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PAUSE: Avalanche games postponed through Christmas



Colorado Avalanche

I might as well just go straight into the release just given by the NHL, regarding the Avalanche (and other teams):

NEW YORK (Dec. 17, 2021) – The National Hockey League announced today that it has extended the period of game postponements for the Calgary Flames through their game previously scheduled for Dec. 23 against Seattle. Additionally, due to concern with the number of positive cases within the last two days as well concern for continued COVID spread in the coming days, the Colorado Avalanche’s and Florida Panthers’ games also will be postponed at least through the scheduled completion of the League’s Holiday Break in the schedule on Dec. 26. The decision was made by the NHL’s, the NHLPA’s and the Club medical groups.

A decision on when each team’s training facilities will re-open will be made by the League and the NHLPA in the coming days. The League is in the process of reviewing and revising all three teams’ regular-season schedules.

The Flames’ postponed games to date include: Dec. 13 @ Chicago; Dec. 14 @ Nashville; Dec. 16 vs. Toronto; Dec. 18 vs. Columbus; Dec. 21 vs. Anaheim; Dec. 23 vs. Seattle.

The Avalanche’s postponed games include: Dec. 18 vs. Tampa Bay; Dec. 20 @ Detroit; Dec. 22 @ Buffalo; Dec. 23 @ Boston.

The Panthers’ postponed games include: Dec. 18 @ Minnesota; Dec. 21 @ Chicago; Dec. 23 vs. Nashville.

Superstreak Bonus!

The FlamesAvalanche and Panthers organizations have followed, and will continue to follow, all recommended guidelines aimed at protecting the health and safety of their Players, staff and community at large as set by the NHL, local, state/provincial and federal agencies.

Merry Christmas. Hey, listen, let’s try to take the positives out of this, Avs fan:

  • The games will be made up. And, let’s hope anyway, a quarter of the team won’t be out because of Covid.
  • Anybody who is dinged up (Landeskog, Byram, Murray) might be back after the pause, and therefore get the games played on their log instead of DNP.
  • Landeskog will definitely be back after the break. Murray is skating again and Byram? Don’t know. But he’s in the gym working out, at least.
  • The Avs don’t have to cram in three games in four days right before Christmas on the east coast, flying home the day before Christmas.
  • I doubt the team will pay for it too bad with “rust” – though that might happen. Other teams are still playing – at least for now.

Can Avs players leave town during the pause, and treat this as a semi-vacation? That part I’m not sure of just yet, but enhanced Covid protocols are still in place, which means players are highly discouraged to congregate in crowds out in public, etc.

I know this: if they go to Canada, where many players are from, they risk getting caught behind the border on the way back. Canadian Covid policies are pretty darn strict.

Obviously, we’ll still have Avs content here during the pause. Translation: Don’t abandon us!

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AD, good point about Landy and the guys having a good chance to get healthy. I really hope Bo can shake his head troubles.

Last edited 11 months ago by sjavsfan
Karl Keen

This is the best thing. We had a tough schedule coming up. We cannot afford to lose any more ground to MN or St.L. At this point, hopefully the players do not go to the Olympics and these can be made up during that break.


Karl – problem with that is most venues are booked with things like concerts etc. So they
can’t make up those games.

Last edited 11 months ago by kbotelho
Karl Keen

Let’s open up mile high!

Richard Trujillo

I thought they were all vaccinated.

Shoot man, I guess the vaccines don’t work.


Omnicron, at least a breakthrough infection might help prevent future infections.

Last edited 11 months ago by trev

Oh noes the sniffles are running rampant


Tons of injuries plus covid. I really hope the league decides to pull out of the Olympics…I know the arenas are already booked up for the break, but here’s my reasons. Firstly, I don’t want Avs players going because of injury. What if someone like Cale Makar gets hurt in that tournament and can’t return to his paying job as an NHL hockey player who’s main task is to win a Cup? Secondly, I don’t want to see an Avs player come up positive during that tournament. Imagine if Gabe Landeskog goes on to play the whole thing and Sweden… Read more »

Dwayne Hall

I think it’s inevitable that NHL players will not be going to the Olympics. With the number of teams that have had shutdowns, and the ones that have been shut down before I don’t recall seeing their games rescheduled yet. Which leads me to believe the NHL is waiting until the Olympics decision is made. It only makes sense, because when you look at the Avs schedule going forward, there’s not a lot of room to shoehorn these games back in. I have to imagine the same is close to true for the other teams involved. I think if they… Read more »

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