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5 Tips for Students to Overcome Fear of Failure In Hockey



“Philosophy’s main task is to respond to the soul’s cry; to make sense of and thereby free ourselves from the hold of our griefs and fear.” – Epictetus. 

We are all afraid of something or the other. There are phobias and there is a fear of letting oneself down we call failure. The most important goals in life make us go weak on the knees and race our hearts. The feeling of overcoming this fear is beyond explanation but when the same fear cripples you instead of motivating you, it becomes a hindrance.

Students are constantly under performance pressure and thus it becomes difficult for them to overcome fear of failure. There are several examples to satisfy this claim. Fear is a human’s defense mechanism and it has helped them save their lives, build civilizations and live out other species. It is an impetus of fear that compelled man to art and storytelling. You can read free essays about it at  and see for yourself the pattern and psychology. This being said, we must not forget that fear is the greatest motivator and there are examples enough to establish that as well. 

Why Students are Afraid of Failure in Hockey?

There are several essays and research papers that deal with fear among students and why it can hinder them to achieve great heights. Let us briefly go over the probable reasons. 

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the major reasons why students do not feel confident in facing their fears. Failure is better than a lifelong regret. For you can overcome your failures with success but regret cannot be conquered so easily. Self-doubt convinces students of their inferiority and they start believing in their failures before they fail. 

Lack of Parental Support

Parents who do not encourage their students to take up sports or anything they have a passion for doing substantial damage to their children. Even if they take up hockey against their wishes, they are constantly under pressure to be a success as failure will be met by taunts and humiliation. 

Gender Discrimination

Fear of failure in women and such ideas have been the topics and titles of certain Gender Studies essays and thesis. Women are not seen as equal to men and thus they instill a sense of impending failure which holds them back from giving their best. This is even truer when it comes to hockey or any other sports. 

5 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Failure in Ice Hockey

Overcoming your fear of failure may take some time but with perseverance and belief in yourself, you can do it quite comfortably. Remember, to achieve any goal, focus and hard work are all you need. If you are scared of losing, practice harder instead of giving up. Use your fear productively and don’t let fear control you

Locate Your Fear

The first step is to identify the locus of your fear. Once you have it located, own up to them and face the challenges. Accepting your fear is the first step to overcoming it. 

Rationalize Your Fright

Try self-counseling. Think of the worst possible situation and how you can face it. Once you start contemplating and philosophizing on your fears, you will be surprised to find answers that are practical and soothing. 

Act Against Your Fears

Students must try to take action against their fears. Directly facing your dilemmas and fears can help you shatter them pretty easily. Do not keep pushing them under the rug. Change your entire perspective and outlook when dealing with the prospect of fear. 


There can be nothing more fruitful than practice. This is also the only way to harness and positively channel your fear. If you really want to do well in ice hockey, make sure that you put in extra effort and hours. You can read stories and summaries of success from all over the world and ages to motivate yourself. 


If you can make your dreams stronger than your fright, you will know how to overcome fear of failure. Chase your dream and do not rest till you have achieved them. Remember, you don’t wanna regret it after years. 

Final Words

With those tips in mind, anybody can become a champion in ice hockey. Conquer your fear and unleash your true potentials. Train your mind to break the fetters and only then can your body give its best. The day you decide to leave the baggage behind, you will be surprised to see that your performance and strengths have multiplied.

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