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What are you thankful for Avs Fans?



2020 was difficult for everyone and 2021 hasn’t been much better. I like to think of 2021 as an extended version of 2020. Just one giant terrible year.

But! There are things to be thankful for, whether it’s personally, professionally or of course…your Colorado Avalanche.

Let’s hear it! What are three things you are thankful for with the Avs? I’ll start.

1. Kadri 19 points in 9 games
When Nathan Mackinnon went out, I thought the team was going to have a tough time scoring. The best player in the NHL went out and secondary scoring has never been a strong suit of ours. Boy, was I wrong and I loved being wrong! Kadri is playing the best hockey I’ve ever seen him play in an Avs sweater. Who knows where the team would be without his play. I am very thankful that he is on our side and wearing the Avs logo.

2. Ball Arena Allowing Fans Back
I know I am not the only one here who got chills being in a packed season opener back in October. I was lucky enough to attend a couple of playoff games last year with the restricted fan limit and it was not the same. Not even close. Being back at Ball Arena with fellow Avs fans is something I will never take for granted again. Never thought I would miss a $15 beer.

3. Jared Bednar Extension
As I marinated on the extension and what it meant for the team and future, I couldn’t help but be excited. After a couple of early-round exits in the playoffs, it’s great to see the organization still have faith in Bednar and what they are doing on the ice. No one is ready to abandon ship and by extending Coach Bednar it shows the team is committed to winning. Just need to figure out this playoff thing now….

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving CHN readers! I look forward to seeing what you are thankful for!


Some things I’m thankful for: 

  • Some back relief of late. Weight has dropped from 280 to 245. Hasn’t been easy (no more eating late at night, a staple of my routine for years, more water). The lost weight has helped out on the back, but I’m still something of a prisoner to a steroid to relieve the pain. I’m still a bit disabled in some ways, as there is hardly any disc between lower vertebrae. Bone on bone pain, and impingement on a nerve. There are still some nights where I can barely move.
  • Health for my wife and son.
  • Your continued support as subscribers. The site is doing well, thanks to you. 

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