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Avalanche Room: Team Never Panicked, Georgiev ‘Shut Up All The Haters’



Avalanche Trenin

Yakov Trenin has been a quote machine since coming to the Avalanche, and gave us another great one after Game Five.

There were a lot of questions surrounding Alexandar Georgiev after Game One, where he gave up seven goals. That seems like a distant memory at this point, because Georgiev responded and backstopped the Avalanche to four consecutive victories. Trenin thinks that should shut the haters up, at least for now. Georgiev spoke after the game, and was the same even-keeled guy he always is. Maybe that’s what helped him bounce back.

Mikko Rantanen and Nathan MacKinnon closed the door on the series, and had some great quotes after the game at the podium. I really liked MacKinnon’s comments on this veteran Avalanche squad and why they don’t get caught up in the highs and lows during games in the playoffs.

Read what the two Avalanche stars had to say, and watch Trenin and Georgiev’s post-game availabilities after the Avalanche closed out the series in Winnipeg.

Yakov Trenin

Trenin on Avalanche netminder Alexandar Georgiev:

“Very proud of him, how he came back and shut up all the haters.”

Alexandar Georgiev

Rantanen on frustration and thoughts on the series:

Yeah, luck wasn’t really bouncing at times our way, but that’s what happens sometimes. You get frustrated, I was going to try avoid doing that. Overall, series was really, really good for us. I think we got better after every game. We kind of looked at things we could do better and we kind of ramped it up after each game, so really happy with the performance and keep moving now from here.

MacKinnon on the team’s ability to elevate:

I think over the years, you just learn that there’s gonna be highs and lows and it’s how you react to it along the way, and super, super happy with everyone, how hard we worked and how hard we battled this series was amazing. Before the series I think we came in really humble. We weren’t playing well. These guys just beat us 7-0, so it was a big wake up call to how hard it takes to even win a series in this league. So super proud of the guys and a lot of work to have to do here.

MacKinnon on resiliency:

I just think it’s everyone’s on the same page. You know, a lot of similarities to the year we won, I think we just know everyone in that room is gonna give everything they have and that’s the standard, and obviously, you know whether you score or don’t, some of that stuff is out of your control, but you can control your effort and how hard you work and we’ve got everyone on the same page right now battling and, you know, whether we win or lose, we just want to go out swinging and we had a great series in that sense.

Rantanen on the depth contribution for the Avalanche:

Yeah, I think it’s great. I think the way they, I would say all all four lines and especially you know, bottom 6 played. I think the momentum they create, like you said, ozone faceoffs or second period we can change our line or the second line out there when they’re they got the other other team hemmed in so, so I think they’ve been doing a really good job and obviously a big goal by Tren’s so we were happy to say that to.

Rantanen on Georgiev:

Yeah, it shows mental toughness from him, You know? Obviously it’s tough, tough probably after the first game and frustration but the way he reset and won four in a row for us and there was some games when he was making those game savers. They were they were going up or tie the game but he was out he was out there stopping the puck really well, so really happy for him and proud of him

MacKinnon on Mittelstadt’s impact:

Yeah, I think he was super impressive. Him and Lehky and Z were unreal this series and just watching Mitzi, how hard he competes out there. I think a lot of people didn’t expect that out of them. But man, he competed hard and made some great plays and had some great poise and looks like he’s been there lots. He’s an awesome guy, works really hard. And yeah, those guys, that whole line was was great. Guge reason why he won the series. The were awesome.

MacKinnon on who gets everyone up to the standard:

I think everyone does. You know, I think all the new guys, when they come in, they understand what Bedsy wants out of us, what guys who’ve been here for a while want out of each other. Obviously  it’s a high standard, but we have fun doing it. I think we have a lot of fun every day. Yeah, we do have a lot of guys still from that team, but like you said, a lot of new guys too, but it’s not rocket science. I just think the biggest thing is just rolling with the punches. It’s not going to be pretty, we’re not going to have leads every night. And just to not break mentally ever and just keep pushing and pushing because the momentum can switch at any time, especially on the road. I think it’s hard sometimes to play at home, a lot of pressure. You’re supposed to kill teams and so we know it’s hard to hold leads. The year we won, we came back 10 or 11 times, so I just think just knowing that and yeah, that’s kind of our key.

Jared Bednar

Jared talked for 18 minutes after the game, and gave great answers, but it’s a lot of words, so I’m just going to post the full video from my friends over at Guerilla Sports. I will post his answer to my question, though.

Bednar on if he likes hearing MacKinnon say that the Avalanche were humbled heading into the playoffs:

“Oh, no question. We didn’t play well down the stretch. I know media, fans, everyone’s in a big panic, but there was no panic in our room. It just wasn’t there. They understood that we didn’t play well. They identified that. We went through things that we knew we had to do better. They were bought into it and they were committed to it. It’s kind of where our team is at. It’s a veteran group, a really good team. They know when we play really well, what it looks like, and I’ve learned this about our group, that they’re going to put the pressure on themselves when it matters most to play well. Part of it is an experienced team that thinks they can win, down the stretch just waiting to get to the playoffs.”

“They knew, and I don’t think there was any doubt in our locker room. We weren’t doubting ourselves. We just knew that it was time that we had to have an immediate turnaround, and it can’t wait. Some of the lack of defending carried into game one, and that really sort of snapped us to our game for the rest of the series.”

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