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Top 10 Recruiting Tips for Hockey Players in College



(On off days such as today, I like to throw in a story for the general hockey fan – especially kids looking to play the game. Here’s a story for you kids who hope to play college hockey, or just take things to the next level in general).

Hockey is obviously a vigorous sport that requires a lot of energy. Athletes often find it challenging to make it through the recruitment process in their hopes to play at the college level. Nevertheless, some recruiting tips like these might make it more manageable.

Be Proactive

Being proactive can do wonders in this business. Indeed, coaches can’t ask students to appear for a selection process before the 1st of January every year, and only when the player is in grade 10. 

Does this mean you should let go of any hopes you’ve had to achieve your dream? No. You can write an essay to show your passion for the sport and contact coaches earlier. It will help them know you’re a motivated player and will be interested in seeing your game! 

Start Looking for a Junior League Team

Your college hockey recruiting process might take some time; you should keep your options open to gain some experience. Try to look around and find a junior league team to learn better hockey tricks while you’re on the ice. You can seek advice from a family member or close friend who has been a part of an excellent junior league team.

Make sure you reach out to your coach before deciding as they can guide you if you should take up an offer or wait for better ones. Quick hockey recruiting doesn’t mean you jump at the first chance you get.

Go to camps and showcases

If you are thinking about how to become a college hockey player for a known college, then the best way to find out about them is to visit their camps and showcases. You can contact the admissions office to find out if there are any limited tour dates for prospective athlete students; if not, then you can go whenever you please and ask them to show you around.

You should ask them questions and talk to their coaches. It will help you feel comfortable and help you develop a better understanding of the NCAA hockey recruiting process.

Watch Your Social Media

When you want to participate in Division 1 hockey, you should keep your social media clean. Don’t post something too aggressive or something that scares your coach away. It’s okay for you to enjoy it on your social platforms, but one should always limit it to a closed group of friends instead of everyone they know. Such sort of transparency can harm your prep school hockey recruiting.

The advice goes for parents as well. If you want to attract a college hockey recruit for your son, it doesn’t mean you post about it on social media and drive the coach away by appearing to be too overprotective.

Be Patient

Patience is the key to success. You can expect to get a big break over time. You have to work for it and put in a lot of effort. It is one of the most crucial college recruiting tips you will ever receive. You can play from school or take part in D3 hockey and still call it a career, and you don’t always have to be a part of a big club in the beginning. Getting there will be a slow process. D3 hockey offers excellent education while an opportunity to play the sport too. Just trust the process and keep giving it your best shot.

Skills Coaches

Selecting a coach isn’t only about someone you’re comfortable with but also about who can teach you new and improved ways to do your best on the ice. Many names have done well on paper and only watch films and consider themselves expert coaches. Choose wisely because it is about your career. Go for coaches who have worked in prominent organizations and have played the sport themselves at some point in time. An example is Paul Vincent, who is considered the best coach in the area in Massachusetts. There are other coaches with a good reputation as well whom you can consider for your growth as an athlete.

Do Your Research

When it comes to college hockey teams, research is a crucial component of the entire process. If you want your complete eat, then conduct extensive research to reach an informed decision. Go over the set timeline to know how much time you have before selecting the first offers from schools for the sport. There several other things that might interest you and encourage you to choose an offer from a particular school:

  • The size of their rink 
  • The location of the college campus 
  • The courses and academic programs in place for students
  • The nature of the coach employed at the school
  • The coach’s sport style 

Be Aware of Eligibility Requirements

Before you start dreaming, you need to understand and be aware of eligibility criteria for the sport; otherwise, you will be walking on a path as a blind man set for doom. You must see the academic record you need to maintain and the amateur status for your sport. Everything is critical to secure your position in a good team.

You need to understand clearly which courses you must take and which subjects are best for you. Don’t sign up for CHL contracts and put your amateur status at risk.

Take School Seriously

When you join a school, it isn’t just about college hockey commitments. You have to commit to academics too. You need to abide by the rules, have a social life, focus on your education, understand the culture, and so on. It is okay to make hockey a part of your life, but don’t have it at the center of your universe. There are multiple things you need to maintain to do well in the sport and stay fresh.

And, another thing: be well-read. Study your four literary genres. Explore that big, wide world out there that isn’t just hockey. You’ll be surprised how much that can help your hockey career. It’s not all just on the ice, you know. It’s about relating to people and making some worldly conversation. Most of the people you’ll deal with in the upper ranks have been all over the world.

Be Consistent

You need to be consistent with your practice and your academics to remain on top of the game. There is no way around it. Consistency is what brings perfection. It is okay to take a break once in a while, but don’t make it a lifelong habit.


With all these tips, you are ready to begin your recruiting journey. Follow every tip to make every step of the process easier for you and bring you one step closer to success each time. They will make your dream much clearer for you.

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