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Dater’s Daily: Chris Drury fires David Quinn; would Avs make offer for Jack Eichel?



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Former Av Chris Drury wasted little time in shaking up his New York Rangers in a big way today, firing David Quinn as coach, along with several assistants – including former Avs assistant Jacques Martin. That couldn’t have been too easy, as Drury is a fellow alum of Boston University, where Quinn played and coached. Quinn, as you’ll recall, also was an Avs assistant coach once.

But it’s also a statement, if people didn’t know it already, that Chris Drury isn’t about to be swayed by friendships when making business decisions as the Rangers’ new president and GM. One thing I well remember about covering Drury for several years: he’s about winning, period. Nothing else matters.

Patrick Roy’s name has made the list of some pundits’ speculation as the next Rangers coach, but despite Drury knowing Roy well too, I don’t see it. I think Drury is going to look for a rising coach from the college, minor-pro or junior ranks, but we’ll see.


  • So, Jack Eichel says there is a “disconnect” between him and the Sabres, because of his latest injury and the treatment of said injury. If he is traded, Buffalo will ask for a king’s ransom. But he very well might get traded. Would the Avs make an offer? I’d say how they do in the playoffs could answer that, but I think you always have to consider it when a player like him comes on the market. What about Nazem Kadri, Bo Byram and a first-round pick? I doubt the Avs will actually offer Byram to anyone, but don’t let anyone kid you: the fact that Byram already has a concussion history is a real source of worry. Byram’s status remains murky at best. Jared Bednar said he’s skating some days. Some days, he isn’t.
  • I probably wouldn’t do some mega-deal for an Eichel. I mean, his own injury history is a worry too. But if the Avs get bounced early from the playoffs, anything absent a trade involving anyone but the inner, inner core of this team might be on the table. It would be hard to fit Eichel under the salary cap, for sure. But it could be done, moving some pieces around.
  • Great story here on the unlikely rise of a sports podcaster – a guy who also happens to be a friend of mine (
  • If Eichel does get traded, don’t expect him to go back to his home state (Boston Hockey Now)
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins will be up to 50 percent capacity for their home playoff games next week, which should make for a nice home ice advantage for them. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of competitive advantage the hockey teams with the bigger home crowds will enjoy. (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • I would think there is reason to hope that Denver will allow more fans to Ball Arena for the playoffs, but as of yet it hasn’t happened obviously.
  • Thank goodness Jaromir Jagr is not planning to retire after recently completing his 33rd pro season for the team he owns in the Czech Republic. (
  • Ah, memories

  • Two of those guys in those pictures are now NHL GMs, one has been an NHL coach and might be again, and the other coached in major junior. Not bad.

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