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Sidney Crosby to the Avalanche? Darren Dreger says “It makes a lot of sense to me”



Sidney Crosby

First off, I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t trade prospects like Alex Newhook or Bo Byram. I especially wouldn’t trade either one along with two or three first-round picks and maybe another roster player or two for Sidney Crosby. Why am I bringing up even the possibility of a trade involving Sidney Crosby and the Avalanche?

Well, because there is some talk in the hockey world – just some talk, mind you – that maybe, just maybe, the Pittsburgh Penguins might try to trade Sidney Crosby after this season. Do I think the Penguins would dare trade No. 87, who surely will have a statue of himself in front of Pittsburgh Paints Arena someday, alongside his owner and former teammate, Mario Lemieux? I doubt it, but as the saying goes in hockey:

“Wayne Gretzky was traded, too.”

And that’s true. Who would have ever thought the Edmonton Oilers would ever trade the Great One, while still in the prime of his career? It happened.

Yesterday while doing a radio hit, TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger actually mentioned Sidney Crosby and the Avalanche in the same sentence, as “making sense” as a destination if the Penguins were to try and trade him.

Here is the clip, thanks to reader and subscriber Nick from Quebec:

Dreger said he would “not be at ALL surprised” if Crosby went to new Penguins management after this season – and this is IF the Penguins don’t make the playoffs or IF Crosby doesn’t think the Penguins are a Stanley Cup contender anymore – and essentially asked for a trade to a Cup contender and/or a younger team on the rise. Partly why Crosby would do it, Dreger speculates, is as something of a parting gift to the Penguins, to better restock their own cupboard with the bounty he might bring in a deal.

Superstreak Bonus!

Crosby is 33 now and, while still a great player, I don’t think it can be said he’s still in his prime. Yet, would I like him as a No. 2 center for two or three years or more, right behind his friend and Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, neighbor, Nathan MacKinnon? Well, duh. That looks really good on paper, despite the fact that Nazem Kadri is doing a nice job at No. 2 center now and still has one year left on his contract at $4.5 million.

But I just wouldn’t do a deal where I give up a blue-chip center prospect like Newhook, along with some other first-rounders. I certainly wouldn’t give up Byram, who figures to be a reliable D-man for the next 10-15 years.

I mean, Newhook hasn’t played a game yet in the league and almost certainly will never match the NHL career of a Sidney Crosby, who is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and NHL icon.

I guess I’d want to really hear what Pittsburgh wanted, obviously, before really souring on a potential Crosby deal, who by the way has three years left on his deal at a huge cap hit of $8.7 million. That would be problematic with the way the Avs’ cap situation currently looks, especially with new deals needed for Cale Makar and Nathan MacKinnon in the next couple of years.

But, I don’t know, just spitballing here, maybe that’s doable if, say, new Pens GM Ron Hextall and team president Brian Burke took Kadri and his $4.5 million in return, and maybe an Erik Johnson and/or a Ryan Graves? Maybe J.T. Compher to the Pens, along with EJ and/or Graves and a first? I might do that.

Anyway, let’s hear your thoughts on this. Should the Avs have more of a “let’s win now and get a Crosby!” approach, or just keep building from within?

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Hard pass if it requires giving up Byram.

Geoff murdoch

No Sids free.Is Byram winning this team a Stanley cup.I think not.One has to look and say to themselves can this team do it.So far not,it’s the gamble you do or don’t take

Jared Moss

If you were gonna throw assets into the wind it would be for a younger star player, Crosby would be nice but to old and injuries have gotten to him aswell. Just not worth the investment, like I said if you wanted to get a star go younger not 33…


If Pittsburgh is looking to “restock rhe cupboards” as you say, I don’t think EJ is a player they’d be looking at. And Ryan Graves wouldn’t move the needle for any team. If you want a player like that, you’re going to have to give something significant up.

Luke Waggoner

Hells nah. Crosby would want to be a leader on whatever team he’s on, and the Avs already have a wealth of leadership in Landy, Mac, EJ, Kadri and young guns in Makar, Byram, Newhook, O’Connor ready to take that mantle when the time comes.

B Jensen

Last Cup was 20 years ago.

Rich Solomon

Crosby doesnt automatically equal a Cup win, and giving up years of potential Cup runs (with your youth) for a slightly higher possibility in the short-term, when youve been building that youth and depth this long…is dumb. Dont see Joe doing that at all.


