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Kadri suspension upheld by Bettman; Final appeal next



Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman upheld the eight-game suspension to Nazem Kadri today. He explained his rationale in a lengthy document, which you can read in full here.

Here is one snippet:

“Mr. Parros did not apply a strict formula to determine the quantum of discipline here and I find that a strict formula is neither necessary nor appropriate, particularly since Mr. Kadri has been assessed six (6) supplementary discipline suspensions for head-related offenses (including this supplementary discipline suspension), three (3) of which were assessed during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Weighing the factors described above, I find that an eight (8) game suspension is appropriate for the following reasons. First, it is consistent with the principle of progressive discipline. The two (2) most recent supplementary discipline suspensions assessed against Mr. Kadri, both of which occurred in the playoffs, resulted in suspensions of three (3) and five (5) playoff games, respectively. An increase to eight (8) games represents an appropriate escalation for the latest repeat offense. That is particularly true because this incident (unlike the other two) resulted in an injury.5″

Superstreak Bonus!

Kadri has already formally appealed Bettman’s decision to a neutral arbitrator, Shyam Das, who has a history of reducing previous suspension, including a Tom Wilson 20-game suspension to 14 games. He also reduced a suspension to baseball’s Ryan Braun in 2012.

The second appeal has not been scheduled yet. It’s believed it won’t happen for another few days.

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Jared Moss

Wow that comment from bettman is a complete joke…. actually kinda sad he even said that because that doesnt hold up to what other players have done, hes just talking crap cause how does he cut down games from what an employee of the nhl has already made just makes the league look worse, there is no way he should be apart of the appeal process its conflict on interest. Should skip bettman and go straight to a neutral person

Skyler Thomson

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Just a waste of time.


The arbiter should be scheduled the second the player appeals. So that as soon as Bettman’s made a ruling, the league and the player have the hearing within a day. Or just have the arbiter in with the initial appeal. So that if (let’s be real here) When the commissioner upholds it, all that has to be done is the arbiter hearing his side, and maybe anything the player has to add. It’s kinda ridiculous that the process takes this long.

Jared Moss

Like I said last post, at least we know now all we gotta do is beat people up after the whistle and it’s all good, let kadri know for next time. Also find it funny how they still consider kadri repeat offender so it had to be upped from 5 games. But Wilson and reaves I guess arnt repeat offenders. Oh this is getting sad

Last edited 1 year ago by Jared Moss

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