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CHN subscriber giveaway: Vintage Avalanche posters *UPDATED



CONTEST ENDED: Congrats to Ander Commander, Leah Ferguson, Cindie Tregler and James Sheridan. You were the four winners, out of 91 entries, for the posters. I will give away more of these soon, so to those who didn’t win – you might still get one.

Welcome to the latest Colorado Hockey Now subscriber random giveaway contest. Those of you who have played in previous contests know what to do. But for you newbie, just say “I’m in” in the comments below. I will tally up all the numbers, in order, then use my trusty “Lucky Draw” app that spins a virtual wheel and spits out numbers as according to the total in the pool.

UPDATE: I’m going to give away two of each poster now, not just one. So, your chances of winning one just doubled

In today’s giveaway, we have two vintage Avalanche posters. One is from the 1995-96 season, after the won the Stanley Cup. The other is after the 1999-2000 season.

Here’s the ’95-96 one:

Here’s the other one:

If you don’t win either one of these, take heart. I have good news: I have SIX of EACH poster. (See update above)

A couple years ago, a person whose name I have unfortunately forgotten gave me these posters at an Avs practice, saying her family had no use for them and wanted me to have them to use somehow. I am going to raffle off some of these now and in the future. I’m also probably going to donate a few of them to some kind of good cause. (If you’re the person who gave me these posters, please DM me on Twitter).

Obviously, the ’95-96 poster is probably the “cooler” one, since it has a likeness of Joe Sakic lifting the Cup. The other has Ray Bourque, Adam Deadmarsh and Milan Hejduk in it. The 95-96 poster has Claude Lemieux’s back and uniform on it. Unfortunately, they got his number wrong (it was 22, not 23). Hey, that adds a little quirkiness to it, right?

The winners will be notified by email and we’ll make shipping arrangements from there.

So, if you’re in, let me know. It is Thursday night right now. I will keep entries open until Friday, early evening or so.

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