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Should the Avs put in a claim for Evander Kane?



Evander Kane

Fairly big news today in the NHL, when it was revealed that the San Jose Sharks would be putting Evander Kane on waivers. The Avalanche will probably be near the bottom of the pack in the ability to even put in a claim if they wanted to, as they only recently claimed Nicolas Aube-Kubel on waivers from Philadelphia – and that moves you to the bottom of the pack when you do that.

But the question of the day is: if Kane were still available when their turn at a claim on him comes, should they take him? As I understand it, though, taking him on waivers would not be as advantageous for the Avs – or any team – because they’d then be responsible for his contract, which carries the rest of this season and THREE MORE at a cap hit of $7 million.

If you claimed Kane on waivers, though, you wouldn’t have to give up any other assets to get him. The most likely way to get him is via trade, especially when reports say the Sharks might be willing to eat half his salary. What is likely to happen is: Kane will clear waivers, then be sent to the AHL’s San Jose Barracuda, where everybody will wait and see how he plays from there. If he lights it up, a contending team might just be willing to take a chance on him. If he isn’t traded or claimed, the Sharks are expected to buy out the final three years of his deal. Then, he’d be an unrestricted free agent.

Kane, obviously, comes with a TON of baggage, including a recent suspension for falsifying a vaccination card to the Sharks. But, he was the Sharks’ leading scorer last season, and he can play.

Superstreak Bonus!

Look, I’m a forgiving guy. We all screw up, some more publicly than others. So, I’m not one of these people who automatically says “no way!” in giving people second (or third) chances after bad behavior. But, yeah, Kane’s baggage is serious. All the reports I’ve read from those covering the Sharks say he’s not well-liked at all anymore in the team dressing room.

If you can play, though, there is always one team out there that will take another chance. Should it be the Avs? Big, physical, 20-goal-scorers don’t grow on trees, you know. According to PuckPedia, the Avs only have $886,000 of cap space right now, which would make a trade and the Sharks eating a lot of his salary probably the only way a deal could happen. But, hey, the Avs could be getting a very good player for not much back. With Vegas recently having added Jack Eichel, the arms race is on again in the West. Stranger things have happend.

Let’s hear what YOU think about taking a chance on Evander Kane?

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To quote your twitter post – “PASS”


Doesn’t sound he would be a good fit for the Avalanche “culture”


What rock have you been living under? All his personal problems would be a major drag to the team overall, seriously are you high? What benefit would this corrupt loser provide to the Avs other than causing completely unnecessary division? Seriously I wanna buy my drugs from your dealer since you seem so seriously disconnected from reality.

Charlie Anderson

Yikes! You definitely need something to calm yoself down over there Sheep. You seem pretty tightly wound. Must go with having such a firm hold on “reality”. I think I’d take E Kane as my roommate over your black and white view of “reality” in my head. Watch out it’s a long fall off of those high horses.

Nathan Edwards

I think you’re the one living under a rock. The Avs have also been living under the 2nd round rock. This Dude would take them 4 rounds in the playoffs with his grit and tough nose style. The contract is a bit rough, as I would prefer to resign Kadri to a 3 year deal. If the Avs locker room confirmed to Joe that they would be accepting of him , then it’s a go and that would be the reality.


I think adding him would be a cancer to the locker room. They don’t need him to win.

Joshua Canfield

AD, while I’m a forgiving guy too, I just wouldn’t be able to get pass how toxic Kane is. I think this Avs club has some really good chemistry and they work as a team. From what I’ve read, Kane doesn’t seem like much of a “team player”. While I do believe the Avs need some more grit and a more physical presence, I don’t think Kane is the answer. Hard pass.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joshua Canfield
Spencer Bradshaw

This is right up there with your famous question to MacKinnon…

Robby G

I’ve always loved this guy on the ice, but I think I’d like the Avs to be more aggressive on the netminder front.



