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Swiss Players That Left a Mark on Colorado Avalanche History



Colorado Avalanche Denis Malgin NHL

Hockey is a sport that evolves and adapts as it transcends borders and cultures. The NHL serves as a melting pot for various playing styles, and one intriguing influence on the game comes from the Swiss players. 

Both U.S. and Switzerland have a huge hockey fanbase that varies from die-hard fans to bettors that use hockey statistics for NHL betting while enjoying this sport’s fast-paced nature and ever-changing momentum.

The Swiss’s emphasis on precision, skill, and disciplined play has found its way into the hockey DNA of the Colorado Avalanche, resulting in a blend of Swiss and North American grit.

Some Colorado Avalanche players have been imported from Switzerland, being part of thrilling moments that drove the team to championships and victory.

David Aebischer – Goaltender

Being one of the Swiss players to play in the NHL, he was also the first Swiss player to win the Stanley Cup in the 2001 finals. Even though Aebischer’s career was mainly relegated to backup duties during his time with the Colorado Avalanche (2000-2006), He was also a member of the Montreal Canadians and Phoenix Coyotes.

Aebischer’s determination opened the way in the U.S. for other Swiss players, like Sven Andrighetto, to join the NHL.

Reto Berra – Goaltender

Berra joined the Colorado Avalanche in 2014 from a trade with the Calgary Flames. After a not-impressive debut with the Colorado Avalanche, Berra improved and positioned himself as an emerging Avs top goaltender, becoming a league leader in both save percentage and goals-against average. 

He was selected as part of the team for the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, 2022. These achievements propelled his career in the U.S. playing also in other teams American teams.

Berra has spent the last five seasons with Fribourg-Gotteron in the Swiss A league.

Sven Andrighetto – Forward

Growing up as an NHL fan since a young age, Andrighetto claimed to be inspired by Swiss players David Aebischer and Mark Streit. He has been playing for the Colorado Avalanche since 2017, the former Montreal Canadiens prospect scored 28 goals and 50 assists in his first 200 games in the NHL. 

Andrighetto was the first Swiss skater to join the Colorado Avalanche on March 2017. Same as Berra, he was selected as part of the Swiss team for the Olympic games in Beijing, China 2022.

Andrighetto left the NHL for the KHL in 2019 and has played the last few seasons for Zurich in the Swiss A league.

Denis Malgin – Forward

From Russian ascendance, Malgin was raised in Switzerland and spent his summers in Russia, playing hockey with his dad. He started playing with the Colorado Avalanche on December 2022 and scored one of the best goals of his career when they won against the Flames 4-1 in February 2023. He departed the Avalanche this offseason and went back to Switzerland.

The Swiss emphasis has found its way through skill development, disciplined play, and tactical execution and has benefitted the Colorado Avalanche. 

Being part of the Avalanche was a milestone in the career of several Swiss players, springboarding them to success with teams in both U.S. and Canada.

As hockey evolves and draws inspiration from different cultures, the Swiss players’ lessons from Colorado’s hockey style serve as a testament to the global nature of the game and its ability to create a beautiful fusion of playing styles.

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