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Evan’s NHL Daily: MacDermid/Rempe Start Line Brawl, Central Out Of Reach?



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Nothing gets the NHL in the news quite like a line brawl, and we got a good one Wednesday. Everyone already had April 3 circled on their calendar because of the potential for a Kurtis MacDermid/Matt Rempe bought. We got that, plus a lot more.

The Dallas Stars dominated the Edmonton Oilers on home ice, extending their lead in the Central. Should I just start planning a trip to Winnipeg at the end of the month?

There’s a chance the Avalanche will get Valeri Nichushkin back at the end of this road trip, but that’s not a guarantee at this point.

All that and more in this Thursday edition of Evan’s Daily.

Colorado Hockey Now

He skated again at Family Sports on Wednesday, and will do so again Thursday before catching a flight to Minnesota. Is Valeri Nichushkin going to play against the Oilers?

Colorado must be happy with what they’ve seen from Chris Wagner, as he got an extension from the team.


Line Brawl

It’s getting rarer and rarer to see a good old line brawl in the NHL, but the Rangers and Devils delivered one on Wednesday. As soon as Kurtis MacDermid and Matt Rempe were announced as starters for their team, everyone knew we were in for some shenanigans, but I don’t know if anyone expected this.

MacDermid and Rempe went for quite a while, and they were two of eight players kicked out of the game just two seconds in. For a second it looked like we might get a rumble between the coaches, but that didn’t happen. Dawson Mercer was later kicked out for a separate fight, which means the Devils were down to just 13 skaters most of the night. That’s mens league territory.

There was a hockey game played, and the Rangers won on a late goal in regulation, crushing New Jersey’s already low chances of making the NHL playoffs.

Dallas Won’t Stop

If there was one team that could have slowed down the Dallas Stars, it would be the Edmonton Oilers, who have been on fire since firing their coach months ago.

That didn’t happen.

Dallas took care of business on home ice in emphatic fashion with a 5-0 win, extending their lead in the Central over the Avalanche to five points. Colorado has a game in hand, but if Dallas won’t stop winning, it will be very difficult to catch them. I’ll admit I’ve already started checking out hotels in Winnipeg for late April, as that seems increasingly more likely at this point. Still seven games to be played, so we’ll see how this all works out.

National Hockey Now

After taking heat, which he’s used to, John Tortorella delivered a fiery message to everyone about what he’s trying to do in Philadelphia.

Another year without the playoffs in Montreal, but a big breakout year for Nick Suzuki.

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Fun to see a proper Donny B. Derms beat that clown the f*** up. I don’t know why the hockey world speaks so highly of Rempe as a tough guy. I’ve watched all his fights and he hasn’t won but maybe two??

Bob Neal

I’m going to agree with Glendon on this one. This type of incident is not good for the look of hockey. Too contrived and it just looks like the kids going to the bar looking for a fight. On the plus side it is good to see Dermie looking pretty tough again. Always a guy I liked.

Glendon Gulliver

Rempe acts like it is the WWF. He just laughs, waves his hands and fingers, he wants to be the star, but not because of playing skill.

Karl Keen

I’ve been watching all of Derms fights since he was traded. He is acquitting himself well in everyone I saw and has his confidence back.

I do think Bob the fact the refs threw them all out was a notable change though in how the NHL wants to treat these instances.

Dan G

Obviously, we don’t know what the NJ and NYR coaches were saying to each other, but coaches seem to blame each other.

The visiting coach says, “Hey I need to protect my guys so there’s no way I put out my top line when the other guy has the last change.”

The home coach says, “He started his 4th line, so there’s no way I’m going to send out my starters against his 4th line to get pummeled. I need to protect my guys.”

Jeffrey Anderson

Dallas is peaking at the right time. That’s unfortunate for the Avs and rest of NHL. Hopefully, Avs can hang on to #2 in Central. It’s not gonna be easy.They will run the Western Conference gauntlet the last 7 games (Oil 2x, Stars, GKnights, and Jets) with 2 b-2-b’s. Yikes!! Two MN games are no guaranteed win either… I watched about 8 mins of the 2nd period of the game last night, and it quickly went from 1-0 to 4-0 with Dallas capitalizing on Edmonton mistakes for all 3 goals. The Stars look like they are on a mission to… Read more »

chippy play

They look great. They were already good, and then were fortunate enough to have Duchene drop in their lap for cheap (helps to be the second biggest country music market I suppose). I don’t think the Avs could even get to first if they tried, but there’s no big reason to try because the first round opponents are all of similar quality anyway. There are no Capitals or Flyers out west. And when I say no reason to try, I just mean they shouldn’t be rushing anyone back from injury. One last note of the Stars though: not sure I… Read more »

Karl Keen

I generally agree it may not fully matter who we play in first round so long as we have home ice and it is not Vegas (which seems unlikely now), but Winnipeg does have arguably the best goalie and the Predators have a top 5 goalie where the Kings start who again? For that reason and the reason that we play best at home has to give the Avs pause on how much their positioning means. Dallas did explode on Edmonton last night as you said, but up until that point they were being outshot 25-15 only 5 minutes into… Read more »


Edmonton for years, have tried so hard to emulate the Avs, playing the same fast pace style as them, & trying to boast a ridiculously talented top six like them. To me, they’re still the same team we swept in 2022 WCF.

Jason Smith

Total overeactionary nonsense-“is the Central out of reach?” I dont know if Dallas plays Saturday but even if they do-& they win…& Colorado gets nothing in Edmonton-thatd mean WORST CASE-youd be 5pts back going into that game Sunday.If you won in regulation-youd basically be 1.5 games back & almost certainly will have the tiebreaker WORST CASE! What if Colorado gets 1 or 2 pts tomorow? Point is-Im not predicting we will win the Central or beat Dallas Sunday. I think its more likely Dallas will win the division.But that wasnt your question…you said “is the Central out of reach?” Correct… Read more »


Lmao at some of these comments saying these fights or brawls are bad for the league. These help put butts in seats whether anyone wants to admit it or not. I’ve never heard anyone ever complain about them when at actual games, whether it’s the minors all the way to the NHL. Just some of the ninnies that post on these message boards.

Maybe Disney on ice would be more for them, because they haven’t watched hockey long and it shows.

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