This team needs a locker room cancer as much as real cancer.

Matt Briggle

Even with SJ eating half his salary, I don’t see the trade being all that cheap because they would likely have to get a third team involved to eat even more of the salary which would cost assets as well. I’ll take a pass on this one. Maybe if he wants a league minimum PTO next season you give him a shot in preseason to see where his attitude is at.


Kane’s Minors pay for next four years is 7M, 7M, 6M, 6M – that alone should keep any sane managers from putting such a toxic person in their lockerroom. His off ice drama is partly his manager’s fault, he should’ve steered his client into some help a long time ago.

The NHL is a very elite league and many very good players never get the chance to play there. Because it is a privilege and not a right, Kane has squandered his and should go play in Russia, if even they would take him

Matt Zmuda

Hard Pass

Yan Girard

Evander Kane is an excellent player. No doubt. But Kane would have probably a negative impact in the intangibles (team chemistry, leadership, maturity). IMHO, the Avs could not acquire Kane other than a signing after a buyout by San Jose Sharks. Otherwise, it’s a caterogical no. The locker room of the Avs is very young. I am not sure that the Avs have the necessary veterans to frame Kane. San Jose Sharks is a team with greater maturity than the Avs and have many experienced players (Vlasic, Burn, Karlsson, Couture) and despite this, San Jose Sharks have not been able… Read more »


Yeah, Landy is a far better leader than Joe ever was, what does he know about locker room and chemistry.

Ted Grycel

Excellent points !


I remember my first *real* job. I was young, very good at it (better than anyone in the company by far) as well as having a personal connection to the President/CEO. I was also an @ss about it. The best advice I ever got was from said CEO: “I don’t care how good you are, I would take 5 other guys with 1/10th of your talent if they had a good attitude and could work with the rest of their colleagues… and I’m highly thinking about it”. Let’s just say after 30 years I still remember it and just told… Read more »



Realistically, any trade would need a third team (here’s looking at you Arizona) to eat another bit of Kanes cap hit.

peter martin

It would be super fun if the Avs did it!


I remember my first *real* job. I was young, very good at it (better than anyone in the company by far) as well as having a personal connection to the President/CEO. I was also a jerk about it. The best advice I ever got was from said CEO: “I don’t care how good you are, I would take 5 other guys with 1/10th of your talent if they had a good attitude and could work with the rest of their colleagues… and I’m highly thinking about it”. Let’s just say after 30 years I still remember it and just told… Read more »

Kurt Scherer

I am discouraged to see this ridiculous click-bait from you Dater. I am seriously re-thinking my subscription. The obvious answer is “No” “Hell, No.” Even if salary cap friendly, “hell, no”. To even float this idea is disgusting. No reasonable person would even consider inviting this guy into their dressing room.

Nick Chapman

Can’t believe you had to be exposed to an idea you may disagree with. Poor thing.

Kalyn Beasley


El Trompeta De Jesus

Yet, you clicked AND commented. Dater could partner up with Kane on some super sweet sportsbetting tips though :-). Hard pass on Kane.


Lighten up, Kurt. Provocative columns always drive responses. Seriously re-thinking your subscription? Seriously? Grow a set, Kurt, and stop proselytizing on A.D.’s disgusting idea. It’s a valid consideration even though it’s financially impossible. Big, tough, goal scorers don’t become available often. The dressing room is not made up of all Boy Scouts. Last time I checked, Kane wasn’t in the O.J. category. It’s all about winning a Cup and how to get there. And, looking at all options whether they are long shots or not.


Kane is one domestic disturbance from being OJ


I wouldn’t take it that far. But he’s definitely not a sane dude. Like I said – – financially impossible in addition to all the other headaches he’d bring. I’d rather the Avs turn their attention to flipping Kuemper for Fleury.

Nathan Edwards

Yes I know Kane could hurt someone’s feelings by getting them past round #2. It’s so disgusting to win the Stanley Cup. It’s a matter of his contract and it would be tough to work out without a few major tweaks to it.

