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Nathan MacKinnon has facial fracture and concussion



David Zalubowski/AP

The news isn’t good on Nathan MacKinnon:

There are three more games, including tonight’s in Chicago, before the NHL All-Star break. MacKinnon is slated to be a player for the Central Division team. Will he be able to play in the game? We don’t know.

All we know is what the coach said this morning in Chicago. A lot of people think that MacKinnon might have suffered the brunt of his injuries when his head hit the ice – not from the stick being hit into his face from that collision with Taylor Hall. Who knows. All we know is the Avs’ top-line center is going to be out a while.

The concussion diagnosis worries me more than the facial fracture. We just have to hope it doesn’t last a long time.

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The coach said Mikko Rantanen will slot in at first-line center tonight, with Valeri Nichushkin opposite Gabe Landeskog.

Per McGahey, Bednar also said Pavel Francouz starts in goal tonight.

Jonathan Toews was in concussion protocol this morning and presumably won’t play tonight for Chicago.

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Ryan Krueger

Still annoyed with the TNT announcers who tried to blame McKinnon’s stick for everything. Now we know it was probably the shoulder to the head that was the biggest cause of injury. 5 minutes was the correct call. Hope he recovers quickly. It is good there will be a break for him to recover.


Boston press managed to get same version into the national press via their NBC Sports ties…and tried to portray the Ave in a ‘goon light’ for continuing to confront Hall throughout the remainder of the game. As AD noted, it was exactly right and what was called for. Now…for the Avs to do their usual exceptional job of sustaining a star or key player being out…and as AD notes, lets hope this doesn’t have lingering effects.


Are you guys blind? They showed the replay a million times. It wasn’t a hit to the head. And there was nothing against the rules there. MacKinnon was doing a deke and was the legal guy with the puck. It shouldn’t even been 2 minutes but by rule the refs can’t reduce 5 minutes to less than 2.
Hall deserved the harrasment though. Like Landeskog said, it was about sending a message. You don’t hit MacKinnon. Ever.

Karl Keen

It was interference and it was a play similar to what Kadri did except that Kadri connected on the head. Where was the puck when Hall kept on his path? Already up the ice. It was the up the ice so much that Mac had the ability to pick his stick up after making the pass. Hall’s only purpose at that time was to interfere with Mac’s ability to skate up the ice. I can live with no suspension and the 2 minute, but acting like Hall didn’t intend to obstruct Mac movement up the ice after he had clearly… Read more »


Nope. He wasn’t making a pass. He was carrying the puck out of the zone when he was hit. It wasn’t interference either. And I say this as an Avs fan. The hit itself wasn’t dirty, but I agree with Landy in the sense that you don’t go hitting our best player. Period. Or if you do, prepare to take some punishment. But the hit itself was NOT interference, or dirty, etc.


Exactly. Mack’s stick isn’t there and it’s Hall’s shoulder that smashes his face.


It’s not his shoulder hitting his head, geez keep looking at the replay..
And MacK was going past him as the player with the puck with a deke. Even though he doesn’t have that puck that exact moment of impact. You’re allowed to hit the player in that situation.


No. You’re seeing it through Beantown eyes. Hall clearly lifts his left shoulder up while skating towards MacKinnon. Hall purposely initiates the contact. If Mac’s stick isn’t there – it’s a shoulder to chin hit. I don’t think Hall is a dirty player. But I’m sure he wanted to be physical with MacKinnon.


Do you know where the shoulder is on a body?

Yes he wanted to hit MacKinnon and deserves a beating for it. But the hit was totally legal.


You don’t know that of which you speak.

Defenseless player.

High hit.

You Answer for that.

All players know this.

Kurt Scherer

Do you? I wish I were more sophisticated to upload images here. I’ve captured a still that shows Hall making contact after the initial contact with MacKinnon’s stick to Mackinnon’s head. With clear separation between Hall’s shoulder and arm and Mac’s body. Hitting MacInnon’s stick before hitting his head does not make it either clean or legal.


Let’s put it this way for you – no player has any good reason to blind- side hit a fellow player up high.

The shoulder was head high on a defenseless opponent.

A simple equation.

You do that, you need to demonstrate the guts to stand up for your actions, even if unintentional.

That’s the Code.

Everyone knows this on those benches.

Otherwise you’re going to be targeted continually until you answer for your mistake.

Go Avs!


I’ll just leave you guys to argue with the captain..

”The hit itself I don’t think it’s that bad. But at the end of the day, when one of your best friends and teammates and best player gets hit like that in the neutral zone, we just have to make sure there are consequences.”

– Gabriel Landeskog via Athletic




You sound like someone who would hit a guy high side and not answer for it – even if you knew you were wrong.

Terry Frei

Here’s the transcribed Landeskog reaction from my conscientious digital recorder: “The hit itself — I looked at it at intermission — I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s unfortunate the way it happened. Nate kind of crosses over into him, gets his stick up and it’s obviously his stick there that cuts himself. But at the end of the day, when one of your best friends and teammates and ultimately your best player gets hit like that in the neutral zone, you just have to make sure that next time anybody thinks about doing that, they have to pay a… Read more »


So, who was this -1?

Whoever disagrees with the basic Code of the game should at least have the stones to post a response.






Perhaps I’m being too hard on you, but your posts seem too dismissive of wrongdoing.

Taylor Hall definitely committed a violation of Code.

Punishment was/is due.


Karl Keen

Well, what can we expect from Boston fans and their media, no surprise there. Lost a lot of respect for Panger though that’s for sure.

Karl Keen

The concussion is very concerning. We have already lost two players this season to concussions. Mac will likely have to wear some type of face shield for period of time which may take time to get used to and breath in, not too mention, he will probably be shy to take some contact or dish it out. This sucks.

[…] didn’t come close to pandering to those emotionally portraying it as far worse than it was. (The effects indeed were ugly, with MacKinnon suffering a facial fracture and concussion. But he was struck by his own stick and […]

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