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Pete DeBoer on Ryan Reaves match penalty: “Nobody was hurt on the play” (UPDATED)



Ryan Reaves

A day later, it doesn’t look any better. Ryan Reaves completely tried to hurt Ryan Graves, kneeling on his head with the full force of his body. Graves was down for quite a while, hurt. But apparently, Ryan Reaves is totally clean and nobody was hurt on the thing. So says Vegas coach Pete DeBoer.

DeBoer actually said that in his Zoom call this morning. Right, nobody was hurt on the play.

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Ryan Reaves

  • It’s the classic “Their guys are dirty, and our guys are good boys who never try to hurt anyone” from an NHL coach. DeBoer said Graves hit a “defenseless” Mattias Janmark. I don’t agree. Janmark was facing Graves, but was looking away, admiring his pass. He should have been more aware of Graves coming. Yeah, the hit was a bit late, which is why Graves got an interference penalty. But Janmark wasn’t defenseless.
  • You know who was defenseless? Ryan Graves, having his head squashed into the ice by the full force of Ryan Reaves’ 6-2, 225-pound body.
  • Just in to the CHN newsdesk: Gary Bettman has upheld the eight-game suspension to Nazem Kadri. Kadri, Colorado Hockey Now has learned, will appeal a second time, to “neutral discipline arbitrator” Shyam Das. Both sides will split the cost of the arbitrator and Das’ ruling will be final and binding.
  • Kadri has served three games of the eight-game suspension so far.
  • As I write, we still don’t know if Reaves will face a hearing of any kind. The longer we don’t hear anything, the more I’ll think Reaves will skate by – again.
  • UPDATE: Reaves will have a hearing – not an in-person (Zoom) hearing though, so if Reaves gets anything at all, I doubt it would be more than 1-2 games. Also, the NHL Department of Player Safety twitter feed lists Reaves’ actions last night “roughing” and a “misconduct.” References to “intent to injure” have been scrubbed. So, here we go – different rules for different folks. Don’t be shocked if the “clean” Mr. Reaves gets just a fine.
  • Here’s Bednar’s response to DeBoer’s quote: “That’s the one play I just thought was out of the context of the game. Graves is down and in a vulnerable position and just stays on top of him. … I didn’t like the play. That’s my opinion.”
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I thought a match penalty meant he’s suspended until further notice/review by the commissioner?


Read the same thing last night. DoPS won’t even be involved in this. It will go straight to the commissioner’s office!

Jared Moss

So Kadri stays at 8 games for a high speed maybe little high hit… but instead Kadri should just punch, slam, grab someone’s face, throw them down, punch the defenceless guy some more and maybe knee his head into the ice and he wont get suspended (reaves and Wilson’s play) the Nhl is turning into a joke, if reaves skates away from this, someone has to stand up and awaken the nhl… let’s see what bettman has to say first before we riot

Jared Moss

Enough of BLM…. it’s now PLM (players lives matter) come on Nhl


I did not just read this. Also which player got concussed and which came back within a shift or two?

Luke Waggoner

Sure did chief. Resultant injury doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter in terms of punishment. Kadri was attempting to deliver a hard check and missed his target and hit high. Graves was attempting to hit a guy who at the time he committed had the puck. He hit him late, yes. Dirty? Hell no. Reaves was attempting to injure Graves. If you disagree, make your case, but I don’t know how you can possibly read that play any other way. He throws him down on the ice and kneels on his head. How is that not worse? There’s no hockey being played… Read more »

Jared Moss

I think you need sometime to think about the situation, maybe lets send someone over to kneel on your face while you think about it


UPDATE: reports Reaves to have in-person hearing. I think Graves should press charges against Reaves for felony assault .. which is exactly what that goon did. The Kadri hit was a (bad) hockey play, and is being punished, I agree with the post re Jost/Bortuzzo hit, but the attack on Grubauer and then Graves, rises to criminal conduct. It’s in Denver, not Las Vegas, so the Avalanche, and/or Graves, should file a criminal complaint on Reaves. NHL Player Safety is a joke – Bo Byram is out from a Kolesar hit where the VGK guy left his skates, and… Read more »


Where are you seeing “in-person” ?? All I can see is that he’s having a hearing


Kadri has already punched defenseless players. Six suspensions to prove it.


The bottom line is Colorado complains about dirty play but who has knocked Faulk, Robert Bortuzzo and now Mattias Janmark out of games/playoffs with bad hits? In just 5 games. And just by coincidence the two best dmen on a defensively thin team and the guy who had a hat trick last game…on a hit by Graves no less.


Come on this isn’t kindergarten. Kadri was severely punished for the Faulk hit. Bortuzzo runs into Jost (a bit similar to how Girard got the short end of going after Pacioretty last night) and Janmark. Well that one might be debatable, but then please how do you debate away the fact that Janmark shouldn’t be daydreaming in that moment. I mean let’s get real here…hockey is always going to be tough sport with lots of intentional and unintentional body-to-body contact. And the Avs have been no stranger to losing players due to the inherent physicality of the game. In fact,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by dp10
chippy play

Complains? That’s the Blues approach, including the most laughably hypocritical press conference ever. Bednar and the players just comment when asked about plays, and have avoided those hysterics. Perfect.

There have been two suspension worthy incidents in the Avs playoffs so far. Kadri, who had the book thrown at him, and now Reaves.

I’m having a great time in these playoffs so far. How’s it going for you Cody?

chippy play

Oh and hilarious to think that anyone would be targeting Janmark because of his hat trick against the Wild hahaha


A bunch of crybabies. Graves deserved what he got.


This is how many times now Reaves has employed goon tactics? I’ve lost count. He’s a coward and a cheap shot artist on skates. Nothing more.


What’s with Bednar saying that Reaves isn’t out to hurt anybody? Is he out of his mind? And then, in effect, saying the Girard hit was o.k. Josh Kroenke needs to go full Godfather II on him – “Jared, your our head coach and we love you. But don’t ever take sides against the family again. Ever.”


Adrian you’re a joke. Your comments are so homer. Graves cheap shorted Janmark just like Kadri did on Faulk. Next to Tom Wilson, Kadri is dirtiest player in hockey. I’m neither an Av or Knight fan. Just someone who enjoys good hockey.

Gary bennett

You get what you dishout, sorry Avs you want to fight be prepared to get your ass beatten

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