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CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral



Prepare to see the Nathan MacKinnon helmet toss in memes for perhaps the next 100 years. It’s in just about everybody’s Twitter feed today, with the viral views continuing unabated. At my old shop, DNVR (formerly BSN Denver), I think they had the best one.

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  • I never saw the helmet toss as it happened. I was in la la land, on sleep and pain meds. Had to be a scratch (upper body, yeah, back). Thanks to Reagan Smith for doing a standout job in my place. I’ve been dealing with back pain every day for the last 25 years or so. Most days it’s manageable, but last night it wasn’t.
  • Thanks to those who have contributed to the Avs Travel Tip Jar of late too, including Joey Suyeishi, J.D. Killian, Gary Thurner and others who I will clear with first before I mention their names. I haven’t been going on the road much of late, mostly because 1) The team has been at home so much lately 2) A couple of the trips didn’t make much sense economically.  Not being able to go into the locker rooms, to interview players, has contributed to some decision-making in not going too. But starting later this month in Vegas, I’m hitting the road again. I always say it’s better to be in the building during a game than out of the building. I’ll also be going to San Jose on the trip right after that and we’ll play things by ear from there. I appreciate so much the contributions. To reiterate: 95 cents out of every dollar goes to fund Avs travel and five cents goes to the Thornton Food Bank.
  • I would probably have gone to the two games in Anaheim next weekend, but I’m slated to get my second vaccine jab on April 10, and I don’t want to miss that.
  • Let’s hope that Logan O’Connor’s lower-body injury isn’t bad. This would be a real loss, considering Matt Calvert is also out.
  • MacKinnon, by the way, was fined $5,000 by the NHL today for the toss.
  • There’s a new No. 1 on the TSN NHL Trade Bait list. 
  • That player, David Savard, has been linked to the Avs, by no less than Elliotte Friedman.
  • Why would the Avs want another veteran D-man for the second half/playoffs? Remember what Joe Sakic has said before: “You can never have enough D.” He’s a banger, tough and would certainly add grit to the team. I’m starting to wonder if the Avs are getting a bit nervous about Bo Byram, not just with his health, but with his potential to be really effective in the playoffs. Something to keep an eye on. The trade deadline is April 12.
  • The Sabres win! The Sabres win! The Sabres win! They snapped an 18-game winless streak and beat the Philadelphia Flyers, 6-1. For the Flyers, THIS is rock bottom. 
  • GOTTA SEE THIS: How would you celebrate your first NHL goal? Nikolai Knyzhov wore an interesting wig to the postgame press conference. 
  • Petr Mrazek is closer to returning for Carolina. That could free up a goalie by the deadline. I’ve heard the Avs have looked into James Reimer some.
  • I’m thrilled to welcome Bender’s Sports Bar and Grill back as an official sponsor of the site. That makes two great hangouts that are sponsoring the site – Bender’s and Blake Street Tavern. There is no grudge match rivalry between the two. The owners, Chris Fuselier of BST and Jim Armstrong of Bender’s, are great friends. Bender’s is in Westminster, next to the Westin Hotel and Westminster Promenade, and a fantastic place to watch hockey. Blake Street Tavern is downtown. I expect all of you to patronize both at some point. Not saying you aren’t already but hey…it helps keeps the lights on here.
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Great stuff AD (Mac-K earned legend status with that whole sequence)…hope the back eases up for you…and glad to hear consideration of adding D/grit…a little bit of that, and Frankie coming back healthy and right would sure amp up the expectations even more than the 3-1 co-favorite line that came out yesterday.

Jared Moss

I still say throwing Bryam into the fold and burning a year was a mistake, obviously he has talent but sometimes you just gotta be older bigger and stronger to survive in this league, withbryam injuries and timmins aswell, and pateryn not very good I totally see joe going after another D but better be a tough D!

The PG

I’m in the other camp. I do not think keeping Byram was a mistake. IIRC, the only choices at the time were play with the Avs or go home, as the AHL hadn’t yet decided there would be a season and the WHL was never going to be an option. Better to develop him here protected than to have him waste a year. I also think the lack of offense on his part may be directly related to the Avs having him focus on his defensive side to get it to an NHL level. His offense is good and will… Read more »

Joshua Canfield

I agree for the most part. Bryam has held his own with the big club. He’s been put in a more defensive role then he’s probably use to.

However, I do believe that he would of benefited from some time with the Eagles, playing the Avs system.

That was a targeted shot. The Renouf fight didn’t do enough justice for Bryam.


Lady who? Pfftt…

Joshua Canfield

Great write-up AD. Honestly, I see a ton of potential in Byram but I believe burning the 1st year was a mistake. He would of benefited from a year or two up in Loveland. I keep getting mixed signals about if Sakic will look for a 1B/Backup goalie. Tom Hunter at Mile High Hockey was adamant that Sakic wouldn’t trade for one. I say if Franki will be ready by rhe playoffs, then no. Yet, if he’s not ready, I don’t see Sakic taking the risk of having to start Johansson in the Playoffs. I deal with chronic pain, CRPS,… Read more »


Tom Hunter lol

Joshua Canfield

I typically stick to CHN but do read some of the stuff posted on MHH. Aside from Hunter, it doesn’t seem like most believe that Sakic will trade for a goalie at the deadline. Personally, if Francouz isn’t ready by playoff time, I don’t see Sakic going into the playoffs with Johansson, Miska, Payton Jones and Werner as his backup goalie options.

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]

[…] CHN Puck Links: MacKinnon goes viral  Colorado Hockey Now Source link […]


That was $5000 well spent.

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