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Avalanche offseason

Exclusive: Jared Bednar will return to coach Colorado Avalanche




Jared Bednar will return for a sixth season coaching the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Hockey Now has learned.

Bednar, 49, already is the longest-tenured coach in Avs history, and that tenure will continue into the 2021-22 NHL season. In his five years behind the bench, he has posted a regular-season record of 184-149-39 and 24-19 in the playoffs.

The Avs went 39-13-4 this past season, the best of any team in the NHL. The team lost in the second round to the Vegas Golden Knights, the third straight season the team lost in the second round. That may have led to some speculation that the Avs might look for another coach to get them over that second-round hump, but it can also be viewed a different way: Bednar is one of only three NHL coaches to have taken his team to at least the second round in the past three seasons. Barry Trotz, with the Islanders, and Bruce Cassidy, with Boston, are the others.

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Jared Bednar was hired by Avs GM Joe Sakic, and the two have a good working relationship. Sakic does not make kneejerk decisions, preferring to look at the big picture always. NHL coaches have notoriously short shelf lives, but that trend seems to be changing somewhat. Only one of 31 teams can win the Stanley Cup, so rash firings after one bad year aren’t happening as much.

Bednar has won a championship at the AHL level, in the Columbus Blues Jackets system, and has posted strong winning percentages since a tough first season at the helm in which the Avs got only 48 points. He is known as a tough, but fair coach who seems to have the full respect of his players. Winning a Cup remains the ultimate goal for Bednar and the Avs, and there’s no question this season’s playoff loss to Vegas was a tough one. But Bednar will remain part of the solution moving forward.

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Count me in the camp that believes this is good news. Hopefully the changes to the roster that are in order are made and Coach Bednar is able to win a Cup (or Cups) going forward. Thanks for the update AD.


Let’s just hope he isn’t Jared 2ndar again next year


Nice! Hopefully it will be more like –


And Trotz is considered the golden boy at the moment…goes to show that you need to have patience with Bednar AND with the team.

In terms of big picture, the real issue for Sakic and the organization this summer will be to find long term deals with our key free agents that will allow them to manage the salary cap long term. Secondly, Sakic and Bednar will need to make some tweaks to the lineup to set them up better for the postseason.


Agreed – I posted (and constantly harp on – apologies to gallery) Trotz as it shows repeated post-season failures, to include…three second rounds in a row!…before finally winning the Cup in D.C….but also raise that because they had huge regular season success, but over the course of those years he gradually fine-tuned the roster and changed the culture…not by orders of magnitude, but just a little bit, and that’s all that was needed. I suspect the same is true for the Avs.

Michael Nogrady

I believe in Jared. We have to look at our star players for this one. Perhaps a trade or two to get some muscle.


In my opinion Bednar did an excellent job in the regular season, but he failed miserably in developing game plans that would be successful against Vegas. I worry that he doesn’t have the creativity to quickly adjust to teams as they respond to our systems.


I don’t think the Trotz comparisons are apt. He built a franchise up from nothing in Nashville. This isn’t that. Bednar had a loaded roster this year and got soundly outcoached. Really you could argue he was outcoached all three years. He is a good coach but I don’t think he’s the guy to make the leap, and I’m afraid we’re gonna have to watch him fail for another year before Sakic comes around to this idea.

Jon Bridges

The Trotz comparisons come from him coaching a loaded Washington Capitals to 3 second round exits in a row before winning the cup with them……So yes the comparisons with Trotz would be “apt”


Guess I should have used a paragraph break. I’m saying he had already built a solid resume with his success in Nashville before the Washington years. Bednar was an AHL hire. Bedsy getting outcoached was a separate point not related to Trotz.

Jon Bridges

Yeah I can see where your coming from there, however Nashville’s success (which they haven’t won anything in this league) could also be attributed to their GM Poile who has drafted well and made great trades. My true point in my comment before being that the Avs and Caps are incredibly similar teams, same with the lightning as in they had to learn to lose before they learned to win! they both learned to lose and win as a team, and they did that without replacing the coach who helped put them in that opportunity.

Nathan Edwards

Now I am still pissed off like anyone else, but no way this falls on Bednars hands. I thought he did a very good job of what he had in his lineup. Can he make Girard not cough the puck up every other 6 mins, and get tossed around like a rag doll? Can he make goofy Jost or Compher score like the handful of great opportunities they had? Can he Make Kadri not take a careless head shot to be expelled for 8 games? Sloppy play for 5 minute chunks is what cost the Avs this series. I would… Read more »

chippy play

“Really you could argue he was outcoached all three years.“

Only if you’re a moron.


I respect the first part of your comment, but just because you disagree with someone is no reason to call that person a moron. This site has generally had respectful and thoughtful comments. Please don’t degrade it.

Anna Roberts

This is a good decision. Bednar coaches the guys and I believe the players respect him. The only thing that worries me we could lose one of our coaches to Seattle.
I can’t wait for the fall we have young players ready to make the team. Byram, Newhook. Unfortunately we will lose someone to Seattle…

John J

When I see what teams like Montreal and NY Islanders are doing with a lesser talented team than the Avs, I don’t like this decision by Sakic. Bednar has proven to not be able to maximize a talent laden team for the last 4 years. He doesn’t know how to create a more robust yet flexible style of team play for the talent given. Sport’s writers are too quick to excuse Bednar saying that it’s the player who didn’t perform well enough or made too many boneheaded mistakes. But lot of that is on Bednar. Great coaches know how to… Read more »

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