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The Taylor Hall trade rumors? Jared Bednar has heard them, and this is what he tells his players



It might have been from a total lack of sleep today, but in general, I will sometimes just ask the Elephant-in-the-room question if nobody else will and see what happens. So, I did that today with Avalanche coach Jared Bednar.

I did not specifically mention the words “Taylor Hall” in the question to him, but for all intents and purposes, I did.

I asked Bednar what his reaction is to a certain “big name out there” being mentioned on a lot of big-time hockey media outlets, like TSN and Hockey Night in Canada, that the Avalanche is being considered as a prime candidate – the odds-on-favorite, if you will – to land a “big name” in what almost surely will be a selloff by the New Jersey Devils before the Feb. 24 NHL trade deadline.

What does Bednar do as a coach, when everybody in the hockey world is talking about his team being possibly involved in a big trade? Does he sit players down, who are mentioned as possibly going the other way, and talk with them? How do you handle things as a coach when you already have a really good team, but everybody is predicting your team will be blown up, in a sense, with a really big trade?

“Generally, no,” said Bednar, when asked if he will ever talk to players about ongoing trade rumors.

But, then he added a caveat:

“Unless it’s about our guys. Because, then, if I think I can put their mind at ease in any way…Our message all the time has been ‘let’s take care of what we can control.’ That’s not rumors floating around outside of our inner circle. Being prepared to practice the right way and our habits and all that…players have a big job to do and there’s no rest in the schedule, right? Every day can be mentally tiring, physically tiring…you saw that a little bit in our game last night, coming off a road trip. My advice to them, in general is, ‘take care of what you can control.'”

Superstreak Bonus!

That makes a lot of sense.

But I can guarantee you some players in the Avs’ room right now are a bit on edge, over the Hall rumors. Anyone who thinks the players “don’t read what’s in the papers” are kidding themselves. They all read it (or, in today’s world, see a social media message about it somehow). Every player thinks of their immediate job security first, and I don’t blame them in the slightest for that. If you have the luxury to make it “all about winning” after that, then you have reached pillar-pantheon status as a player, and hats off to you.

But if you’re a player on the fringe right now and you think you might have to pack your bags for New Jersey in a few days or weeks, how invested are you really in the Colorado Avalanche winning short or long-term? That’s why I’m always fascinated by how players and coaches react to this issue.

A guy like Nathan MacKinnon doesn’t have to worry about with the upcoming trade deadline. But what about some other guys down in the pecking order? Hell, Wayne Gretzky was traded in the prime of his career. It can happen to anyone. Well, not as much in the cap era, but you get my point.

I’m on record, by the way, as believing the Avs don’t need a Taylor Hall.

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Joel Stefaniak

It does feel like a disruptive option to the team. Hall isn’t exactly playing to his caliber. Getting Blake by trading Deadmarsh sent a huge message to the Avs team IMO that you must win or anyone’s touchable. This squad isn’t ready for that type of “motivation.”


I agree the Avs have what it takes to make a serious run for the cup this year and many more to come. Where does Hall fit? The trade will definitely change the dynamics of the youth movement. Is Hall at 29 yrs really producing at a level to earn 9 million per for six or seven years? I say pass on Hall he is not worth changing the chemistry of a winning Avalanche team.

Chris DeMott

I hope they don’t do it. Perhaps this hype is based on eastern bias because it seems to me that Colorado’s prospect assets are a better fit for New Jersey than Taylor Hall is for the Avalanche. This teams cup chances are probably better dictated by health (which Taylor Hall has a poor history of) than upgrading a Burakovsky. Taylor’s defense is questionable as well and may even be a down grade. Why give up a decade of Conner Timmon’s and a first round pick in what is forecasted to be a very strong draft for 2/3rds of a season… Read more »




I think they should try and get him. Because the offense isn’t seep enough to handle injuries which will keep coming and by playoffs time someone’s always playing hurt. I don’t usually like rentals but Hall could be a good one. Long term it could be a risky move but as a rental take it and take a serious run at the cup. It’s never given that those cup runs will come in time as we develope. It’s not as easy as that.


AD: Agreed that trading for Hall, and especially given the present circumstances, is probably not in the best interest of the team either short or long term. Trying to think counter-intuitively…and in light of the repeated injuries testing depth and it being a past area of concern…is it possible that the best move, if any, would be to try to acquire another top shelf defender (last year I suggested Pietrangelo…obviously that isn’t going to be an option this year…but someone of that ilk)…and in doing so and solidifying the blue line it could make the offensive players on-hand even more… Read more »

[…] Adrian Dater of Colorado Hockey Now: Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar said he generally doesn’t talk his players about trade rumors involving other teams players, but if it’s one of their guys… […]

[…] Adrian Dater of Colorado Hockey Now: Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar said he generally doesn’t talk his players about trade rumors involving other teams players, but if it’s one of their guys… […]


It’s not just players who are on edge. To a far lesser degree, granted,but a lot of us fans are hearing OUR favorite guys tossed about in these trade rumors. It’s made me a little anxious.

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