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Here are the 2020-21 Avs Reverse Retro Jerseys



Well, here they are – and just in time for Christmas, too. The Avs released their 2020-21 Reverse Retro jerseys just now, and they definitely are a tip of the hat to the past. For you young fans out there, the Avs franchise used to be known as the Quebec Nordiques, but they moved to Denver in 1995, after 16 years in the NHL in Quebec City.

These new jerseys certainly pay homage to the Nordiques.

Here’s a tweet from the Avs that has a little video presentation of the jerseys:

Here are still pics:

I like them a lot. Hell, I might even want one. I know my son, who is a jersey freak, is already pestering dear old dad to get one. I like the mixture of Avs burgundy and royal blue, with the Quebec logos and the fleur de lis on the shoulders and bottom.

When can you order them? Right now, by clicking here.

They won’t ship until Dec. 1, though. Still – just in time for Christmas.

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Here’s more on the jerseys, from the Avs’ official release:

The Colorado Avalanche, in conjunction with the National Hockey League, today unveiled its adidas Reverse Retro jersey as part of a league-wide announcement of the Reverse Retro collection for all 31 teams.

Blending both the past and present, the Reverse Retro jersey is based on the uniform the organization wore during its time in Quebec City as the Nordiques. The crest features the iconic Nordiques igloo logo, modernized in the Avalanche’s color scheme. The hem showcases the return of the fleur-de-lis symbol, modeled from Quebec’s provincial flag, with a fleur-de-lis patch also placed on the shoulder. 

One of the few Reverse Retro jerseys in white, the sweater is a nod to the snow found in both northern Quebec and the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the franchise’s two homes.

“The Avalanche’s reverse retro jersey is unique in that it represents our club’s rich history and bright future, utilizing the Nordiques’ iconic marks and remixed in the Avalanche’s beloved burgundy and blue,” said Declan Bolger, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Colorado Avalanche and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. “We believe the sweater pays tribute to the franchise’s time in Quebec City, the first 25 seasons in Colorado, and will be popular for not only Avalanche and Nordiques fans, but for all fans of the game.”

The jersey design also includes a wide burgundy stripe at the waistline of the sweater and narrower burgundy stripes at end of each sleeve’s hemline-the same design used on the Nordiques’ original home uniforms. On the back of the sweater, a horizontal white nameplate is situated above blue numbers trimmed in burgundy. The lettering of the nameplate is in burgundy, while the font on the sweater is in the similar block-style that was used by the Nordiques.

Inside the wide collar, which is colored in burgundy, are other details blending the franchise’s past and present. On the back neck is the text ‘COL’ and ’79’-representing the year Quebec entered the NHL-with the adidas’ colorful reverse retro mark in between.

The Reverse Retro jerseys are available for presale today at and orders will be shipped on Dec. 1.

The full uniform design of Colorado’s reverse retro look, as well as a schedule of when it will be worn, will be announced at a later date.


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I think the Avs hit a home run with this jersey. Nicely done tribute to the Nordiques. Maybe this will also give the NHL a new impetus to placing a franchise there.

Dwayne Hall

Looking at the whole collection I think this is the best one, and will be favored by most of the jersey nuts that write about this stuff. To be honest I really think the Nordiques logo works well for the Avs in the fact it does have some resemblance to an ‘A’.

This feels like Dumb and Dumber with this and the Stadium Series sweater. You totally redeemed yourselves Avs and the NHL.

Joel Stefaniak

Agree this is the best of the bunch. Really hope they actually wear these more than a handful of times.


Classy sweater, looks great!

Jared Moss

Love them one thing I would have liked to see, is instead or the fleur de lis on the bottom and shoulders, the shoulders should have had the big foot! Than 100% home run


My thoughts exactly!

Charlie Anderson



Why not predominately blue in color like the Nordiques jersey? Or an aqua/bluish color. They are still predominately “purple” and I’d use more of the blue on the markings, including saint like logos (what are those???) on the bottom and shoulders. Jazz it up – – more color!


The fleur-de-lis (lily flowers)? It’s an icon that has its origins in the royal French coat of arms.


Still too much burgundy for me. I think they would have been stunning with more of the original Nordiques color – especially the lily flowers (thanks dp10.)


Wearing white @ home is also great too.

Matt Briggle

Love these sweaters, and they are gonna look amazing with the pants and gloves teased earlier by MacK and Mikko.


I like them. Though I wish that they’d reversed the colour in the logo. I think it would add a little pop of colour, that I think it needs with the burgundy being dark.


Also with the blue equipment it would tie in better.

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