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Avs Off-Day Notebook: No suspension for Jordan Greenway, Kadri an All-Star



Chris O'Meara/AP

A little late getting to the keyboard today, sorry. I took a little trip up to Estes Park last night and reveled in the mountain air last night and this morning before coming back down the mountain to Thornton this afternoon. If anyone wants to stay at a fantastic, 108-year-old mountain lodge, I highly recommend a trip to the Crags Lodge. You’ll thank me.

So, this afternoon I was told by an NHL source that Jordan Greenway won’t face any supplemental discipline of any kind for this collision yesterday with Avs goalie Darcy Kuemper, which sent Kemps out of the game because of concussion protocol:

Am I surprised by this? Not really. Yesterday, I wrote that I doubted there would be anything. Goalie collisions usually are tough to prove for “intent”, although I definitely do think Greenway did intentionally try to hit Kuemper.

As I also wrote yesterday, I’m hearing Kuemper checked out OK later in the day, and won’t be sidelined. With concussion stuff, though, you never know if something might develop on a slightly delayed basis. So I’m not officially reporting that Kuemper will be active tomorrow in Anaheim. I’m just saying that it looks good.

That might have had something to do with the non-suspension too. I firmly believe DoPS accounts a lot for injuries to the victim. Let’s hope the worst that came out of this was Kuemper missing just a couple periods.

Superstreak Bonus!

By the way, Hunter Miska is with the team right now. But he’s on the Taxi Squad.

Well, Nazem Kadri is in. For the first time in his NHL career, Kadri is an All-Star. He won the fan voting for “Last Man In” on the Central Division team.

Kadri has a whopping 49 points in 32 games.

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Really pleased for Kadri. My mother taught me that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything. So, I will not say anything about DOPS.

Matt Briggle

Congrats to Kadri on the All-Star Game, very well deserved.

I have never liked the fact that injury is such a big factor in determining supplemental discipline. A dangerous/illegal play is dangerous or illegal regardless of injury. In this case, forget about the goalie interference part of the equation, this is a by the letter of the law illegal hit to the head. That it’s the goalie that got hit should be irrelevant to the conversation.

Christopher Clack

so happy for naz. probably a lot of people wrote him off after last years playoff debacle. but this is clearly a man that believes in himself and a team that firmly believes in him too. undoubtedly the support the avs franchise and fans have given him has gotten him to this career-defining moment. proud to be a supporter.

Ryan Krueger

The NHL suspension scumbags don’t know a clean hit from an execution. Really happy for Kadri. He has had a brilliant season. Everybody knows that if he had clipped the MN goalie he would be looking at a minimum of a couple games suspended. Fing disgusting.


Didn’t realize goalies are fair game in this league. Well, I guess the Avs have every right to throw an elbow at their goalie next game.


Pretty much looks like it is open season on goal tenders now. DoPS is a joke. Hope Kuemper is ok. Great for Naz.


Kadri’s story of redemption from a lackluster season last year with a bad and costly hit in the post season to an integral part of this incredibly dynamic Avs team cannot be understated. If the Avs make a serious run in the playoffs he will be a big part of it. Ironically, with every stellar performance the likelihood of him signing an extension with the Avs is becoming less likely.


Nice bit of irony in this article with Kadri getting a much deserved nod while Kuemper’s aggressor skates free…

Aaron Rud

Good for Kadri; he deserves it. I will say, however, that I’m getting less and less emotional towards him. With every point, his price goes up, and he’ll be elsewhere next year. I almost look at him in an odd way as a rental at this point, even though I understand he’s not.

Karl Keen

Great for Kadri! I understand the Avs’ roster cannot be the all-star team, but now that Kadri got in, how absurd is it that Rants is not an all-star!

Karl Keen

Random gripe: Bellemare is having an excellent season with Tampa. 5 goals, 7 assists and plus 13. Watch the 3 minute video last night on of the great defensive and offensive work he did. Helms, on the other hand, injured and does have 4 goals, but only 1 assist and is a minus 1. Our PK not nearly as strong. Comparable salaries. Joe has made a lot of great moves but letting Bellamare go a bad decision. Bad move to not sign Cory Perry as well who has 10 goals and 10 assists and would have brought some toughness.… Read more »

John Mauss

I think you are correct that it would be great to have Bellemare back. I wonder what he cost Tampa under the salary cap. Would have to know that before I blamed Joe. BTW, remember when we lost Andrew Brunette and his replacement at the same cost (can’t remember the name) stuck out bad?

Karl Keen

Helm 1 year $1 million. Bellamare 2 years $2 million. I had read an article where Bellamare said he really wanted to stay. I think he wanted the two year commitment because he wanted some stability for his children and maybe Joe didn’t want to give that to a 36 year old. Just FYI Perry is also 2 years 2 million. Tyson Jost on a 2 year 4 million contract.

Ryan Krueger

The Stanley Cup runs through Tampa

Yan Girard

The element the more important on the PK is the goalie. Most of the time, wrong goalie = wrong PK. Tampa Bay Lightning is an excellent team but don’t have the depth of the Avs. The best players of Lightning are older than those of the Avs. It means less time on ice for Stamkos for example. Because lack of depth, Bellemare has more time on ice with 14:31 minutes per game. He is 7th in the time on ice among the forwards. Perry is 8th with 14:12 minutes. Bellemare is 36 years old and Perry too. It’s not a… Read more »

Karl Keen

Huh? Ok Yan. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks!

Yan Girard

It’s nice.

Charlie Anderson

I voted for Naz so hard. Yay! Imagine if Naz had clipped the MN goalie like that they would have thrown him out of the league XD At least we didn’t get a too many men penalty for having two guys on the ice.

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