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Bo Byram out tonight, and the worry is it’s another concussion



Well, so much for that story we all wrote yesterday, the one about Bo Byram escaping serious injury from that elbow to the head from Bo Horvat the other night. A day after participating in a full practice, a day after taking the elbow, Byram woke up “not feeling well”, coach Jared Bednar said, and will not play tonight against the San Jose Sharks.

Ryan Murray will take his spot in the lineup, and Byram is in a concussion protocol for the time being. If it is a real concussion, as it appears, it would be Byram’s second within the last eight months.

It’s a damn shame is what it is. Byram was playing so well, having an all-star kind of season, with eight points in 10 games and playing very well in his own end with the puck. And now, because of a cheap-shot, unpenalized elbow, he’s out again for who knows how long.

That’s the sneaky, awful thing about concussions. The symptoms sometimes don’t start presenting until a couple days later. More often than not, the symptoms will last longer than the previous one, too. It’s just a bad, bad deal. Now, Byram is probably going to have to do nothing except rest at home, with no heavy physical exertion and have to see a bunch of doctors and undergo a bunch of tests. Then, whenever the symptoms clear, the arduous process of getting back into shape, all the while hoping the symptoms don’t come back. It’s arguably the worst type of injury you can have as an athlete, because you just don’t know when you’ll get better again.

Of course, Horvat got nothing from the NHL Department of Player Safety, which is becoming more of an oxymoron with each passing day.

“Even though yesterday went great, this morning he was not having a good day,” Bednar said.

About the lack of discipline for Horvat, and other instances where DoPS figured to have gotten involved regarding stuff against the Avs, Bednar said, “I’m beyond trying to figure that out.”

Said Alex Newhook, who was taken in the same 2019 first round by the Avs as Byram, “It’s sad stuff. It’s scary stuff. For a guy that I’m close with and a guy I’ve spent a lot of time with, I’m just hoping for the best with him. Hoping he can get better quick.

The Avs will try to get over the .500 mark with a win against the Sharks. Darcy Kuemper will start in net. These look like the lines and pairings:


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J. Johnson-E. Johnson



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Karl Keen

He was playing great but when your a 5’10” defenseman playing against men much bigger these are the things that will happen. Sadly we are learning he isn’t going to be a player we can count on now or for the future. Hishon and Timmins written all over him…sucks

Last edited 6 months ago by Karl Keen
Aaron Hinton

Calling all available Avalanche players: Wednesday night, November 17th, your team has a 7 pm tilt against the Vancouver Canucks being held in Vancouver, BC at Rogers Arena.. Can/would any of you PLEASE, anyone, hold a Mr. Bo Horvat who wears #53, is the team’s captain (has a large white “C” on the upper left side of his jersey), stands just under 6-feet tall and weighs right around 215 pounds accountable for said cheap shot on our best defenseman? Please? I don’t make as much money as any of you reading this but I would certainly be willing to make… Read more »

Karl Keen

I’m just not finding the hit to be cheap or dirty. He wasn’t even hitting Bo but trying to play a puck that crept up into his skates. Bo is just tiny running himself into a big, strong man.

Aaron Hinton

I just don’t see what you aren’t seeing, Karl…but fair enough.

Aaron Hinton

Let me ask you this, Karl: would Claude Lemieux, Adam Foote, Cody McLeod, Jarome Iginla just let this fly? I could name more but we both know the answer.

Karl Keen

Horvat wasn’t even looking at Byrum when the elbow occurred. Was it an elbow and a two minute penalty? Yes but not necessarily a dirty play. Lemieux?! He was too busy rearranging Draper’s face with a dirty hit and then being a turtle the rest of his career. Bad example. McLeod lost more fights than he won which doesn’t send that much of a message to other teams. I still recall Bertuzzi coming back and never getting his clocked clean. The Avs have never been a team of retaliation. Have we been tougher and bigger? Absolutely but never a franchise… Read more »

Karl Keen

Let’s see:

none of the other Avs players thought it was dirty.

Several other notable Avs websites or writers haven’t taken that view.

Player safety hasn’t.

coach hasn’t said it was dirty.

others on here do not find it dirty.

Call me naive I guess.

Aaron Hinton

That’s a bullshit excuse, Karl. But this team sees it your way and that’s the problem.

Karl Keen

Ok so let’s suit up McMermaid next time we play them and focus more on retaliation and not on winning and getting back into playoff contention. That’s smart.

Aaron Hinton

No. What’s even smarter is not sticking up for your teammates and staying out of playoff contention. Have you ever played a competitive sport, dude? Are you seriously this naïve about this?

Karl Keen

I’m 800 pounds and do not even watch sports. I just come on here to get people like you all worked up.

Karl Keen

By the way, expecting a teammate to just go out of his way weeks later to assault another person for you seems to me like some unreal expectations.

Steve Moore is still waiting…maybe you should find Bertuzzi and get some retaliation be a good Avs fan.

Last edited 6 months ago by Karl Keen

Well this is a bummer, especially for Byram. Wishing him a speed recovery and no more concussions going forward! DOPS? What??????????????? It seems to be a charade.


The DoPS is an absolute failure. They do not protect players and especially head shots. Concussions are serious issues both during your career and after. But it’s plainly obvious that the NHL doesn’t care. Pretty soon, vigilante justice will rear its head. When there is no law or law enforcement, you take things into your own hands. The NHL is a mess in this area. No leadership, no justice, no accountability.

Brian Levesque

Terrible news for Byram but what is concerning for me is the fact that nobody on the Avs made Horvat answer for the hit


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but that was NOT a dirty play. At most it should have been a minor penalty. If anyone on that team should get beat up, it’s Fucker Poolman. Funny, nobody’s calling for his head around here…

I’m as much of an Av-stan as anyone, but some of us need to shed the maroon-and-blue colored glasses.


If the NHL does not police “head hits,” it’s going to be a long season/career for Bo and a lot of other players. That was a clear elbow to the head. Horvat felt Bo’s pressure and turned his head towards Byram as he was delivering his elbow. If there are no consequences for head hits, they will continue in perpetuity.


While I agree with you on your assessment of DoPS and the league, I cannot in this specific case. Unfortunately BB was a victim of the circumstances. But who knows…maybe you’ll get your wish and someone will go after Horvat in the next meetup. I’m certain that it will result in lots PIMs for the Avs and likely a suspended CO player, because reasons.


Well, an eye for an eye seems to be the only way to deal with these types of hits. But that’s not my objective. I’d rather see the NHL league and DoPS put out the word that head hits will closely be looked at and strongly dealt with. I’m not talking about incidental or unintended contact. I’m talking about elbows, high stick work and cranial shots like Kolesar delivered to Byram last year – – which was clearly egregious and intentional. If there was ever a case to penalize a player, that was the one. But no penalty on the… Read more »

Ted Grycel

Horvat knew exactly where Byram was, and throwing up an elbow is not just on a whim. If your playing the puck near the boards, you’re aware of who’s coming. This injury has bothered me more than any of the others, Hishon and Timmins are nowhere near the same talent as Byram. Crap, the kid’s 19, showing more heart and grit and is doing his best to bulk up and will, but in the meantime he needs to have his back watched by someone on this team. It’s going to be a real tragedy if the he goes the way of… Read more »

Karl Keen

There is no way he is 6’1”. I know he is listed that but clearly not accurate. Horvat is listed at 6’0” for reference


Does the league want an obviously elite talent like Byram flashing his skills on the ice or would they rather have mediocre players taking those types of guys out? Who sells more gear and tickets? They need to protect the highly skilled players (like QB’s in football) or they won’t be around. Heavy fines, swift justice.

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