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Avs Training Camp

Jared Bednar tests positive for Covid-19



Well, this training camp is going great so far isn’t it? Avs are 1-3, one of the top two goalies is already hurt (3-4 weeks for Pavel Francouz, lower-body) and now the head coach, Jared Bednar, has tested positive for Covid-19.

That last one obviously is some serious news, and let’s all cross our fingers here for him. Several guys on the Avs have tested positive before (Erik Johnson, Gabe Landeskog, Bo Byram) and they got through it seemingly very well.

In last spring’s playoff series with Vegas, Bednar had to miss a morning skate because Game 6 because of “test irregularities”, but he was able to coach that night. So, this is his first positive test.

Assistant coaches Nolan Pratt and Ray Bennett will work the benches at the next two Avs games, including tonight’s preseason tilt in Dallas. Beyond that, nothing more has been said by the team. Obviously, when Bednar comes back will depend on his health.

Superstreak Bonus!

Was Jared Bednar already vaccinated when he tested positive? The answer to that has to be yes, because that is the rule for NHL coaches. All of them must be vaccinated to continue on with their jobs.

I’m a little late posting this, sorry. Been doing physical therapy for the back, which is NOT good. More on this later…

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Better now than during the actual season, when games matter. I can’t imagine there are huge roster decisions happening (or if Bednar even has a say in them, because Joe Sakic). Hope Bednar comes back quick!

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Jim Strohmeier

Hey AD, read an interesting article: “You can unlearn your chronic back pain” Study: You Can “Unlearn” Your Chronic Back Pain |
I hope to pursue this therapy, along with future stem cell treatments.

Charlie Anderson

Best wishes to Bedsy and your back AD

Kenneth Brown

Current guidelines are a person who test positive must stay home for 10-14 days, so he’s probably out a minimum of 10 days from now.


It’s a fake vaccine.

Kenneth Brown

LOLZ.Is the disease fake too? Depending on which vaccine you get, your immunity wears down over time. Pfizer and J & J require a booster. I got the Moderna vaccine and while I dont require a booster, me and my microchip are doing just fine.

Luke Waggoner

Are you just trying to be provocative? I’m not the biggest fan of the vaccine if you’re young and healthy, but I don’t think it’s fake. That said, data has shown it to wear down to roughly 20% efficacy against infections after 5-7 months according to a study in the NEJM.


Love how the masses were told that if they get the jab they will not get Covid (the actor playing Biden said those exact words) and now they say it limits the effects. People need to open their eyes to what this jab represents.


Intelligent people know that the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting the virus.

Karl Keen

Never ends with this team. Hope he will be ok

As for our goalie situation, not good.


Stick with that conservative care, AD. Avoid surgery at all costs. You will get better. The physical therapist I sleep next to every night will agree with me.


100% B.S. !!!!! 100% FACT !!!!

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