Kurt Scherer

“Evander Kane reports to AHL following 21-game suspension”

Ryan Krueger

No, but he would bring a physical presence


Evander Kane is a loser and would be a complete drag to the team pure and simple. We would be much better off pulling McCleod back from the AAA… seriously Kane cannot be trusted and would ruin the camaraderie in an instant. Plus dude beat his wife, that ain’t a man but a child. Av’s don’t need no children.


Adrian Dater has fewer brain cells than dude the Ringer that asked about the ice crea.

Nathan Edwards

Not sure what you’re even talking about, as I just became dumber by reading your posts. Kane is a stud playoff scorer who can battle in the corners and drive opposing teams nuts. Would be a tough sell for the Avs locker room and to fit some pricy contract on the books. Priority is Kadri no doubts.


What’s the difference between a Neanderthal and Adrian Dater? The dumb, primal, pre-historic member in this case is still alive


Check your meds, Sheepy. The five or six medications that you are taking, daily, aren’t working. And the psychiatrists you’ve been seeing aren’t helping. You don’t want another trip back to the sanitarium. No hockey broadcasts there.


Who writes bad stories just for attention? ADRIAN DATER!!!


Who should suck a bullet out of a gun to end their miserable existence? Adrian Dater!


Something tells me that your subscription will be cancelled soon and an investigation into your identity, I.P. address, and a visit from law enforcement. Your comment is totally out of line and dangerous.

Kelly Clifton

Whoa Lambchop! probably best to wait until morning before you hoof the post tab.


Seriously Adrian Dater, why would you even propose this nonsense? Are you that desperate for attention? Do you sympathize with James Holmes? Does Jessica Redfield not matter to you? You are a complete disgrace! Go report on the kraken or some other team you loser!


This article is truly offensive to any real Avs fan….


Who made you the great decider as to what is or what is not offensive to Avs fans? What is offensive is your personal attacks on people in an online forum that is asking for Avs fans opinions on a controversial hockey player who has on ice skills and talent that are overshadowed by his off ice antics.

Kalyn Beasley

100% agree.

Dwayne Hall

While I’m sure Sakic would accept a person’s personal issues in return for on-ice production, I don’t see Sakic risking the chemistry in the locker room by bringing in a guy who has been notorious for not being the greatest locker room guy.

Brady Wise

NO the avalanche do not need a guy who has been skidded from like 3 different teams….. who beats whichever girlfriend he is dating at the time/tries to figure YouTubers because he blew 50 million gambling…. why on earth would you even write this story dater

Brady Wise

Evander Kane dug his own ditch in will be crazy watching him fall as far as he does.

Ted Grycel

Let’s get off this “Holier than Now” crap, none of us are perfect, far from it. Everybody should have a chance to redeem themselves, no matter how far they have fallen. The important part is that someone really has the heart to change their life and attitude. Unless you are really part of this locker room, you have no idea how the players think and chemistry. Kadri was a big question mark when Sakic brought him aboard, I remember a LOT of comments about him being a cancer in the locker room. Ended up being just the opposite. That being… Read more »

Kurt Scherer

This isn’t a holier than thou situation. AD’s own reporting is that Kane was disliked in the room in San Jose. They put him on waivers. They dared another team to take their problem off of their hands. Does that sound like an asset? As for Fluery: pretty much a disaster. Varlamov: accusations came post-acquisition and were generally refuted. Roy: Came post acquisition and were denied by both parties. Regardless, what is your argument? “If we might have hired abusers before we should not hesitate to do so again”?

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Anna Roberts

Sakic should pass even though Kane is a proven goal scorer its his off the ice drama that concerns me. Look what happened with Duchene and his locker room issues.
The price for the Avs would be too high.
Avs want to win a cup, no distractions please.


Please no. Just no.

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