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Another Jordan Binnington Meltdown



ST. LOUIS – From the Avs-Blues game tonight: Jordan Binnington had another temper tantrum, after getting lit up by the Avs through the first two periods.

I wish the refs would just allow the opposing goalie to fight this guy. Or, better yet, I wish Binnington would actually follow through with dropping the gloves finally, instead of this fake tough guy routine. It’s getting waaaay old.

Superstreak Bonus!

He should get some kind of punishment for this, either a fine or a suspension. You can’t just swing sticks at guys’ heads.

Should we start holding our breath for some justice from the NHL Department of Safety, Avs fans?

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Don’t count on anything to happen.

Yan Girard

Not even an unsportmanlike punition for Binnington. LNH became a real circus.


At the very least a misconduct penalty should have been called…

Rich S.

He did get a misconduct. Served by Bortuzzo.


He got a misconduct.


The Avs, their writers, and their fans can cry about harmless player conduct from other teams when Kadri is no longer on their roster.


Nah, we’ll talk about it whenever we want.

Tom Hanson

Avs = whining beaches


Poor & potentially hazardous behavior – refs should have made him accountable for the intensional swinging of the stick at Kadri’s head!


Bennington should have been thrown out of the game. I think swinging a stick at a player’s head is equivalent to bumping a referee. It’s a display of intent that should never be tolerated.


Man, I can’t imagine what would have happened if Baby Binnsie had ‘accidentally’ let that stick go.

It would’ve been at least a 10 game suspension for Kadri…

Last edited 1 year ago by dk

For a one game 1 million dollar contract find someone to run his dumb ass! Problem solved.

Nick Chapman

Imagine the suspension if Binnington’s last name had been Kadri.


Talking about Binnington getting “lit up” in a 4-3 hockey game with shots 42-18 in favor of the Avs is pretty funny. How is Kuemper’s Vezina campaign going? Maybe a little more fire would help him…


Good point. I’m an Avs fan but I can see clearly that Kuemper is a disappointment right now. I don’t have a problem with Binnington tantrums. Colorado had to witness Patrick Roy silliness for 8 years as a player and 2 years as coach. I don’t understand the crying from A.D


“…got lucky with a goal called back.” Watch the game again homer. Your boys were offside. No luck involved, just great observation by Blues to negate a bogus goal. Dems Da Rules. Props to JB for being a gamer and knowing when to rally his team.


“Lucky”? Lucky the refs called the offside. Maybe some new glasses are in order for you.

Jerry Rakoczy

I thought the officials were tough on head strikes. On the street swinging a large stick at someone’s head is assault and battery. What a dick!

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