A Crosby trade while intriguing, would ultimately shorten the Avs cup window and probably put us back into the awful state of NHL mediocrity that we experienced for far too long. I would not do it. They would have to give him away and retain some salary to make it appealing to me.

Matt Zmuda

It won’t happen unless the Avs give up the players we got for the years of suffering we went through. I’d personally pass unless it involves giving up some veterans and picks.

Besides, we need another reliable goalie not another Center. If your going to trade get a goalie. With the way Grub’s is playing he might be in for a raise that Avs are not willing to spend on.


EXACTLY. The need for a reliable goalie should be the number one priority for the Avs. I like Grubauer – – and believe the Avs can win a Stanley Cup with him in net. The problem is that he’s injury prone.


I think the deal breaks down when you start talking about what the Avs would have to give up, or you begin to unwind the cap challenges having Crosby would bring.

Honestly it’d be great to have Crosby but I just don’t see how that can be made to work without admitting that the window is closed in 1-2 seasons which given the young guys on the team that would be insane imo.


So I am A Pittsburgh fan and honestly I don’t think Crosby will move and if he did this season or next I think Hextall would ask for something in the region of 3 firsts and Devon Toews cause he is only behind Sam Girard and Makar on +/- and he has less points


I love it and want it! How can we not LOVE the idea! How about Jonathan Toews…? What is going on in ChiTown? Dude, how lucky would Avalanche fans be to see that magic on the ice… OMG!!!! I am foaming at the mouth!!!!


It doesn’t matter that he’s old, because they’d require a king’s ransom just because of who he is.
I would never in a million years do this deal.


He could take a pay cut by from any team


I have never liked Crosby, I hate his whining and would likely throw up in my mouth a bit the first time I saw his liver lips at the top of an Avs sweater. Having said that I have a question for everyone here: remember that season Crosby was less than a point a game? Well, you don’t because it’s never happened. Ever. It’s Sidney Fucking Crosby. He’s a unicorn. He’s very likely to have 5 or more very productive seasons ahead of him. He’s very unlikely to have much of a falloff for many years. If Joe and Scott… Read more »

Aaron Hinton

The more I read this the more I agree with you…


You seem to have issues to hate someone that much. Maybe you wish you could be out there with em. Chill dude


Yeah, I hate him so much I’m arguing that the Avs should trade their best prospect and a couple 1st’s for him – if the opportunity arises which it very likely won’t.


Actually Crosby has FOUR years left at a cap hit of $8.7m, although the out-of-pocket is only an average of $4.5m, which isn’t bad. There’s just no way to make that work with MacKinnonn, Makar and Grubauer coming up, plus Landeskog, Burakovsky, Toews and even Byram all needing new deals before Sid’s expires. Fun to think up, horrible capology.

Matt Briggle

It’s an interesting thought experiment and I could be persuaded depending on the package it would require. I fully expect that we’re not going to have to trade some combination of the following in the upcoming years due to cap issues – Compher, Donskoi, Graves, Toews, Girard, Timmins, and possibly Byram. Johnson would be the best one to move, but his m-NMC makes that a bit more difficult. If we’re moving out a package of younger players I would prefer to get more youth in return if possible and when we have to move one of the young D I… Read more »


With all due respect, you’d get laughed out of the building offering a combination EJ/Compher/Graves for Sidney Crosby – 1st rounder or not


I really only see this happening if the Avs falter big time in the playoffs and somehow Sakic comes (under pressure and) to the conclusion that he does, in fact, need a bona fide 1, 2 punch. Other than that, it’s worth remembering that all of the Avs’ great blockbuster deals (Roy, Bourque, Blake) came at (in retrospect) unbelievable discounts. While that maybe a very high mark to match, big picture wise, that is the only kind of deal that really ever works out.

Last edited 1 year ago by dp10

This is silly, Newhook is a mid first rounder who projects to be a middle six centre in 3-4 years. I think you just wrote an article about how you don’t really want Crosby on the Avs


He was the NCAA rookie of the year last year and will likely jump into the playoffs with the Avs at the end of this season. He had 2 goals and an assist 2 nights ago and there’s very little left for him to do in college.

B Jensen

Gus is on to something. Do it. The Avs would lock up a cup. Isn’t that the point or is it player development?

Dwayne Hall

Anybody else but Brian Burke being involved and I would think Sakic could pull some magic off to acquire Crosby while giving up as little as possible. But Burkie being in their front office won’t allow the Avs to fleece the Penguins. So that said they’re not trading Crosby without getting top prospects in return. To that, as much as the idea of Crosby on the Avs is intriguing I don’t see it happening.

