more »


Well said. Bounces are sometimes the unkind quill of history.

I think they have matured in mental toughness, but proof will be in the pudding…


Robert Stack, thats deep. I agree, just play your game, dont look at the scoreboard until its over and never let off the gas. Avs in 6!

Matt Zmuda

I’m calling for a big bounce back game. 5-1 win for the Avs!


My prediction: Avs win a tight game, 3-1, with an ENG to finish the Blues.

Go Avs!


Watching now…

Manson has better crease-position than Kuemper

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