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An occasional series on NHL team histories…

The Boston Bruins are one of the Original Six teams that helped make the National Hockey League what it is today, starting in the Great Depression. The high standards of the Atlantic Division members help the Bruins to stand out from the crowd, and they continue to set new records and standards today. 

This is a profile of the Boston Bruins and some details about what makes them such impressive members of the Eastern Conference within the NHL. As the third-oldest active team within the NHL and the oldest to be based in the United States, the Bruins’ dedication to the sport runs deep. 

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Training Base

Originally, the Bruins occupied the Bright Landry Hockey Center for training camps before relocating to Rusticcia Ice Arena in 1986. While this served them well, the team moved into their new training ground in 2016 once the Warrior Ice Arena was completed. 

The Bruins are currently based in the Warrior Ice Arena, which is where the majority of the team’s training takes place. It is a large facility that encourages economic growth and tourism due to the development that is currently taking place there. 

Bruins players are easily recognizable on the ice because of their gold, black, and white striped uniforms. They usually have a ‘B’ in the center of their jerseys, but an image of their mascot, the walking bear, has been seen in place of the letter. 


Because they are one of the oldest active NHL members, it is no surprise that the Bruins have their fair share of records and awards that celebrate the team’s success as a group, and for individual players. 

Totaling six Stanley Cup victories, the Bruins have an enormous amount of skill and tactic that has made them some of the highest-scoring teams in the NHL. Throughout their history, players have gained the Vezina Trophy, the James Norris Memorial Trophy, the Art Ross Trophy, and many more. 

Records within the NHL set by members of the Bruins include the NHL Leading Scorer, most goals in a season, most shutouts in a season, and more. 

Key Players

Because of the franchise’s long history, there are an immense number of players who have been instrumental in its development and help maintain the high standard for the team. 

Some key players include the current captain Patrice Bergeron, who continues to help lead the team as a center. Bergeron earned the King Clancy Memorial Trophy in the 2012-13 season, as well as the Mark Messier Leadership Award in 2020-21. 

Another huge name within the origins of the Boston Bruins is Bobby Orr. He is widely considered one of the greatest hockey players of all time and helped revolutionize the position of the defenseman. 

Orr became known for his skill on the ice and speed, which allowed him to maintain an impressive score record. He was awarded the Lester B. Pearson Award at the end of the 1974-75 season with the Bruins. 

Current Stats

The Bruins are currently in seventh position on the Eastern Conference leaderboard. This is a respectable position to be in at the start of the regular season because they have shown their ability to climb their way up as the season progresses. 

It really is all to play for in the coming season, and the Bruins are definitely going to defend their reputation if their history and records are any indications of this. 

Each team is only as strong as their weakest player, and the Bruins have demonstrated an extremely high standard for their players. Those who are drafted into the team are highly disciplined, fast, and both mentally and physically agile. This enables each player to be reliable and consistent in their performance on and off the ice. 


The Bruins are one of the oldest members of the NHL that are still active today. They have an enormous selection of records under their belt, including Stanley Cup victories. 

While they may not have the highest chance of winning this season, they have the potential to turn it around, as their current five-game winning streak attests (including a win over the Avs). For that reason, the Bruins are ones to watch as they have been known to move fast and make for a highly entertaining game. 

Make sure that you are watching out for the franchise’s latest developments to see how this will impact their odds because it’s bound to be tense even if the Bruins don’t make it to the Stanley Cup. 

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