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The 5 Best NHL Players of the Modern Era



Nathan MacKinnon

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a global phenomenon that has come a long way from where it started in its early days. The iconic game has created superstar players that are extremely disciplined and professional in their field, not to mention their athleticism and skill as sportsmen. It is worth celebrating how far the game has come, the way that iconic members of hockey’s development helped to set the ever-raising standard for the next generation of players to work towards. Not only have they accomplished that, but they have achieved impressive levels of skill within their field. The records are always changing, and more players are demonstrating their discipline and strength as hockey players. 

Thanks to the integration of modern technology and the internet as a whole, there is a bigger fan base for the NHL than ever before. So many people can access the game, and view the intense sport in real-time. This is why the NHL money lines are always changing, so you will need to keep on track of the latest stats. These are some of the best NHL players in the modern era. 

Connor McDavid- Edmonton Oilers

Firstly, an Art Ross Trophy winner and NHL member that was given “exceptional player” status is Edmonton Oilers’ center Connor McDavid. Having been first on the team’s 2015 draft list, he is currently the captain. He is still a young player at 24, and is sure to go from strength to strength. Something that sets him apart is that he is a Canadian national, which means that hockey is truly in his blood. McDavid is definitely one to watch, and it’s exciting to see how his professional career will pan out in the coming years. Some have even gone as far as to name McDavid as the “best offensive rookie in the world” and even “The next Gretzky”.  

Victor Hedman- Tampa Bay Lightning 

While he is originally Swedish, Hedman was selected second overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning 2009 draft. Being an older player is definitely not something that holds Hedman back, as he has won many Stanley Cups, was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2020, and is the alternate captain for the Lightning. He was recognized as a rising star several years ago, and the predictions were certainly true, Hedman is a force to be reckoned with. 

Nathan MacKinnon- Colorado Avalanche 

Another highly impressive player of the modern age is Colorado Avalanche’s alternate captain, Nathan MacKinnon. During his last three seasons, MacKinnon ranks third overall, and he holds the NHL record of being the youngest player to record two-goal back-to-back games. Many have named MacKinnon as one of the best offensive players in the world, and have credited him for his speed, strength, and fast reactions that all contribute to his achievements. 

Sidney Crosby- Pittsburgh Penguins 

Nicknamed “Sid the Kid”, and “The Next One”, Sidney Crosby has widely been considered as one of the greatest players of the modern age. He has secured his share of back-to-back Stanley Cup wins for the Penguins, and was named playoff MVP in 2016. Crosby was listed first overall by an international scouting service and within the NHL Central Scouting Bureau at the beginning of his career in 2005. He went on to set franchise records and even become the youngest player in the NHL to score 100 points in a season. With many records under his belt, Crosby is an especially impressive player in the NHL that is worth watching out for in the coming seasons. 

Alex Ovechkin- Washington Capitals 

The Russian captain of the Capitals is a force to be reckoned with. Ovechkin has an immense range of records and awards for his abilities and has competed for Russia in the World Championships and Olympics multiple times. He is considered one of the best in the field, and Ovechkin, also known as “Ovi”, has already seen a number of Stanley Cup victories. He is currently believed to be leading the NHL, and it’s widely accepted that he is one of the greatest. Ovi has been named for various All-Star Teams and is known as a champion around the world. 

These have been just some widely recognized NHL players who continue to set records and create impressive displays of athleticism, teamwork, and strength. Each has their own series of awards. It is exciting to see what the future holds for these individuals, and what the next generation of NHL players will look like.

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