Geoff murdoch

Your correct Sids not going for anything less than Bowen Byram ,Newhook and some firsts.He’s just too good.It has to work for both teams.Colorado would I assume have to send a player under contract over as well for the money to work.Remember in this league it’s about winning a cup when the windows open.It opened and closed for the jets quickly .


The idea that Burke is going to keep the Pens from getting fleeced is laughable. Go look at the Kessel deal (from Boston to Toronto is the worst, but the second Kessel trade also gave the Pens 2 Cups). The only saving grace to having Burke in the Pens building here is that Burke wanted Sid his entire career, so he won’t trade him. I don’t think Burke would do Sid for McKinnon AND Byrum, with the Avs retaining salary, he loves Sid that much.


McKinnon is the best player in the world right now. No 1 on 1 trade deals.


Any chance Crosby going to Arizona? They are a younger team trying to make some noise. No hate please. I enjoy all hockey and teams.


MacKinnon plus multiple prospects plus a #1 goalie plus multiple 1st round picks. We may talk. Stupid he’s not getting traded.

Senior Crosby

dude, you know you can screenshot right?


DD what are you on. Or is your wife an Admin for the Avs Sid is going to retire as a Penguin whenever he wants to


As an Avs fan myself, WE CANNOT trade Byram, I love him and he’s young and amazing. Crosby would be nice, but he’s not the Crosby of old. Definitely part with kadri and maybe a first/second rounder


Never happen in a million years .Old or not Sid Crosby is the best player in the game period.I am talking leadership and playoffs,not the pond hockey that gets played all year.It will cost Bowen Byrum,new hook and a couple of first round picks.Probably and existing player that is costing the Avs four to 8million a year.Nothing is free ,hockey is about timing ,think about McKinnon and Sid teaming up to win a Stanley cup.You can have all the prospects in the world,without a cup it means nothing

Blaine Jensen

Go review the Brett Hull and Calgary Flames story.


Whatever happened to loyalty to your team, through good and bad?


As a Pens fan, I think yes, you trade a top guy for Crosby. The goal is to win the cup, and Crosby is on a very friendly deal for a few more years. Yes, you give up one of those two guys. In a heartbeat. Take the 1, or 2 cups, and move on.
Years ago, many fans didn’t want to trade a young defenseman because he may turn out to be as good as Coffey. I’ll take Coffey.

Robert Stephen Mcilwraith

Sounds like the Lindros trade all over again.


Ii love Crosby. But lets face it he is on the downside of his career. To give away top players for him would be foolish. Colorado is on the right track. Don’t mess with it.

T Cutts

Maybe Pittsburgh should trade for MacKinnon and Makar to Pittsburgh and 2 1st rd. picks , 1 2nd rd. pick and Petterson to Colorado

Last edited 1 year ago by T Cutts
T Cutts

Maybe Pittsburgh should trade for MacKinnon and Makar to Pittsburgh and 2 1st rd. picks, 1 2nd rd. pick and Petterson to Colorado

T Cutts

I was only posting MacKinnon to Pittsburgh because the whole thing with Dreger saying that Crosby to Avs is possible is a joke just like others in the Toronto Hockey media dreaming up ridiculous fantasy trades. These guys are out of their minds.


No they aren’t ,it makes total sense.Colorado can draft player after player after player and still might not win a cup.That’s the problem in this league.It’s all timing,getting the right player at the right time to get you over the hump.Dregers correct,now it may never happen but I guarantee if Sid wants to go a team will pay heavily for him,trust me.He’s a born winner

Pete Jvronka

Colorado needs the win now approach. Management has built the team from w/in and it isn’t working anymore.

An external move is obvious because Colorado isn’t winning and advancing in the playoffs – win the Stanley Cup.

Colorado is trending like the Toronto Maple Leafs & New York Islanders, underachieving after being built to win now while developing the franchise for the future.

Colorado needs to step up like Dallas and St. Louis recently in the playoffs.

Cody Danko

I wouldn’t give up Newhook or Byram, but keep in mind that Avalanche 1st round picks will be towards the end of the 1st round for the forseeable future. Those picks aren’t nearly as valuable at the point of the 1st round where it becomes more of a crapshoot.


That’s why Pitt wouldn’t take just draft picks.Remember the pens get worse and Colorado gets better regardless of players given up.Other than Makar or McKinnon ,Colorado is trying to win a cup.Pens are trying to rebuild.It’s going to cost them their high end prospects.

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