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Elliotte Friedman: Gabe Landeskog has 7-year, $49 million offer “on the table” from Avs



Gabe Landeskog
Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire

First off, Elliotte Friedman is a phenomenal hockey reporter – and an even better guy. So, whenever Elliotte reports something, I take it right to the Dater Bank and cash it. I am a super-competitive guy and like to break the news first on the team I cover but…yeah, it’s not always going to happen. Friedman has sources. So, when he tweeted just now about the Avs and an offer to Gabe Landeskog, well I consider that breaking news in itself.

The only thing I knew and had reported already today was that the Avs and Landeskog camp were still engaged in talks. I consider (ed) that a good sign, because in my long, long history of covering this team, the Avs almost never talk this long/late into the free-agency process with their own player if they either know he wants to leave or, obviously, if the team has/had no interest in him anymore.

If the Avs have an offer of seven years, $49 million “on the table”, I think that’s a damn good offer and one Landeskog should take. If it’s eight years and $56 million? Well, then that’s a great offer and if Landeskog turned it down, then…not to sound cavalier, but the first thing out of my mouth if I were Joe Sakic would be “Don’t let the door hit you in the (butt) on the way out.”

Keep in mind, the Avs are the only team in the NHL that can offer Landeskog eight years on a contract, because he’s still their property. I forgot about this, but as another excellent reporter, Frank Seravalli, pointed out on Twitter: the Avs only have the ability to offer an eighth year until 10 p.m. mountain tonight. Otherwise, they can only offer seven years starting tomorrow too. The Seattle Kraken could have signed Landeskog to an eight-year deal, but only if they had agreed to a deal in that exclusive 72-hour window they had and made him their official selection in the expansion draft. That didn’t happen, so they could only offer seven years max on a UFA offer, just like any other team.

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So, if Landy won’t take seven years and $49 million and the Avs are hesitant to give that eighth year at a $7 million AAV, how ’bout we just split the difference in a way and make it eight years, $52 million?

Gabe gets an extra year on his contract, which would expire when he’s…gulp, almost 37…and he gets more money in his pocket overall. And, the Avs get a slightly lower cap hit this year, which makes it easier to sign some other guys to win that Stanley Cup both sides say they so adamantly want.

If Landeskog thinks there’s a seven-year deal at $9 million per out there, well then it’d be his right to turn down even that eight-year possible offer from the Avs and make more money. And, a seven-year, $63 million deal is a lot more money than $49 million. Personally, I think that would be overpaying for Landy and that team would regret it before that deal ended, but teams overpay for players in free agency all the time. Nothing would shock me. And I can easily – easily – see a team like St. Louis or a few other teams doing a 7×9 offer. You don’t think they wouldn’t like to steal the Avalanche’s captain away? Please.

Anyway, let’s get this thing DONE! I need a good night’s sleep for a change.

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That’s a good offer – 7X7. If Landy leaves for richer pastures, I wouldn’t fault Sakic on this one. The ball is in your court, Gabe.

Bob Neal

Good comment. You hate to lose Landy but he needs to be realistic.

Aaron Hinton

You want to win the cup, Gabe? Or attach that U-Haul to your hearse and take that extra 2 mil with you to the grave? Can’t do both.

Joshua Canfield

Thx for the update AD. I feel like I’m one of the few Avs fans who is confident that Landeskog will re-sign with the club. Discussing across social media the last couple weeks, especially since the “news” broke that negotiations were getting “contentious”, every fan was acting like we lost Landy already. There’s been a lot of swearing Sakic’s name, as well.

Sidenote; in the 2nd paragraph, you wrote, “.. if the team has/had no internet in him anymore.”. I’m pretty sure you meant ‘interest’ 😉


Sounds to me an 8 year deal with an additional $4 million for year 8 would actually benefit both parties, lower AAV/caphit and a few extra steak dinners for Landy and his family.

Kurt Scherer

I’m good with the $7 million per. Fits in nicely versus Mikko and others across the league. I don’t love the term, but if Joe is willing to accept some future salary cap purgatory for some short term certainty — okay. Landy is The Captain, a very skilled player, and clearly a leader. Want to have him back. But if someone significantly tops that offer and Landy decides that is what he wants? It is not Sakic’s job to mimic his dumbest competitor.

Colin arp

I was certainly one of the ones ready to get out my pitchfork for Sakic if he let Landy go. However, 7×7 is a good deal and what I thought what he was kind of hoping for. Guess I’ll put my pitchfork down, now.

Sign the dang contract, Landy!

Richard Trujillo

What did O’Reilly get when he left? If this is more than that I have to shake my head. This franchise may be cursed for what they did to O’Reilly.


Let him go. He didn’t show up for the Vegas series. Didn’t see leadership, toughness or scoring.

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