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Dater’s Daily: Chris Simon living his best life, and “MacKinnon” wins another horse race



Good Wednesday to all, hope it’s a good one. Let’s do some hockey links, starting with a visit here with former Avs enforcer and Stanley Cup champion, Chris Simon. The Chief is doing well, and gave me permission to use that photo above of his latest catch in Canada’s Northwest Territories, where he was born and raised and still lives.

Simon is a gentle soul off the ice, but when he was on the ice? No, you didn’t want to mess with him. I think people who were rabid fans of the Avs in 1995-96 know his value to the team, but I don’t think he ever got enough credit to just how valuable he was. He scared the wits out of every opponent, and he also scored 16 goals playing often on a line with Joe Sakic and Scott Young. I think it was an injustice when he was scratched for all of the Stanley Cup Finals against Florida. I think he had an ankle that was giving him problems at the time, but still. That hurt his feelings and started to make things go sour for him with the Avs.

Pierre Lacroix, in one of his rare missteps, offered Chris Simon just a $125,000 raise over the $500,000 he made. Simon held out and was traded to Washington, where he immediately was given a $1 million salary by the Caps, who made the Stanley Cup Finals two years later, with Simon playing a major role on the team.

Superstreak Bonus!

Continued good days at the lake, Chief.

  • So, Erik Johnson’s latest horse, “MacKinnon” won another race over the weekend, taking a $60,000 prize (San Diego Union Tribune)
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  • In the end, the NHL wanted to honor the current CBA and the wishes of the NHLPA, so they signed off on NHLers heading to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics. (NHL)
  • After essentially being banished from the NHL, former Canucks winger Jake Virtanen will play in the KHL this season. (TSN)
  • The best fits for Vladimir Tarasenko and Evgeny Kuznetsov (Hockey News)
  • Building the ultimate hockey book collection (Hey, I think I see “Blood Feud” in there!) (Hockey News)
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Bob Neal

I’ve always thought that the Av’s would have won one to two more cups if they had held on to Chris Simon. He was a fantastic enforcer that was also a very talented player. While I think Pierre had many woopsies, not keeping Simon was his biggest one.

Alan Callison

Stayed a few nights in Wawa two summers ago. Always wore my Avs stuff. Lots of locals commented. He was one of my favorite players.


Many folks don’t know anything about Chris Simon but I can tell you this – – no team messed with the Avs star players without getting hammered by “The Chief.” And, he was one of very few “Enforcers” that could really skate AND score goals. He wasn’t one dimensional. I was at a game where an opposing player tried to rough up Peter Forsberg. On the ice comes Simon and he skates next to the guy and puts a major, WWF, big time elbow across the face, knocking the player down to the ice. A penalty, yes, but you never… Read more »


Former NHL’er Chris Simon born and raised in the Northwest Territories???? He’s from Ontario Canada. The writer of this article needs to seriously check his facts.


Former NHL player Chris Simon born and raised Wawa, Ontario, Canada.

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