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On the Nazem Kadri hit…



Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire

I’ll predict five games. Five games is my prediction for the forthcoming suspension to Avalanche center Nazem Kadri for his hit to the head of Blues defenseman Justin Faulk in the third period of Game 2 last night.

I won’t be shocked if it’s more, though. Technically, Kadri is not a repeat offender with the NHL right now, because his last suspension happened more than 18 months ago. But past incidents can and still are used against players, we all know that. I mean, let’s get real. He’s gonna get the book thrown at him. This will be his sixth suspension as a player – three times in a regular season with Toronto and twice more in the playoffs – in 2018 and 2019 – as a Maple Leaf, both times against Boston. The first playoff suspension was three games and the second was for the rest of the first round for a Game 2 hit against Jake DeBrusk.

Kadri has been offered an in-person hearing from the NHL for the hit, which would be done by Zoom – not in person in New York, like in normal, non-pandemic times. From the NHL: “A player is offered an in-person hearing if the infraction might require a suspension of six games or more. In this case, Kadri is suspended until the hearing takes place. If Kadri waives his right to an in-person hearing, the hearing will be conducted by phone.”

About the hit: This was not some premeditated, lining-up-a-guy-from-100-feet-away, predatory hit. Faulk came across the middle, had his head down a little, and Kadri went to hit him. He didn’t leap off his feet – his left skate is planted firmly on the ice – and he didn’t throw some wild elbow. He looked to me to just want to lay a good shoulder hit to the body of Faulk, but got him on the head instead.

Whether Kadri meant to do that or not doesn’t matter really. It happened, and there will be a price to pay for it in terms of lost games.

The NHL’s method of determining suspensions completely baffles everybody. This immediately resulted in a furor because Faulk was laid out on the ice and because of who Kadri is.

Superstreak Bonus!

Yet, the hit by Vegas forward Keegan Kolesar against Avs defenseman Bo Byram earlier this season was worse, in my opinion, than what Kadri did. Here’s a guy who literally leaped off his skates to hit Byram up high along the boards, which gave Byram a concussion that lasted weeks, and yet we didn’t hear a peep from the NHL Department of Player Safety about that.

By the way, the Blues are no stranger to having guys suspended for hits to the head. One of their players, in fact, was suspended two games this season for this hit to the head of Devon Toews.

Kadri will be suspended, and it’s warranted. He’s got to be smarter than that, and this now could fire up the Blues, give them a big rallying cry and it could expose Avs players to dirty, retaliatory hits in Game 3 or beyond.

But it’s also the game of hockey, a fast-paced, contact sport. This stuff happens sometimes and will always happen. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s real life.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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I don’t entirely agree with your characterization of the hit. Looked to me like he did in fact line him up. He skated horizontally across half the zone. Also, Faulk’s head wasn’t down, it was up. He had just shot the puck so he was prone and couldn’t brace for the hit. I think given how far he skated across the ice, Naz had plenty of time to adjust the point of contact. I don’t think he quite meant to go for the head, but when you aim high and get tunnel vision like that, bad things can happen. I… Read more »


“Plenty of time” in the very fast paced NHL is relative. Kadri had a split second to either hit him or stop in mid-stride. He should only get two to three games, according to recent suspensions, a playoff game equals two regular season games. Either way, Matt Cooke appeared in playoff games after the illegal (season-ending) knee on knee check to Tyson Barrie, and Kadri will be around when the Avalanche advance, which they will do. Kadri’s lack of scoring is what bothers me most. Yeah, he’s good at the dot, but he was brought in for secondary scoring, and… Read more »


I’m not suggesting he should have stopped. I’m saying all he had to do was change the angle and hit him anywhere else under than directly on the chin. Watch the path he takes from the boards to the slot. He had time.


Agree it probably will be 5. Do the Avs need him? What’s the plan for the next few games?

Joshua Canfield

I bet Soderberg either plays on the 4th line or 2nd line (like Bednar had him for a couple games). I’d like to see Newhook get a promotion to the 2nd line, since a 4th line role doesn’t really suit him. One other scenario, I could see, is maybe move Jost up to the second line.


Jost on the second, Newhook third, soda on the forth. That’s what I like anyways. Also I think it makes the most sense. You can have Soderberg maybe take some defensive zone assignments for Newhook if you want.


I would leave Jost’s line intact and put Newhook on the second line, and slot Carl in as a wing on the fourth.

April Angel

“The NHL’s method of determining suspensions completely baffles everybody.”
Perfect word: baffles. There is NO logic. Zero. So no way to predict what in the heck DPS will do today with Kadri.


The NHL’s method of determining suspensions completely baffles everybody. 


One thing that hasn’t been as baffling over the years – if it’s an Av, the punishment will come and it will be big-time!

Chris DeMott

Certainly, the frustration won’t be if Kadri gets 5+ games (the Avs should hope he does for their own safety), but rather the inconsistency that you brought up with Kolesar. The NHL has a concussion problem and they need to start dealing with it before they are sued NFL style. I also have to start questioning Kadri’s Intellegence at this point. Thanks for all the help in the playoff’s dude.

chippy play

I’ll take the over. I actually think it will be double-digits.

John Klingenstein

Any more than 2 games is a joke. How was that worse than the hit on Mackinnon against the sharks? Its a fast game. There was definitely no intent. Its unfortunate Faulk got hurt, but that’s how the game should be played. Nothing wrong with taking the body there with a guy walking down the middle. He didnt throw an elbow or anything. Just a quick play. Please dont ruin hockey like they did football….hitting too hard..suspension. Totally fine with a couple of games, but to equate that hit with some intentional run, or elbow, or leap, or hit from… Read more »

Jared Moss

Yeah I disagree with AD, if its 5 or more this league is a joke, there has been way worse hits barley get suspended, Wilson runs around killing people and gets nothing, the league deffiently has different standards for different people, I have a bad feeling about this but really should only be 2-3 games

Corey Lampert

From what I’ve noticed, If the avs weren’t so good at slipping checks…there’d be 2-3 avs out due to injury and several Blues on suspension. O’Reilly acts as if his guys aren’t playing dirty with the intent to injure. Fact of the matter is…Kadri just happened to be the one who got caught. Everyone’s talking about Kadri’s reputation as a dirty player…he’s no Marchand or Wilson.

Matthew Benedetti

Kadri is every bit as bad as Wilson, repetitively dirty, this is the sixth occasion in 6 years.

Doug N

Exactly, 6 well deserved suspensions put him right up there with Marchand and Wilson


AD is absolutely right. This was a stupid hit more than anything. It should be punished by default, but to imply malice is kind a ridiculous. Could be a wake-up call for Kadri, who hadn’t had a great year.


The Kadri hit was pretty bad but I don’t think it needed to distract completely from the result of the game and the performance of MacKinnon for example. posted an article regarding Kadri’s in-person hearing almost immediately following the game but never posted an article summarizing the Av’s win and Mac’s hatty. Seems a weird omission unless I missed something.

Matthew Benedetti

Don’t be mad at, be mad ad kadri for becoming the center of attention for being dirty yet again. Absolutely the top story should have been MacKs hatty, instead we get to discuss kadris recidivism, which is 100% kadris doing.


I don’t think the hit was uncomfortable to watch. The up by 2 is where a selfish guy looks for his opportunity. A 5m powerplay could have cost them the game. Hope Sakic asked for more. His lack of respect for everyone else’s hard work isn’t worth giving him the chance to apologize. Man up

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