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MATT ROBILLARD (@RobillardMatt)

By Adrian Dater

According to Wikipedia, the surname Robillard is a “surname of French origin.[1] It is not uncommon in Canada and is known in certain areas of the United States, namely New England.”

Matt Robillard, 42, is a resident of New England, all right. Bridgewater, Mass., to be exact. He’s a lifelong hockey fan, too. Yet, the Boston Bruins were never his team. The Avalanche is his team. Matt explains why:

“When I was in high school I just never felt an emotional connection to the Bruins. It was not that I disliked them, I just did not have that love for them. I believe in sports you have to have a connection to your team, to be able to invest time and money into it, you have to have some emotional connection there.

My grandfather was from Quebec, and I was always cognizant of that. When I saw Peter Forsberg playing for the Nordiques, I fell in love. I remember seeing a Nordiques Sakic Jersey on a kid walking through my high school hallway and was jealous. Those were sweet jerseys.

So I became a Nordiques fan and when the news broke that they were moving to Denver I just followed the franchise, and I remember buying my first Avalanche logo shirt.

I remember when they won the first cup, I was over my friend’s house and when they won, we drank out of a homemade Stanley cup replica I made. It was a tin foil covered trash can and some Tupperware.

When Ray Bourque was traded to the Avs, I was over my at the time girlfriends house, and I literally did the worm in her living room. That was an interesting time because the whole New England area adopted the Avs as their team, and I was like, ‘hey I was a fan before you guys lol.’

Since then, my wife and I have traveled to Denver to see the Avs a few times. We both love Denver and are planning on coming back for the outdoor game in February.

I have seen the Avs play in Montreal and almost every time they have come to Boston, proudly sporting my Avs Jersey. Even my wife wears Avs gear. The Avs’ record in Boston has been amazing the last 10 years, so I usually leave happy. Except for another OT loss this year.

I have a room in my house with all my Avs memorabilia and watch almost all the Avs games via the NHL center ice app. My daughter Izabella already wants to watch hockey with Daddy and can say “go Avs.”

Matt is an account executive for an account executive for a food broker in the Boston area called JOH. He lives with his wife, Shannan, 3-year-old daughter and two step-children.

Welcome to the Colorado Hockey Now family, Matt, and thanks for your support.


1. Tell me the biggest attraction in Bridgewater? Probably Bridgewater State University or my favorite local spot the Juice Mill lol.

2. What happens after we die? Sinners become Red Wings fans.

3. What would you say is your worst habit? Twitter while I drive.

4. Have you ever thought you saw a ghost? No, but I believe in them.

5. Have you ever been so nervous about a game that you had to stop watching? What game was it? No but I am very superstitious with what I wear, where I sit, etc and have been known to change clothes in between periods and move my seat.




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