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Avalanche Room: Georgiev, Bednar Discuss MacKinnon’s Streak, Controversial Goal



Georgiev Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche are probably going to put in a request for the league to review if Nathan MacKinnon deserves an assist on Colorado’s game-tying goal, but they don’t expect it to change.

It appears the streak has officially come to an end.

After the 3-2 loss to the Rangers, Alexandar Georgiev discussed another tight contest between the two teams, and gave his thoughts on MacKinnon‘s streak, pointing out what we all know – the Avalanche superstar cares more about winning than scoring points. Jared Bednar also discussed the streak, as well as what he saw on the second Rangers goal that led to him challenging it.

Take a look at what Georgiev and Makar had to say, and read Bednar’s thoughts after a second straight loss from the Avalanche.

Alexandar Georgiev

Georgiev on MacKinnon’s streak:

“Super impressive. Incredible player. It’s hard to get a 10-game point streak, and he’s been scoring every game. Great for him, and I’m sure he was more concerned about us winning and making the playoffs. He was not cheating at any point of the game. He was playing smart hockey, playing defense. Big respect.”

Cale Makar

Bednar on the matchup between the Rangers and the Avalanche:

“It was a good hockey game. You know my thoughts on the shootout. Once it goes to a shootout, you might as well flip a coin.”

Bednar on the game from his Avalanche:

“It was a tight checking hockey game. Hard to create offense, I thought. First period, not a lot going on for either team because of the checking. Second period, we gave up a couple good chances, we got a couple good chances. It was tight, tight checking hockey game, and we had our chances to win it in overtime. We didn’t capitalize, and their goalie made some saves..I have no problem with the way we played.”

Bednar on the process for the league to review the MacKinnon non-assist:

“There is a process. You can look at it, and if you have video proof that there’s an assist, he would get one. We can look at it.”

Bednar on the challenge in the third period:

“I didn’t get (an explanation). I’m positive it hit his glove, but I think there’s more to it than that. He directs it, it hits his glove and goes over to the other player. There might be more to that rule than just hitting his glove. It might need to be intentional. We’ll dig into it tomorrow and see.”

Bednar on Alexandar Georgiev’s game:

“I thought it was great. Didn’t like the goal against, but I thought he played great.”

Bednar on his second line:

“I thought all three of those guys worked hard, managed the puck well, defended hard. I didn’t think we had any passengers tonight. We had some guys that played a little bit better than other guys and some guys who didn’t hit the top tier of their game, but they still played hard and gave us everything they had.”

Bednar on the streak in general from MacKinnon:

“It’s incredible. Really, it’s incredible. It just speaks to the consistency and the high level of play for that long. It’s incredible. Look at who he’s trying to track down, Gretzky at 40.”

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