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Dater’s Daily Links: The Show Goes On



EDMONTON, ALBERTA – I don’t talk politics on this site, so everything is going to be about Avalanche hockey. Hey, I have plenty of political opinions, and sometimes one comes out, but I just am not going to be a sports writer who spends all of his time on his/her platform talking about stuff that you probably didn’t follow me for and wouldn’t care even if I did.

You subscribed to this to read about Avalanche hockey from me, right? OK then, I’m here to write about Avalanche hockey, so let’s get to some links on a Thursday morning after an Avs win in Game 3:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • The perspective from the Dallas corner (Dallas Morning News)
  • Arizona losing a few draft picks as punishment for a draft scandal is big, bad news for the franchise’s near-term future (The Hockey News)
  • Stars coach Rick Bowness remains “very confident” (so did the Avs coming into Game 1) (
  • Pittsburgh GM Jim Rutherford said there would be changes with the Penguins, and he hasn’t lied so far (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • A lot of tough questions in Florida about who should stay and who should go (Florida Hockey Now)
  • Well, here’s a little politics: Apparently, Logan Couture was punched in Toronto for saying he was a Republican supporter (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • The Bruins are in big trouble. Tell me why they traded Tyler Seguin again? (Boston Globe)
  • Flyers fans are breathing easier again (Philadelphia Inquirer)
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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Jeremy Climer

Thanks AD. (1) I cancelled my subscription to another sports site this morning for being political and (2) One thing I love about sports is when I’m in the Pepsi Center, or Magness Arena, I don’t know how my seat neighbor votes, or anything about them personally, but at least for 3 hours, we’re on the same team. I love that. It’s a great reprieve from the constant arguing and vitriol. I’m all for conversations about opening up hockey to more kids and fans, but that conversation doesn’t have to be political.

Luke Waggoner

I had already let my subscription to DNVR lapse, and last night I un-subbed to their podcast. If they want to glorify a felon with sexual assault of a minor, and domestic abuse, go for it. I won’t pay for it and I don’t have to listen to it. I’m thrilled that the NHL hasn’t bowed down to the SJW crowd and decided to play on as usual.

Richard Trujillo

This hasn’t aged well.

Aaron Hinton

Wasn’t Dick Bowness the used car salesman who sold the family roadster to Clark Griswold in “Vacation?”

Ryan Wolf

Thank you for not making it political! In a world where it’s nearly impossible to escape a narrative getting jammed down your throat, it’s refreshing to know that you will write write about what the subscribers signed up to read rather pushing an agenda! Cheers.

Have you heard anything about Calvert’s status? I keep hearing he’s day to day but I can’t imagine a tough guy like Calvert sitting out unless it was something more Serious, especially considering the magnitude of each game right now.

Fritz Kerr

Thank you for NOT adding any politics to your articles. You’re 150% correct…we want your knowledge and insight into our beloved AVS, and don’t give a hoot about your politics. I’ve had to stop reading your old buddy, Kizla because of his delving into politics way too frequently. Keep up the good work.

Jared Moss

If the nhl cancels hockey games for this shit I’m gonna lose my mind

Jared Moss

Hahaha shit spoke to soon they already cancelled them, nhl can go suck it, it’s a sports league not a government fuck off, this doesnt fix anything..

Jared Moss

If your getting paid millions to play hockey, you play hockey if you wanna boycott than it should be termination of your contract lose your pay and go protest on the street with the other idiots and well pay someone else millions to play hockey… end of story

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